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Corona in Nuremberg: the seven-day incidence is skyrocketing


Nuremberg wants to become a model city. The seven-day incidence is currently increasing - the RKI reported a value of over 180. All news in the ticker of the Franconian metropolis.

Nuremberg wants to become a model city.

The seven-day incidence is currently increasing - the RKI reported a value of over 180. All news in the ticker of the Franconian metropolis.

  • Markus Söder * announces Bavarian corona vaccination summit.

    (Update from March 26, 4:35 p.m.)

  • Due to the high incidence, daycare centers remain in emergency operation.

    (Update from March 26th, 1.30 p.m.)

  • The incidence is skyrocketing (see update from March 28, 10:44 a.m.).

  • This news ticker is updated regularly.

Update from March 28, 10:44 a.m.:

The seven-day incidence in Nuremberg is increasing and is currently 185.4 (as of 3:09 a.m.).

On Friday, the RKI reported a value of 150.3.

In neighboring Fürth, the incidence is 152.5.

Update from March 26, 4:35 p.m.:

According to meeting participants, Prime Minister Markus Söder has announced a corona vaccination summit for next Tuesday in a switch on the CSU * board.

Accordingly, the state government wants to advise representatives of the district council, the city council, the Association of Bavarian Business and General Practitioners on how vaccinations against the corona virus can be made faster.

This is reported by the German Press Agency (dpa).

Bavaria expects around 2.3 million vaccine doses in April.

The vaccination centers are to receive around 1.4 million units of this, the medical practices 942,641.

From April 1st, the medical practices will gradually be included in the vaccination management.

Nuremberg: Due to the high incidence, daycare centers remain in emergency operation

Update from March 26th, 1.30 p.m.:

Every Friday it is decided whether the day care centers and day care facilities can resume operations in the following week.

This is provided for by the 12th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance.

Since the incidence value is still well above 100, emergency operation will continue to apply for the next week.

The city of Nuremberg announced this in a press release.

On the Friday of the coming calendar week it will be decided again whether it will be possible to open in the week after next.

Nuremberg: Incidence value climbs above the 150 mark for the first time

Update from March 26th, 10.30 a.m.:

For the first time

the incidence value in Nuremberg exceeded the 150 mark.

According to the RKI, it is 150.3 today.

That is around six points more than on the presentation.

141 people were newly infected with the coronavirus within the last 24 hours.

This brings the city of Nuremberg to a total of 26,115 infected people.

Nuremberg wants to become a model city - Corona easing possible soon?

Update from March 26th, 10.15 a.m.:

Prime Minister Markus Söder * has announced that after Easter he will test the cautious retraction of the corona rules in eight model regions.

One city should be selected in each administrative district and even two in Upper Bavaria - due to the size of the district.

Nuremberg would also like to become one of these model cities.

In order to become one of the cities, the incidence value must be between 100 and 150.

In Nuremberg he has been dancing around between 140 and 150 for a week.

In the selected municipalities, it is to be tested to what extent opening steps are possible even with higher numbers of infections.

Mayor Marcus König sees opportunities in the field of culture above all.

One could start with the State Theater or the Great Meistersinger Hall and create a cultural offer.

It would also be conceivable to allow outdoor catering.

König had already telephoned the Bavarian Minister of Health and a letter had also been sent to the Prime Minister.

From Saturday, stricter regulations also apply in the Nürnberger Land

Update from March 25, 3:20 p.m .:

The Robert Koch Institute * (RKI) reports a seven-day incidence of over 100 for the district of Nürnberger Land on Thursday (March 25) for the third day in a row On Saturday, the so-called Bavarian “emergency brake” will also come into force in the district, as the district office announced.

This includes stricter rules in different areas.

The stricter rules have been in effect for the city of Nuremberg since March 16.

District Administrator Armin Kroder appeals to the population in the message: “The infection rate is now increasing noticeably, it is more important than ever that we all adhere to the applicable restrictions and hygiene rules in order to get the third wave under control.

The contribution of every individual is required here ”.

The new rules at a glance:

  • There is again a night curfew between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

  • Contact restrictions: Meetings with only one other person outside of your own household are permitted.

    (Not including children under 14 years of age)

  • “Click and Meet” in shops is no longer necessary - it is still possible to collect pre-ordered goods.

  • Flower shops, bookstores, hardware stores and all basic supply shops are allowed to remain open.

    Hairdressers also remain open.

  • Schools are going back to distance learning - emergency operation applies to daycare centers.

  • Sport in fixed groups is no longer allowed - only non-contact sport is possible.

  • Libraries and archives can remain open under the previous conditions.

    Among other things, FFP2 mask requirements and distance rules apply.

District of Nürnberger Land: First general practitioners' practices receive vaccine

Update from March 25th, 1.30 p.m.:

The first general practitioners' practices in the Nuremberg area have received vaccination doses.

The district office announced this in a press release.

On Tuesday, eight doctor's practices in the district received vaccination doses from the vaccination center in Röthenbach in order to vaccinate immobile patients over the course of the week.

These include general practitioners' practices in Röthenbach, Burgthann, Altdorf, Ottensoos, Reichenschwand and Kirchensittenbach.

They each received ten vaccination doses from the manufacturer Astrazeneca, with which they will vaccinate immobile or bedridden patients from the group with the highest priority who cannot come to the vaccination center in Röthenbach, the message says.

At the moment, home visits can only be carried out with the Astrazeneca * vaccine, as it does not have to be refrigerated like the mRNA vaccines from Biontech * and Moderna *.

How the vaccine will be allocated to practices and vaccination centers in the future is determined by the state and the federal government.

From April, the doctor's practices will no longer receive the vaccine from the vaccination center, but via the usual distribution channels, for example from pharmacies.

Neither the district office nor the vaccination center can decide which vaccine is then allocated to the practices and which to the vaccination centers, and to what extent.

Instead, the allocation is made using a distribution key that the federal and state governments are currently working on.

Nuremberg: seven-day incidence still between 140 and 150

Update from March 25, 12:10 p.m.:

There is still no major change in the incidence value in Nuremberg.

According to the RKI, it is 144.3 today.

That is around two points less compared to the lecture.

175 more people have been infected with the coronavirus within the last 24 hours.

Over 2,000 citizens received their first vaccination with a corona vaccine in the course of the last day.

Nuremberg thus has a total of 75,068 vaccinated people, as the city announces on its website.

The number of patients in intensive care units has decreased by two people.

On the other hand, seven infected people were added to the normal wards.

Markus Söder wants to test opening steps in eight model regions after Easter

Update from March 24th, 4:55 p.m.:

Bavaria wants to test the cautious reduction of corona protective measures, for example in trade or culture, in eight model


after Easter.

This was announced by Prime Minister Markus Söder in the state parliament on Wednesday.

A city or a district from each of the seven administrative districts with a seven-day incidence per 100,000 inhabitants of more than 100 and less than 150 should participate, and from Upper Bavaria even two.

"It's a brave project, but it now fits right in with the time and mood," says Söder.

"We already have more applications than opportunities."

Surprising turnaround in corona resolutions: Merkel withdraws the Easter lockdown

Update from March 24th, 4:50 p.m .:

The U-turn on Wednesday: There should be no additional days of rest at Easter.

The Prime Ministers discussed this with the Chancellor in the morning.

After massive criticism, the Chancellor had ordered a federal-state switch at short notice and decided to stop the decision on the so-called Easter rest.

“If possible, you have to correct the mistake in good time.

I think that is still possible. ”She now wants to ask forgiveness from the people in the country.

It was simply not feasible in such a short time.

Much too many questions unanswered, said Merkel.

Even if the "Easter rest" does not come now, the other resolutions of the Corona summit on Monday will continue to serve to break the third Corona wave, emphasized Merkel in her short press statement.

Nuremberg: Unusually high number of corona deaths within one day

Update from March 24th, 9.15 a.m.:

The incidence value in Nuremberg continues to dance around between 140 and 150.

According to the RKI, it is 146.8 today.

110 people were newly infected with the corona virus within one day.

On the other hand, the number of corona deaths is unusually high.

Within one day, 16 people died in connection with a Covid 19 disease, as the city of Nuremberg announces on its website.

The city has a total of 839 deceased.

Yesterday, Tuesday, there was an act of mourning in the Bavarian state parliament for the more than 13,000 deaths of the pandemic in Bavaria.

Nuremberg: Two new decentralized vaccination sites opened

Update from March 23, 2:50 p.m.:

Last weekend around 4,000 people in Nuremberg were given a dose of vaccine.

The city of Nuremberg announced this in a press release.

For the first time, people over 70 and other people who wanted to be vaccinated in the second priority group were also vaccinated.

The Bavarian state government has announced the delivery of steadily increasing amounts of vaccine from April.

This means that the city of Nuremberg can gradually make more and more vaccination offers in the area, the message continues.

General practitioners will then also be given vaccines.

The city also announced that there are now two new decentralized vaccination sites.

In the future, vaccinations will also take place in the former City Point department store in the former NewYorker clothing store on the 1st floor, Pfannenschmiedsgasse 2 / corner of Breite Gasse 5 and in the old vehicle registration office at Großreuther Straße 115 b in Großreuth.

The city also announced which postcode is suitable for which vaccination center:

  • The postcodes 90408, 90403, 90402, 90489 and 90482 are assigned to the location in City Point

  • Residents of the postcode areas 90427, 90425, 90411, 90409 and 90491 are assigned to the location in the old vehicle registration office.  

  • All citizens of other postcodes can get an appointment at NürnbergMesse or can be vaccinated later by their doctor if they wish

Registered people who have already been offered an appointment at the previous vaccination center or who have already made an appointment at the vaccination center will not be transferred to the new branch offices.

These citizens stay with the previous vaccination center.

The second vaccination appointments also remain at the vaccination center in NürnbergMesse.

It would be too much effort for a corresponding "desired vaccination location" programming, as the city announced.

In addition, the city urgently recommends all those interested in vaccinating who have not yet received an invitation to schedule the vaccination to open their account once a week.

There you should go through all the information you have provided again and click again in order to take advantage of possible expanded input options, for example on existing pre-existing illnesses or on the professional situation.

The legal position of the prioritization can also change in the future, so it is important to check your profile regularly and to update it if necessary.

Poll: Do you have a favorite vaccine?

Corona in Nuremberg: New regulations for Bavaria are fixed - PK ended

Update from March 23, 2:15 p.m .:


Söder explained the implementation of the new rules for Bavaria in a press conference at 12.30 p.m.

Söder urged everyone to pay attention again, "Exhaustion intensifies the pandemic".

Therefore the lockdown was extended until April 18th.

The most important results for Bavaria after the press conference with the Prime Minister at a glance:

  • Tightened lockdown over Easter: Maundy Thursday and Holy Saturday become rest days.

  • The incidence limit (100) for curfew and contact restrictions will remain in place.

  • After the Easter holidays, all districts and cities are to receive additional rapid test centers.

  • Pilot projects in the field of culture possible after Easter.

  • Q11 and fourth grades are declared as final grades and have alternating lessons even if the incidence is over 100.

    If the incidence is over 100, a test is mandatory.

    If the incidence is below 100, all grades should go back to alternating classes.

  • On March 31, vaccination should start in the family doctor's office.

  • From April 12th, retail outlets will also be allowed to open if the incidence is below 100 - if the incidence is higher, “Click & Meet” applies.

  • The openings that have been decided on, for example in the outdoor catering sector, for the end of March are to be implemented from April 12th.

Nuremberg's incidence value has reached a new high since the end of January

Update from March 23, 10:05 a.m.:

The seven-day incidence in Nuremberg continues to climb and has reached a new high since the end of January.

According to the RKI, the value is currently 149.9.

That is almost six points more than the day before.

There were a total of 83 new infections within 24 hours.

A patient died in connection with his Covid 19 disease, as the city of Nuremberg announced on its website.

Nuremberg: New regulations after the Corona summit - Markus Söder speaks at 12 noon

Update from March 23, 9:55 a.m.:

Yesterday evening (March 22) the federal and state governments discussed a joint Corona course until the early hours of the morning.

After many hours of discussion, some new rules are now in place.

The corona lockdown will be extended until April 18, and over the Easter holidays there will be an even stricter lockdown instead of special rules like over Christmas.

Today Markus Söder is consulting with his cabinet.

At 12 noon he speaks in a press conference about the results of the cabinet meeting and presents the rules, broken down once again to Bavaria.

Here is an overview of the agreement from yesterday evening:

  • Lockdown extension until April 18th

  • Sharp and consistent emergency brake from an incidence of 100 for the respective district or city

  • No easing of the contact restrictions for Easter

  • Curfews remain a matter of the state

  • A "super lockdown" over Easter (April 1st to 5th) should lower the number of infections

Markus Söder with clear demands before the Corona summit

(First report from March 22nd)


- Actually, further openings were planned in the Free State for next week.

However, beer gardens, cinemas and theaters have to remain closed due to the high number of infections.

The Ministry of Health announced this on Thursday.

On Monday, the Prime Minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel * (CDU) will get together to discuss further steps in the fight against pandemics and the regulations for Easter.

You can always find all information about the current Corona situation in Bavaria with us.

Markus Söder (CSU) made it clear on Tuesday that he would continue to prefer a cautious course.

The emergency brake must be used in the same way for all federal states, said Söder.

With a view to Easter, he called on the federal government to introduce a mandatory test for those returning from vacation.

“The many travel bookings to Mallorca are a major concern.

Bavaria will build up and maintain enough test capacities at the airports.

We mustn't risk anything ”.

The first plane to Mallorca took off in Nuremberg on Friday and was completely booked out.

Capacity increased in Nuremberg vaccination center: 1,300 vaccinations per day possible

Nuremberg's vaccination center has significantly increased its capacities.

On March 19, the city resumed corona vaccination with the Astrazeneca vaccine.

1300 vaccinations per day could already be carried out on the weekend.

On Thursday (March 25th) there will be the first “long vaccination day”, as the city of Nuremberg * announced in a press release.

From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. vaccinations can be given on this day.

At the moment preparations are underway for two long vaccination days per week in the vaccination center.

Every Wednesday or Thursday the coordination office of the Nuremberg vaccination center finds out how much vaccine from which manufacturer is available in the following week.

Appointments are activated on the basis of this information, according to a report from


Anyone who is authorized to vaccinate can log into the “BayIMCO” Internet portal.

Both the first and the second vaccination date are suggested there.

If the date does not suit you, you can enter another day and see whether there is still a time slot available on that day.

With the vaccine, however, you would have no choice.

Only the data provide an indication of whether Astrazeneca, Biontech or Moderna was assigned.

You will always find up-to-date information about the Astrazeneca vaccine with us.

Corona in Nuremberg: The city's incidence value remains at a high level

The schools are closed, the children in distance learning.

Only the final classes are allowed to come into the classroom for face-to-face teaching at a considerable distance.

The daycare centers are still in emergency operation and retail stores are only allowed to offer their goods for collection.

The night curfew has also been in effect again for almost a week.

The high incidence value does not allow any easing for the city.

Even today (March 22nd) the seven-day incidence value * is still well above 100. According to the Robert Koch Institute * (RKI) it is 144.1.

95 people were newly infected in the past 24 hours.

Nuremberg * has a total of 25,604 infected people since the beginning of the pandemic.

There are still 27 patients infected with the coronavirus * in intensive care units.

85 infected people are treated in clinics on normal wards, as the city of Nuremberg announces on its website.

A slight decrease of 4 people can be seen here.

So far 69,909 people in Nuremberg have received their first vaccination dose.

(tk) * / bayern is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

You can always get the latest news from Nuremberg and the region from us.

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