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Gabriel Attal facing our readers: "Compulsory vaccination for caregivers remains a possibility"


The government spokesperson calls on health workers to be vaccinated. He also announces that the aid allocated to restaurants

In politics, as in communication, it is sometimes the small gestures that make the difference.

At the end of the panel with our six readers, Gabriel Attal, the government spokesperson, draws his phone.

Julie Devictor, a nurse by profession, has just told him about her “dream” of talking to Olivier Véran.

One bell, no more, and the Minister of Health picks up.

The conversation is brief, but Julie has time to get her point across.

Including this one: "I would love to meet you".

Minister's response: "We will find a niche and I will offer you a coffee".

Gabriel Attal, although not yet 32 ​​years old, he knows the codes of politics perfectly and has real know-how to get his messages across.

For two hours, Friday, in our premises, he exchanged hard times with our panelists.

The health crisis, the world after the coronavirus - which he hopes to be closer to "the spirit of the movida" than "to the great depression" - young people, ecology or politics ... He does not elude any theme .

And made some mea-culpa, as on the issue of internships, a theme that the government has taken time to tackle.

The opportunity also to call on caregivers to be vaccinated, and to raise the threat of making it compulsory for them.


Julie Devictor.

Since January, the scientific community has recommended strict containment.

But one has the impression that you do not have the courage, perhaps for electoral reasons.

Shouldn't these recommendations have been followed, rather than taking half-measures?


The curfew at 6 pm, the closing of certain places, it is hyper-restrictive… People do not see them like half-measures.

I hear people say:

a very hard containment would get rid of the virus


What is happening with our European neighbors shows that this is not the case.

Today for us, the lasting solution is more the vaccine than containment.

But we will always take our responsibilities in the event of an epidemic explosion.

Marie-Christine De Warenghien.

Precisely, we really have the impression that it is skating.

Since Mauricette, we are at 3% of the population.

My mom is 89 years old and can't get the vaccine.

Why ?

We are at nearly 4 million Mauricette and Maurice.

But this is obviously not satisfactory for many French people, who still do not have an appointment.

The first brake in France as elsewhere, are the doses.

We don't have enough doses to immunize everyone.

But it does happen.

Julie Devictor


I am one of the nurses who got vaccinated as soon as they could.

What is the government's position on compulsory vaccination for caregivers?

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For the past year, our caregivers have been heroic.

But it is not acceptable that we have this rate of vaccination among caregivers today.

There is an irresponsibility in refusing to be vaccinated when you are a caregiver.

Does that mean that it is immediately made compulsory?

We first make the choice of trust, but that remains a possibility.

Everyone has rolled up their sleeves to get out of this epidemic.

You must now roll them up to the shoulder while being vaccinated.

Gabriel Attal finds that the vaccination rate among caregivers today is unacceptable./LP/Philippe Lavieille  

Virginie Thomas


Can you guarantee us that the schools will not close?

I can guarantee you that we will continue to do everything to ensure that they do not close.

Virginie Thomas


Saliva tests have been announced for the start of the school year.

We don't see anything coming.

What is going on ?

Already, it is a very great progress that we can welcome.

The sl tests are being rolled out gradually since the start of the winter holidays.

We awaited the favorable opinion of the health authorities.

We think that by mid-March, we will be at 300,000 per week.

We will also extend the saliva tests to new places, in particular nursing homes, establishments welcoming people with disabilities.


Stéphane Malchow


I am a restaurateur, can you tell us when our establishments will reopen?

I would like…

Stéphane Malchow


And when we reopen, we will work at 50%, at 70%, far from our break-even points, maybe until 2024. How will it be in 2022, in 2023?

We risk an outright breakage.

It wouldn't make sense to turn off the tap all at once.

The infusion will not be removed abruptly.

It would not be fair and it would not be effective.

Support will continue on an appropriate basis.

Marie-Christine De Warenghien.

When will the cultural venues reopen?

Can we consider putting gauges in museums, in order to be able to reopen them?

I think museums will be among the first places to reopen.

I admit having trouble explaining that we can go to a Sephora, but not to a museum.

But there is necessarily, in the management of such an epidemic, a part of inconsistency when it is necessary to limit the interactions and the flow of people.

We see it all over the world.

Roselyne Bachelot conducted numerous consultations with professionals in each sector.

For museums, reduced gauges are being considered, probably making appointments, a Covid referent in each museum to ensure compliance with barrier gestures.

Personally, I hope that, when cultural venues reopen, we will be able to have enough financial support to allow as many French people as possible to have access to them.

Jean Augustin


How are you going to manage economically and socially after the coronavirus crisis, which risks being a period of strong social unrest?

We can certainly consider that at the end of this crisis, there will be a disaster in the country.

But we can also, and this is my case, consider that this will liberate the French, whom they will want to fully relive.

Last summer, during the in-between waves, the French wanted to get back to living, working and innovating.

We will do everything to make it happen again.

When coming out of a crisis, I prefer the Movida spirit to the great depression.

The government spokesperson believes that museums will be among the first places to reopen./LP/Philippe Lavieille  

Julie Devictor.

I have 16 years of service at the hospital, two masters, a doctorate.

And I earn 2050 euros per month net.

My salary as a nurse is unfair.

How to make the remuneration attractive?

The crisis has shaken up our political priorities.

For all hospital staff, doctors, paramedics, administrative agents, salaries have increased by 183 euros per month and this can go up to 400 euros thanks to the Ségur de la Santé.

Never had such a high increase occurred in such a short time.

And the Prime Minister will soon announce a massive investment plan for the hospital to modernize our equipment and our facilities.


Ismaël Hassnaoui.

I am 22 years old, I am at the end of my studies.

If I can't find a job next year, I'll be without resources.

Why not extend the RSA to those under 25?

I've never been in favor of RSA for those under 25 because you can do better than that.

Beyond financial support, a young person must have an activity to be able to integrate.

As with this aid which since January has allowed young graduates looking for work to receive up to 500 euros per month, while being supported by Pôle emploi.

Ismaël Hassnaoui.

Young people today have great difficulty in finding end-of-study internships.

Are you considering additional measures?

Internships are the problem that we had not been able to answer enough.

I am sincere: the mobilization on this theme was probably a little late.

But things are now underway.

Several tens of thousands of internship offers are on the site and all administrations have been asked to take on more interns.

A circular allows students whose internship must validate the course, to do so later, until the end of 2021. There is no question that young people cannot validate their diploma because they have not found an internship in the slots initially set.

Gabriel Attal recognizes that the mobilization on the issue of internships "was late" ./LP/Philippe Lavieille  

Ismaël Hassnaoui


Many students have not been able to return to class this year… What to do?

We have opened up the possibility of a face-to-face return one day a week.

As soon as possible, we must be able to go further.

Personally, I would like us to experience a greater return.

By drawing inspiration from experiments in the cultural sector, with tests at the scale of a university to assess the impact of such a return on contamination.


Covid-19: after the “test concerts”, soon “test marriages”?

Virginie Thomas.

In Lilas (Seine-Saint-Denis), two young people died after brawls.

How to defuse these phenomena of violence?

There is a trivialization of violence, a loss of authority.

I believe in the good old principle of: you break you repair, you dirty you clean.

With the reform of juvenile justice, the time between the commission of a criminal act and the judgment will drop, from September, from 18 months on average to 3 months maximum.

And there are symbolic things.

I never understood that it is not compulsory at school to get up when the teacher comes into class.


Ismaël Hassnaoui.

Many actors from the associative world say that the climate law is not ambitious enough.

The climate problem is urgent.

Are we not running into disaster?

There is undeniably a climate emergency.

The question is: how to be efficient?

Should we do everything right away, even if it means rushing?

We tried, it gave the carbon tax and it ended up with yellow vests.

We want to support people for this transition and not leave any French in a dead end.

This is our philosophy and, in the end, we go further.

Jean Augustin


The citizens of the Convention did not give the government the average ...

Some of the members of this Citizens' Convention consider as a matter of principle that the government does badly on all environmental issues.

I believe that about twenty of them, in a militant and a little politician approach, put zero to all the measures.

Including those which have been completely taken over by the government.

Of course, putting zero everywhere lowers the average.


Climate convention: how mistrust developed between Macron and citizens


Jean Augustin.

Many left-wing voters say they would not vote for Emmanuel Macron, even in the second round against Marine Le Pen.

How do you analyze it?

I come from the PS.

When I discuss it, I see that it is more of a question of incarnation.

Because the commitments that rocked left-wing voters in 2017 have been kept.

For the past year, the management of the health crisis has been purely social.

The stimulus plan is very Keynesian.

Gérald Darmanin dissolved Génération Identitaire.

As for Marine Le Pen, what she proposes is not trivial: the fracturing of the Republic and a crazy economic program.

Who would she rule this country with?

In his entourage, some have made contact with almost Nazi circles!

Jean Augustin


When the Minister of the Interior comments on a court decision and supports Nicolas Sarkozy, it scrambles your message!

Gérald Darmanin did not comment on this court decision.

He provided "friendly support" to the man.

I am the spokesperson for the government.

My job is to defend and explain what the government does, not what each of its members says.

And I'm pretty glad I didn't have to ...

For Gabriel Attal, the commitments that thrilled left-wing voters in 2017 were kept by the government./LP/Philippe Lavieille  

Jean Augustin.

How do you see your political future?

I will be 32 years old and I am the spokesperson for the government.

It is a tremendous opportunity to be able to serve my country in this way.

I also tell myself that I have a responsibility to ensure that my generation is taken into account in the decisions taken.

I have no idea what to do in a year or two.

Julie Devictor


Even while shaving?

The young minister that I am shaves less often than his older colleagues, so I have to think less about it than them!

Obviously, if Emmanuel Macron represents himself, I will campaign thoroughly.

And if he is re-elected, I would like to continue this adventure with him.

Gabriel Attal and the readers of our newspaper

/ LP / Philippe Lavieille  

Around Gabriel Attal, from left to right:

Virginie Thomas, 42, flight attendant, Les Lilas (Seine-Saint-Denis);

Julie Devictor, 39, nurse, Paris;

Stéphane Malchow, 54, restaurateur, Paris;

Ismael Hassnaoui, 22, student, Paris;

Marie-Christine de Warenghien, 64, retired, Paris;

Jean Augustin, 50, banking executive, Paris.

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