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Clichy: in front of the assizes for having ordered the assassination attempt of his ex-spouse


Amandine S., 32, is on trial from this Tuesday for having orchestrated the attempted murder of her former companion Jimmy as a family, e

The trial, which opens this Tuesday before the Assize Court of Seine-Saint-Denis, concerns a family assassination attempt.

Among the main defendants, Amandine S., 32, will be tried for having ordered the murder, aborted, of her ex-spouse Jimmy.

She is fired for attempted assassination, as is the executioner of bad works, Rudy P., 28.

The young woman's father and brother are being prosecuted for complicity, as are the two intermediaries, one of whom is a former police officer.

The facts occurred on a hot evening in August 2017, in the forest of Bondy, chemin de Coubron, in Clichy-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis).

Amandine and Jimmy, 26, take a walk with their three-year-old after having dinner at a nearby restaurant.

A peaceful image of family happiness.

Until a cyclist stands out in the twilight.

He can barely be seen on his dimly lit bike and he's dressed entirely in black.

“I noticed a little bike light that was stationary […] He was standing over the bike, ready to go.

I found that weird, ”Jimmy said.

The cyclist's arm is raised and a detonation sounds.

He hears the shooter whisper these words: “I'm sorry.

»Jimmy, hit in the spine, collapses in front of Amandine and her little boy.

At this moment, we are far from suspecting that this attempted murder is the fruit of a dark family plot hatched by the young woman.

"So that I can relive or simply live"

Contemplating Jimmy on the ground, Amandine has strange words in which she blames herself.

Then she calls the fire department.

In front of the police, she explains that they went late to the forest so that Jimmy could settle a drug case.

Changing her mind, she ends up releasing the incredible truth: she is indeed at the initiative of the walk in the forest because she wanted to delete her ex.

"So that I can relive or just live."

She confesses that, for years, she suffered violence from her partner.

So much so that she has announced her intention, since 2016, to “mess around” with him.

To put her plan into action, she turns to those close to her.

And it is during a barbecue party at her brother's house that Amandine is put in contact with Jonathan R., who will play the role of intermediary in charge of recruiting the killer, Rudy P. As in a bad B movie. , the protagonists will only express themselves by code, asking where the work of the bathroom is to indicate where the recruitment of the killer is.

The weapon jammed

Amandine, who separated from her companion at the birth of their child, will explain living a hell at her side.

She speaks of "influence".

“I was not free to move around.

When I came home from work, I was not allowed to go out.

She had also filed four handrails and two procedures for domestic violence.

During the investigation, this woman with a strong character will admit to being the sponsor while refuting her intention to kill him.

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Also in the dock are Amandine's father and brother.

The first would have sold his car to finance the criminal project, the second would have helped in the recruitment of the killer through a friend, Jonathan R.

In his defense, he will claim that the project was not intended to kill Jimmy but only to hit him.

However, he would have played a central role in recruiting Rudy P. and in organizing the ambush.

As for the killer, a former security soldier, he is described as an easily influenced man who had agreed to honor the contract for 10,000 euros.

But he too will say that he did not intend to kill.

He left Jimmy a paraplegic, the jamming of his weapon having probably saved the latter's life.

The trial is scheduled to last until April 16.

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