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Corona in Bavaria: Söder is about the Easter lockdown - completely new phase "will help us very, very much"


The Corona summit with Angela Merkel and Markus Söder is over. The most important decision: an Easter break. All news and developments here live from a Bavarian perspective.

The Corona summit with Angela Merkel and Markus Söder is over.

The most important decision: an Easter break.

All news and developments here live from a Bavarian perspective.

  • On Monday (March 22nd), the federal states will discuss how to proceed with the Corona * crisis with Chancellor Angela Merkel *.

  • CSU boss Markus Söder * calls for a "hard emergency brake" across Germany.

    (Update from March 22, 9:13 a.m.)

  • At the federal-state summit, a tough lockdown was decided over Easter.

    Söder spoke of a right decision (see update from March 3, 02:57 a.m.)

  • This ticker for has ended.

    All further information about the corona crisis in Bavaria is available in the new news ticker.

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Update, 2:57 a.m.:

Now Söder speaks.

“It was a difficult birth, the caution team prevailed,” he says.

Nevertheless, a “clear line” has been found.

The "caution team" prevailed overall, continues Bavaria's Prime Minister and emphasizes: "In everything".

The new rules are "not just simply the extension of the lockdown", but a completely new phase.

One is now in the "most dangerous phase of the pandemic".

The new Easter lockdown is now used to reduce speed.

"In my opinion, the decision is difficult, but absolutely correct and it will help us very, very much," said Söder.

How exactly Söder will implement the new resolutions in Bavaria, he initially leaves open.

He will consult with his cabinet on Tuesday.

Update, 02.44 a.m.:

Masks in the private area should be mandatory, says Angela Merkel.

“We then spent a long time looking at the travels,” says Merkel.

“We advise against traveling abroad.

We don't think travel is beneficial.

Returnees from vacation destinations should not cause any sources of infection if possible. ”Airlines and travel providers should test the returnees before their return flight.

The Infection Protection Act will be changed so that a test is mandatory for all flights to Germany.

Update, 02.33 a.m.:

On the still picture from BR there is a little movement in the

crowd of


You jump up, pull out the cameras.

Is something happening there?

Update from March 23, 1:54 a.m.:

For an hour now, the participants have been negotiating in a large group again.

Apparently it has not gotten any easier than before.

Because so far there seems to be no agreement in sight.

Update from March 23, 3:33 a.m.:

After all, the four who have been sitting opposite each other for hours have agreed on something.

Söder, Merkel, Scholz and Müller want a super lockdown from April 1st to 5th or even 6th.

Several media report this unanimously.

Even supermarkets could close during this time.

Now only the 14 other country leaders have to agree and then everyone can finally go to bed.

Meanwhile, Bodo Ramelow tweeted: "ÄÄÄÄÄÄ ..." - the nerves are obviously on edge.

As a reminder, last time Ramelow just went to the press alone before the end of the summit and then went to bed.

Perhaps he should have done today too.

Update from March 22nd, 11:31 pm:

And it's official.

It has never been so long in the evening without any result.

The last time Merkel, Söder and Müller started their press conference shortly after half past eleven.

This record has just been broken.

We stay awake and tuned.



reporter has just learned from a summit participant

that the talks are to be resumed "at least before midnight"


Update from March 22nd, 10:27 p.m.:

Apparently the summit participants seem eager to break their own records.

The summit break prescribed by Merkel, which is still ongoing, is already the longest of all previous Corona summits.

The heads of government may also have the ambition to break another record.

At the last Corona summit, they started the press conference as late as never before, namely around 11.30 p.m.

It is quite possible that you want to top that today.

So far, the cameras have only shown empty chairs in the Chancellery.

A shame from a Bavarian point of view: Markus Söder is remarkably inconspicuous today after causing an unprecedented scandal on March 3rd.

He shouldn't grin so "smurfy", Söder threw at the head of Vice-Chancellor Scholz, among others.

Update from March 22nd, 9:02 p.m

.: The countries advise and advise, everyone else wait, wait, wait.

Merkel, the measures were not sharp enough.

She broke off the negotiations.

According to information from the


, the summit participants

wanted to get together in a small

group, perhaps to come up with even tougher measures.

Also present: Merkel, Vice-Chancellor Scholz, Berlin's governing mayor Müller and Markus Söder.

According to current information from


, the current tendency seems to be to simply leave many decisions to the countries themselves.

So easing at Easter or curfews.

That would be tantamount to a surrender by the Chancellor.

And Söder can freely enforce his own plan for Bavaria tomorrow.

Whereby: Hardliner Söder may not be happy that he enforces strict lockdown rules in Munich while shops and beer gardens are opening in neighboring countries.

Bayern could resent him for that.

Whether he can prevail with tougher measures remains to be seen exactly.

Update from March 22, 6.47 p.m.:

When the summit negotiations will end - completely open.

As a reminder, last time the Prime Ministers and the Chancellor negotiated until almost midnight.

Several media reports that Angela Merkel, exasperated, ordered a break.

One thing is clear so far: The lockdown will be extended until April 18 and there will be no special rules at Easter.

What that means for Bavaria will be revealed by noon tomorrow at the latest.

Markus Söder wants to appear in front of the press after a cabinet meeting and announce the new corona rules for Bavaria.

We will of course be reporting live again like today with live stream and ticker.

Corona summit: Söder is arguing with Hamburg about the emergency brake

Update from March 22nd, 5:28 p.m.:

The negotiations are already in

full swing


According to reports, Söder has now clashed with Hamburg's Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD).

The latter apparently suggested that the emergency brake should be applied if the incidence of 100 was exceeded for the entire state.

So drastic tightening of the corona measures for all districts and cities, including those that can actually have a good incidence.

According to


Söder is said to

have objected massively.

He wants to leave the emergency brake clearly at the county level so that regions with lower incidences can remain open.

The Free State of Bavaria currently has an incidence of around 105.

Corona summit started: is Bavaria threatening to go it alone in Söder tomorrow?

Update from March 22nd, 4:35 p.m.:

The games have started - more than an hour late.

But in the meantime Markus Söder has also arrived at the Chancellery.

Negotiations are ongoing.

How long remains to be seen.

At the beginning there was obviously a huge crash during the preliminary negotiations, hence the delay.

According to information from

Business Insider

, the curfews were removed from the federal and state governments' draft resolutions at the last minute.

This morning they were still there.

According to reports, they had been favored by both the Chancellery and the Bavarian side as an effective means against the third wave.

But the outcry in the other countries was apparently too great, so that the idea was canceled before the Prime Minister's Conference began.

Failure for Söder in the first round?


On the other hand, the date for the Bavarian interpretation of today's resolutions has already been set: Tomorrow at 10 a.m., Söder wants to talk to his ministers about the current corona measures.

It is quite possible that the Franconian will again single-handedly enforce stricter rules, including a curfew.

Before the Corona summit: Holetschek on the radio

Update from March 22nd, 12:51 p.m.:

This Monday, Bavaria's Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek (CSU) was a guest at the Munich radio station



There he answered questions from the audience.

He understands the citizens' corona fatigue.

However, he cannot say when the situation will improve.

He continues to rely on the strategy of protective measures, testing and vaccination.

He also confirmed once again that family doctors in Bavaria will vaccinate against corona from April 1.

First of all, the amount of vaccine is the "bottleneck".

Sufficient cans would probably not be available until the end of April.

He was also pleased that the Astrazeneca vaccine - which he described as "essentially effective and safe" - will be administered again.

He would also get himself vaccinated with it, he admitted in the interview with the radio station.

When it comes to Easter holidays, Holetschek is particularly concerned about the widespread use of the British mutant *.

"I think that's a risk [...] I don't think it's so good," said the Minister of Health with regard to traveling on Easter.

Corona: Statutory health insurance doctors see themselves prepared for the vaccination

The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Bavaria (KBV) sees itself well prepared for the vaccination against Corona from April 1st.

In a press release it was said that general practitioners and specialists were “prepared for the mammoth task”.

The prerequisite, however, is an adequate supply of vaccine.

The vaccination doses should be distributed to the doctor's practices via wholesalers and pharmacies, demanded the KVB.

They should then decide for themselves about appointments and prioritization of patients for the vaccinations, the documentation must be "as simple and unbureaucratic as possible".

That could be the corona rules for Easter

Update from March 22nd, 11:52 a.m.:

In the draft resolution for the Prime Minister's


, which


has received, there is also a passage that should regulate the contacts at Easter.

Similar to Christmas, from April 2nd to 5th, it will be possible to meet four other people (excluding children under 14) outside of your own household.

However, these people must belong to the closest family circle.

This includes spouses, civil partners and partners in a non-marital partnership as well as straight line relatives, siblings, siblings and their respective household members.

The draft resolution also states that before the meeting, people should do a self-test or a free quick test in a test center.

This would make a significant contribution to protection against infection.

Corona in Bavaria: Söder warns of the third wave in an ARD broadcast

Update from March 22, 9:13 a.m.:

The incidence


in Germany does not give much reason for optimism even on the Monday of the summit.

It has risen again and is now 107.3 (previous day: 103.9).

Bavaria is even above the German average of 110.7 (as of March 22, 3:28 a.m., RKI).

Not a good omen for the negotiations between the heads of state and the Chancellor in Berlin today.

The long-awaited looseness and openings are moving further and further away.

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has also been talking more about a “Corona emergency brake” than about opening prospects for days.

On Sunday he urged the ARD program "Report from Berlin" once again to warn of the rising corona numbers.

“What is clear is that the incidences are increasing, and the danger is relatively great that it will grow back into the hospitals.

We are in a dangerous situation and have to be careful that a third wave does not come out of the perm. ”So that the lockdown does not drag on into the summer, one has to act consistently, said the CSU chief.

"What is very important to me is that we apply the emergency brake." In some federal states, this is still handled relatively easily.

"We would have to come to a clear agreement on this tomorrow (Monday, March 22nd, editor's note), I think."

Corona incidence is increasing: Over half a million students are going back to distance learning

The situation is no better for schools.

Numerous teachers' associations complain about overload and a lack of test and vaccination concepts.

And Education Minister Michael Piazolo (Free Voters) believes that a return to normality in Bavarian schools is out of the question in the near future.

"As basically for a year, we have a mix of face-to-face, alternating and distance lessons," said Piazolo of the

Augsburger Allgemeine


“I assume that this trend will continue in the current situation.” In more than 30 counties and cities, the students had to go back to distance teaching on Monday, because the incidence figures were too high.

This affects around 2,250 schools with more than half a million students.

Corona in Bavaria: Incidence continues to rise

(First report from March 22nd)


- The corona infection numbers * are increasing.

Germany jumped the critical 100 mark on Sunday.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the seven-day incidence * was 103.9 (previous day 99.9).

The Free State already exceeded the limit on Friday: The RKI * reported an incidence of 100.8.

On Saturday the value rose to 103.6, on Sunday it climbed further to 107.7.

Before the Corona summit with Merkel: Holetschek seeks understanding for measures

In view of the increasing number of Corona * infections, Bavaria's Minister of Health, Klaus Holetschek, called on people to limit contacts to the bare minimum.

“We still need patience to contain Corona.

This includes observing the distance and mask rules *. ”The CSU politician emphasized this to the

German press agency

on Sunday


“It was right to decide that there will be no further opening steps in Bavaria tomorrow, Monday.

Because protection against further infections must have priority, ”explained Holetschek.

He is currently also the chairman of the conference of health ministers.

Video: Söder calls for a nationwide emergency brake for corona hotspots

Corona summit with Merkel: Söder pleads for caution - and has a demand on the federal government

Actually, further openings were planned in the Free State for next week.

However, beer gardens, cinemas and theaters have to remain closed due to the high number of infections.

The Ministry of Health announced this on Thursday.

On Monday, the Prime Minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel * (CDU) will get together to discuss further steps in the fight against pandemics and the regulations for Easter.

Markus Söder made it clear on Tuesday that he would continue to prefer a cautious course.

Bavaria's Prime Minister wrote on Twitter: “Turning away from incidence would be a blind flight.

From 100 the emergency brake must be pulled uniformly.

Caution and caution continue to have absolute priority.

We are in a race against time and patience.

Unfortunately, the numbers are increasing all over the EU. "

With a view to Easter, he called on the federal government to introduce a mandatory test for those returning from vacation.

“The many travel bookings to Mallorca are a major concern.

Bavaria will build up and maintain enough test capacities at the airports.

We mustn't risk anything. "

Corona summit with Merkel: easing or lockdown?

What is the next step in schools?

Schools could also be a topic of discussion.

Currently, for example, the following applies: If a district is above the 100 incidence, face-to-face lessons are only held in the final classes, provided the minimum distance can be maintained.

Otherwise there is alternating instruction.

This affects (as of Friday) 40 Bavarian districts and independent cities, as reported by

Bayerischer Rundfunk


You can find an overview of the currently applicable rules here. *

Teachers Association President Heinz-Peter Meidinger warned against a return to distance teaching: He


Bild am Sonntag

that the only way to offer safe classroom teaching in the third wave is to vaccinate teachers quickly and to carry out rapid tests on a regular basis.

But there would be a massive problem with both.

It is quite possible that schools will be a central topic of the Corona summit again.

(kam / dpa) * / bayern is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

Markus Söder is considered a hardliner in the Corona crisis.

The CSU boss wants to open carefully and orientate himself on the incidence.

A Bavarian hotspot has other plans. *

Source: merkur

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