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After mini corona summit in Bavaria: Opposition exercises sharp criticism of Söder - "More than hypocritical"


Markus Söder and several ministers spoke to children and young people today about how they can be better supported in the Corona crisis. The CSU boss made a promise to the students.

Markus Söder and several ministers spoke to children and young people today about how they can be better supported in the Corona crisis.

The CSU boss made a promise to the students.

  • The corona lockdown * in Bavaria continues.

  • Children and young people are particularly hard hit by the pandemic.

  • That is why Prime Minister Markus Söder * chaired a “children and youth conference” today (see initial notification).

  • The CSU boss made a promise to the students and promised a pilot project (see update from March 8, 1:19 p.m.).

Update from March 8, 6:11 p.m.:

After the children and youth summit led by Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), the Bavarian state government announced that it would better support and support children and young people who are particularly suffering from the consequences of the corona pandemic To provide the necessary measures, such as increased social work in schools, for example, around 40 million euros.

On the other hand, there will be no faster opening of youth centers, for example, in view of the continuously increasing number of infections in Bavaria - to the annoyance of the opposition and the Bavarian Youth Association.

Söder admitted that in the corona pandemic, the focus was initially on the elderly, which is why one now has to deal permanently with the opportunities and worries of the younger ones.

He also promised all students that they wanted to have a fair school year - without additional pressure or loss of quality.

In addition, more and more tests should be carried out in schools in order to avoid major failures.

Teachers are moving forward in vaccination prioritization.

Corona: children and youth summit in Bavaria - opposition and youth ring disappointed with result

The President of the Bavarian Youth Association (BJR), Matthias Fack, called the results of the children and youth conference disappointing for young people.

“Simply referring to 'better' times for a real opening up of youth work is not a perspective that young people need now,” he said.

Green parliamentary group leader Katharina Schulze criticized that Söder should have listened to the children and adolescents much earlier - so far, their perspective has always been neglected, especially in the corona pandemic.

“Here the Söder government failed.”

The SPD parliamentary group also criticized


“announcement policy” as “more than hypocritical”, and that there is still a lack of prospects for youth work.

Their work is "currently more important than ever and finally needs reliable opening perspectives".

Update from March 8, 1:56 p.m.:

In the morning there was a children and youth conference.

At a subsequent press conference, Markus Söder explained how students should be better supported in the Corona crisis (see previous update).

Vaccinations could also play a role in this in the future.

Bavaria's Prime Minister wants to move ahead much faster with vaccinations: “We cannot tell people that everyone can be vaccinated by the middle or end of the year.

That has to be massively improved in the next two to three months, ”he said in an interview with

Antenne Bayern

today, Monday


The CSU boss also wants to vaccinate more in companies and schools: "We have to deal with less vaccine for three weeks, after that the system has to change fundamentally and we have to involve all doctors," he said in an interview with the radio station and demanded a departure from the rigid vaccination sequence: “We must then - in addition to the older ones - also give the younger ones a perspective.

It is a very stressful situation for them and that is why they also need an offer. "  

In an interview with

Antenne Bayern

, Söder criticized the federal government and also called for more activity in the procurement of quick tests: “It raises questions when you get the tests in a discount store and you say at some state level that you have nothing . “The federal government should buy on a large scale, so Söders wish.

Because the bigger the purchase, the better the prices, as he further explained in the interview.

Mini-Corona summit in Bavaria: “Not an option!” Söder promise to schoolchildren - pilot project in prospect

Update from March 8, 1:19 p.m.:

In the morning, a children and youth conference took place under the direction of Markus Söder.

At a press conference, Söder was satisfied after the video switch: “It was an impressive two and a half hours in exchange.” He made it clear that one was there for the children and young people in Bavaria.

Skipping the school year is not an option, according to Söder.

The final quality should be preserved.

To support the children and young people, 200 new jobs are to be created, including for street workers, educational counseling and training coaching.

Social work in schools should also be stepped up again.

In addition, Söder announced that it would enable offers such as “Click and Collect” in youth centers so that proximity would be possible there at least for a short time.

Students should also be supported through tutor programs.

There should also be offers for vacation programs to catch up on missed learning material.

For hotspots, the Prime Minister of Bavaria announced a “pilot project”.

For example, only those who have been tested are allowed to go to school.

There are no concrete plans yet.

Children and youth conference: The Söder press conference for reading

1:05 p.m

.: We didn't consciously talk about students today, so Söder when asked by a journalist who had noted that some freshmen had not yet seen the inside of the university.

Distance learning would work better there, says the CSU boss: “Nevertheless, that's on our screen.

I asked the science minister to work out a perspective. "

“Doesn't make sense”: Söder rejects additional openings (e.g. from youth centers)

12.55 p.m.:

Now the journalists can ask their questions.

The Bavarian Youth Ring had made specific suggestions, for example to reopen the youth centers with hygiene concepts.

Piazolo replies that he is convinced that there are good hygiene concepts.

The desire for perspectives and openings has been expressed today, but the incidences are rising.

The mutations “worry us,” adds Trautner.

One therefore wants to act cautiously.

She refers to Söder's “Click & Collect” proposal.

Each more contact is also a risk.

To make additional openings when the incidence increases, "makes no sense", adds Söder.

He cites Munich as an example.

There the value was stable for a long time, even close to 35, but now the numbers are going up.

Söder was particularly enthusiastic about the conversation with two nine-year-olds.

Wendelin was happy about changing lessons, Carlotta has already thought about the transfer, reports Bavaria's Prime Minister

After the mini corona summit on children and young people: Minister of Culture Piazolo speaks of an "impressive morning"

12.48 p.m.:

Now Michael Piazolo speaks.

"It was a very impressive morning," agrees the Minister of Education, Markus Söder.

“Children and young people - they are not just little adults,” they have completely different needs.

School is a “place of social encounters”, so it is good that many students can go back to school before Easter.

Distance teaching is good, but does not replace face-to-face teaching.

Piazolo names three pillars.

Number 1:

strengthen relationships


The recreational educational holiday program will be relaunched, and five million will be invested in it.

A tutor program is also planned, as Söder had already explained.

The other pillars are

expanding advice


securing education.

This includes, for example, remedial classes or bridging courses during the school year, but also during the holidays.

The minister of education cites 40 million as the order of magnitude.

Söders Children and Youth Conference: Family Minister Trautner presents the results

12.43 p.m.:

Family Minister Carolina Trautner speaks after Söder.

"We know how important it is that there is a stable environment for the children, the young people and the families." That is important so that everyone can survive the pandemic mentally well.

They have now considered how to support even more.

Regarding the transition from school to vocational training, Trauter says that trade fairs and internships have broken down due to the pandemic.

That is why there should be additional apprentice apprentices.

There should also be “digital street workers”.

On the subject of participation, it is said that there will be a children's and youth conference at the end of April.

The children will then be able to present the results themselves at the main conference in Augsburg in May.

Stressed families should be better supported.

The existing structures will be expanded for this purpose.

Educational counseling centers are to be strengthened with additional staff.

You want to get to “where the help is needed”, says Trautner.

After the mini corona summit, Söder makes it clear: "We are there for the children and young people"

12.41 p.m .:

“We are there for the children and young people”, Söder sums up and mentions two nine-year-olds with whom he spoke today.

At their age he would not have dared to “speak to the Prime Minister and several ministers.

12:37 p.m.:

The final


should be preserved, clarifies Söder.

Skipping the year and repeating it is not an option.

The safety at the school must be guaranteed: Testing and vaccination are priority so Söder.

For example, teachers should be vaccinated.

There are enough rapid tests for schools and daycare centers in Bavaria.

These must now be accepted.

He also promised a “pilot project” for hotspots, for example that only those who have been tested are allowed to go to school.

There are no concrete plans yet.

Support from schoolchildren is also important.

Söder called tutoring programs “pupils help pupils”, students who support and holiday programs.

“Click & Collect” is also possible, for example in youth centers, so that “proximity” is possible at least for a short time.

"Impressive hours": Söder draws a positive balance after the children and youth conference

12.34 p.m.:

The press conference begins.

Markus Söder has the floor.

"We spent an impressive two and a half hours in the exchange." It was an exchange at eye level, and there were numerous requests to speak, including from children.

Young people are particularly affected by the pandemic.

They have now dealt with the opportunities and worries of the younger generation.

Educational quality and equity should be preserved.

There should also be no loss of social competence, said the CSU boss.

“We don't want to badmouth this generation, the substance is enormous.

The chances are there ”, but you have to support the children.

12.26 p.m.:

The press conference has not yet started.

But it should start right away.

All information here in the stream and ticker.

Update from March 8th, 11:54 am

: Apparently, the press conference is delayed after the "Children and Youth Conference." It was announced for 12 noon, now it should start at 12.25 pm.

Mini-Corona summit: “We owe it to our children” - press conference with Söder GLEICH live

Update from March 8th, 11:02 am:

The “Children and Youth Conference” has been running for an hour under the leadership of Prime Minister Markus Söder.

It should be about how children and young people can be better supported in the corona pandemic.

After the video conference there will be a press conference with Söder, Minister of Education Michael Piazolo and Minister of Social Affairs Carolina Trautner.

You can follow them at 12 noon here in the live stream and ticker.

Corona in Bavaria - “A matter for the boss”: Söder is leading a special summit today

First report

from March 8, 7.50



Munich - The Corona * crisis is burdening people in Germany.

The pandemic * is particularly affecting the youngest.

Some of the children and adolescents haven't been to school for weeks, can't see their friends or work out playing sports together.

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder knows about the difficulties - and in his Ash Wednesday speech called for more support for all children and young people "who are not coping so well with the pandemic".

Corona in Bavaria: Söder declares children and young people a "top priority" - conference takes place

A concept is needed as to how the children can be given school and psychological help. * The CSU * boss announced that he would soon convene a “children's summit” that should point out new solutions.

In his government statement on Friday, he reaffirmed that children and young people are a "top priority".

Today the time has come: A “children and youth conference” is taking place under the direction of Söder.

BR-Livestream: Markus Söder informs the press after the children and youth conference

New corona rules have been in effect in Bavaria since Monday (March 8th) - you can find an overview here. *

Söder leads "Children and Youth Conference": CSU boss informs at press conference

The Prime Minister wants to discuss with representatives of his cabinet how children and young people can be better supported in the corona pandemic.

To this end, the Bavarian Youth Ring has presented a comprehensive catalog of questions.

He calls for the quick opening of extracurricular offers for children and young people.

From Easter on, holiday programs should also be possible again.

According to Söder, it should not be allowed that children of today's generation have fewer opportunities than the generations before them.

Today's adults have an obligation to the next generations.

On Friday he wrote on Twitter: “Our children and young people are a matter for the boss.

Next week we are holding a summit for children and young people.

We give a protection promise and educational guarantee.

I have four children myself.

We owe it to our children to offer them the best possible start in life. "

After the video switch, he will share the results of the conference with Social Affairs Minister Carolina Trautner and Culture Minister Michael Piazolo at a press conference.

(kam / dpa) * / bayern and * / muenchen are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA

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