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Mood under the Epidemic|A meal may be the happiest thing for the elderly with dementia in a year


Because of the new crown pneumonia, everyone must have been panicked at home, bored to the extreme. At the call of experts, many people also try to minimize going out. At home, we can collect all the "TV juice", or we can

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Written by: 01 Medical Clinic

2021-03-16 08:20

Last update date: 2021-03-16 08:26

Because of the new crown pneumonia, everyone must have been panicked at home, bored to the extreme.

At the call of experts, many people also try to minimize going out.

At home, we can collect all the "TV juice", we can also keep updating Facebook to watch friends' new dishes, and finally have time to finish reading the book that has been bought for 100,000 years.

This kind of life is not as colorful as before, but we can always adapt in our own way.

However, for some people, every day of the past year has been like a year.

Written by: Dr. Li Yunfeng, School of Mental Health, Castle Peak Hospital

Two sisters of Uncle Chen brought him to the hospital for follow-up treatment last week.

Although Uncle Chen is only 54 years old this year, he looks like an old man in his 80s.

He suffered from Parkinson's disease more than ten years ago. At first, he was able to use drugs to control the condition, and he was able to work and live by himself.

However, a few years later, he began to have hallucinations and his temperament became irritable. A few years later, he developed symptoms of brain degeneration.

By the time of this follow-up consultation, Uncle Chen could no longer take care of himself. He had to rely on others for feeding, cleaning, and wheelchairs.

He is not very good at talking, and has been in a coma for a long time.

Since Uncle Chen was not married, and the two sisters had their own families, they had no choice but to arrange Uncle Chen to live in an elderly home.

After seeing all the patients that day, I met Bo Chen again in the corridor of the outpatient department.

Uncle Chen’s sister sat on his left and slowly fed him the hot soup one bite at a time, while the younger sister was on his right, gently wiping the soup from the corners of his mouth.

As Uncle Chen has difficulty swallowing, he often chokes and can't swallow food.

Seeing the patience of the two sisters and the care for Uncle Chen, it is hard not to feel sad and moved.

It turns out that due to the epidemic, most homes for the elderly have declined all visits in order to prevent nosocomial infections.

Family members cannot visit their loved ones, but they can only get together at the follow-up consultation time, feed him, and eat one bite as one bite.

Many elderly people have already begun to show symptoms of depression because they stay in the homes for a long time and cannot see their family members.

There are homes in foreign countries that allow family members to visit after being tested for new coronary pneumonia. There are also homes in the Mainland that arrange for the elderly to communicate with their families and interact with intelligent robots to add life to the fun and slow the speed of the elderly's brain degeneration.

In fact, the required technology and testing are already widespread, but there are not many homes in Hong Kong that have such arrangements.

A phone call, a short meeting or a meal may have been the expectation of many elderly people this year.

After the epidemic, I hope that everyone can give their elders more care, love, and time.

"Hong Kong 01" "01 Medical Clinic" cooperated with the School of Mental Health of Castle Peak Hospital to publish a column written by medical staff every other Tuesday.

"Cheng" means to let the water stand still, let the water settle, and then become clear.

May you calmly savour every little story, see the small knowledge, understand the heart of yourself and others, and see things and emotions more clearly.

See clearly, know how to cherish, I hope this column can soothe your emotional waves and enjoy the peace of the years.

I hope you can share this experience with the people you care about, so that you can have one more partner on the road to a better life.

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Xincheng 01 Medical Clinic Castle Peak Hospital

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