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Beaten to death and thrown in the trash: up to eighteen years in prison required against his companion


On the third day of the trial of Ludovic L., tried for the murder of Yasmina in 2017, the attorney general considered that the accused had not had the

On the third and last day of the trial of Ludovic L., tried for having beaten his partner Yasmina to death in July 2017, the attorney general, Rémy Crosson du Cormier, requested a sentence of sixteen to eighteen years of criminal imprisonment, accompanied by five years of socio-judicial follow-up, for fatal blows.

Requests that surprised: the accused had indeed been returned to the assizes for "murder by spouse" - a crime punishable by thirty years in prison.

The Advocate General considered that Ludovic, this evening of July 2017, "did not intend to kill" Yasmina, when he beat her "extremely violent".

"I am convinced of it, because he needed her", developed the magistrate.

"She annoys him, but she keeps him going.

He has no real interest in sawing the branch he's sitting on, ”he added.


The chilling profile of Ludovic L., tried for killing and throwing his partner in a trash can

This man, whom "nobody has ever seen hold a stable job", has always lived in the hooks of his concubines, whom he "exploits emotionally and financially" shamelessly, explained Rémy Crosson du Cormier during his indictment.

"Mr. was annoyed and beat Yasmina to silence her", on the contrary estimated during his plea Jean-Marie Viala, lawyer for the civil parties.

"Yasmina drowned in her own blood"

The night of the drama, Ludovic.

had drunk and smoked a lot.

According to his account, which fluctuated a lot, an argument broke out in the bathroom, after a call from his mistress with whom he had a child eight months earlier.

“Yasmina comes to get me drunk.

She wants an explanation.

I went crazy ”, still unfolds this Friday Ludovic, in a white shirt, in his box.

After having pulverized the bathroom glass with his fist, he allegedly gave Yasmina "a slap", "then two or three blows" to the face.

The 37-year-old mother would then have "fallen on the bathtub".

He would then have accompanied her "to the bed" of the parental room, where their daughter was sleeping, at the time aged 2 and a half.

According to the medical examiner, the pain from Yasmina's facial crash was so intense that she passed out.

“We cannot bear such pain,” the expert explained on the first day of the trial.

When she found herself lying down, Yasmina took a wrong turn - the beatings were so bad that bone fragments were found in her lungs - and suffocated herself.

“Yasmina drowned in her own blood,” summed up an investigator at the bar.


Beaten to death and thrown in a trash can in Paris: the descent into hell of Yasmina, 37 years old

After having laid the victim down, Ludovic fell asleep "all at once", without notifying the emergency services but taking the time to call Yasmina's employer - Saint-Antoine hospital in Paris - to report that she would be absent the next day.

"She was tired," he said on Friday.

The next morning, around 11 am, the man is woken up by his hungry daughter, who says "Daddy, mommy to sleep".

It was there that he would have noticed that his companion was "cold".

It is estimated that Ludovic and his daughter lived in the living room for five to eight days, while Yasmina's body decomposed in the bedroom.

“I didn't want to denounce myself.

I was scared.

I did not want to go back to prison, ”explained Ludovic.

Then one night, he steals a trash can in the common areas of the building, throws his partner's body there, then takes the container down to the cellar.

“It's practically a serial script.

Except that in the series, everyone gets up at the end, everyone is alive, ”lamented Me Jean-Marie Viala.

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The defense lawyer, Me Olivia Ronen, explained the "strange" behavior of her client by a mechanism of "cleavage", "post-traumatic dissociation", as analyzed by the psychiatrist before the court.

“He's flabbergasted.

He doesn't expect to find Yasmina like this.

So he takes his daughter, and he closes the door.

He is seeing death for the first time and he prefers to close his eyes […] With a little common sense, you cannot get rid of a body by throwing it in the cellar.


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