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Forbes: The Billionaires of Latin America and Spain


Forbes published its list of the richest in the world, and several Latin Americans and Spaniards enter the ranking this year.

The richest people in Latin America, according to Forbes 0:52

(CNN Spanish) - 

Forbes published its list of the richest in the world, and although the top ten places are practically taken by Americans (8 out of 10), several Latin Americans and Spaniards are also in this year's ranking.

"The number of billionaires on Forbes' 35th annual list of the world's richest people soared to an unprecedented 2,755, 660 more than a year ago," says Forbes.

"A staggering 86% are richer than a year ago."

Next are the Hispanic American billionaires in 2021.


Almost entering the top 10, as he had done years before, and now at number 11, is the Spanish Amancio Ortega.

The businessman, who founded the giant Inditex and the well-known clothing chain Zara with his ex-wife, Rosalía Mera, has a fortune valued at US $ 77,000 million.


In 2017, it peaked at 4, then dropped to 6 between 2018 and 2020.

His daughter, Sandra Ortega Mera, is ranked 344 on the list, with a fortune of $ 7.3 billion.

Also on the Forbes list are 27 other Spanish billionaires:

  • Juan Roig (stand 680, supermarkets)

  • Rafael Del Pino (position 752, construction)

  • Juan Abello (position 1064, investments)

  • Alicia Koplowitz (position 1111, construction and investments)

  • Hortensia Herrero (booth 1205, supermarkets)

  • María Del Pino (position 1362, construction)

  • Florentino Pérez (position 1517, construction)

  • Isak Andic and family (position 1580, fashion retailer)

  • Sol Daurella (position 1580, Coca-Cola bottler)

  • Leopoldo Del Pino (position 1750, construction)

  • Juan López-Belmonte López and family (position 1750, pharmacists)

  • Fernando Roig (stand 1833, supermarkets)

  • Miguel Fluxa Rosselló (post 1931, hospitality)

  • Manuel Lao Hernández (post 1931, casinos)

  • Tomás Olivo López (post 1931, shopping centers)

  • Francisco José Riberas Mera (since 1931, steel and auto parts)

  • Juan María Riberas Mera (position 1931, steel and investments)

  • Alberto Cortina (position 2035, investments)

  • Alberto Palatchi (position 2035, wedding dresses)

  • Helena Revoredo (position 2035, security services)

  • Alberto Alcocer (position 2141, investments)

  • Gabriel Escarrer (stand 2378, hotel)

  • Antonio Gallardo Ballart (position 2524, pharmaceuticals)

  • Jorge Gallardo Ballart (position 2524, pharmaceuticals)

  • Carmen Daurella Aguilera (booth 2674, Coca-Cola bottler)

  • José Elías (position 2674, wind energy)

  • José Lladó Fernández-Urrutia (position 2674, construction)


Again, the telecommunications businessman Carlos Slim is the richest person in Mexico, and number 16 in the world, with a fortune of US $ 62.8 billion.

The other 12 Mexicans on the list are:

  • Germán Larrea Mota Velasco and family (position 61, mining)

  • Ricardo Salinas Pliego and family (position 166, retailers and media)

  • Alberto Bailleres González and family (position 255, mining)

  • Juan Francisco Beckmann Vidal and family (position 369, tequila)

  • María Asunción Aramburuzabala and family (position 476, beer)

  • Antonio Del Valle Ruiz and family (position 986, chemists)

  • Carlos Hank Rhon (position 1444, banks)

  • Roberto Hernández Ramírez (position 1664, banks)

  • Rufino Vigil González (position 1833, steel)

  • Fernando Chico Pardo (position 2141, airport management)

  • Alfredo Harp Helu and family (position 2378, benches)

  • David Peñaloza Alanis (position 2674, toll roads)


Ranked 74th in the world, Chile's richest person is Iris Fontbona, the widow of Andrónico Luksic, who built a mining and beverage empire before dying of cancer in 2005.

Another 7 Chileans make part of the Forbes list:

  • Julio Ponce Lerou (position 705, fertilizers)

  • Horst Paulmann and family (position 925, retail)

  • The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, and family (position 1064, investments)

  • Roberto Angelini Rossi (position 1580, forestry and mining sector)

  • Álvaro Saieh Bendeck (position 1750, banks)

  • Patricia Angelini Rossi (position 1931, forestry and mining sector)

  • Luis Enrique Yarur Rey (position 2263, banks)



The exclusive club of the 6 richest billionaires in the world


(Photo: HERWIG VERGULT / AFP via Getty Images)

Marcel Hermann Telles is the richest person in Brazil, with a fortune of US $ 11,500 million, ranked 191 in the world.

It is one of the majority shareholders of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest brewer, in which it owns a minority stake.

Also on the Forbes list of billionaires are 56 other Brazilians:

  • Jorge Moll Filho and family (position 194, hospitals)

  • Safra Brothers (position 358, banks)

  • Dulce Pugliese de Godoy Bueno (position 451, hospitals)

  • Alceu Elias Feldmann (position 520, fertilizers)

  • Luiza Helena Trajano (position 529, retail chain)

  • David Vélez (position 549, financial technology)

  • Luis Frías (position 622, mobile phone payments)

  • Andre Esteves (position 638, benches)

  • Candido Pinheiro Koren de Lima (booth 807, hospitals)

  • Franco Bittar García (position 859, retailers)

  • Pedro de Godoy Bueno (position 1008, health insurance)

  • Joesley Batista (position 1064, meat processing)

  • Wesley Batista (position 1064, meat processing)

  • Walter Faria (position 1064, beer)

  • Luciano Hang (booth 1174, shopping centers)

  • Guilherme Benchimol (position 1205, financial services)

  • Abilio dos Santos Diniz (position 1205, retailers)

  • José Luis Cutrale (position 1249, orange juice)

  • Pedro Moreira Salles (position 1249, banks and minerals)

  • Carlos Sánchez (position 1249, generic drugs)

  • André Street (booth 1249, financial technology)

  • Eduardo de Pontes (booth 1299, payment processing)

  • Fernando Roberto Moreira Salles (position 1362, banks and minerals)

  • Joao Moreira Salles (position 1362, banks and minerals)

  • Walther Moreira Salles Junior (position 1362, banks and minerals)

  • José Joao Abdalla Filho (position 1444, investments)

  • Miguel Krigsner (position 1444, cosmetics)

  • Rubens Menin Teixeira de Souza (post 1444, construction and banks)

  • Julio Bozano (position 1517, banks)

  • Fabricio Garcia (booth 1517, retail)

  • Flavia Bittar Garcia Faleiros

  • Joao Alves de Queiroz Filho (position 1664, pharmaceutical)

  • Ermirio Pereira de Moraes (position 1664, diversified)

  • Maria Helena Moraes Scripilliti (position 1664, diversified)

  • Joao Roberto Marinho (position 1750, media)

  • José Roberto Marinho (position 1750, media)

  • Roberto Irineu Marinho (position 1750, media)

  • Jorge Pinheiro Koren de Lima (position 1750, hospitals and health insurance)

  • Candido Pinheiro Koren de Lima Junior (position 1750, hospitals and health insurance)

  • David Feffer (post 1833, pulp and paper)

  • Alfredo Egydio Arruda Villela Filho (post 1931, banks)

  • Daniel Feffer (post 1931, pulp and paper)

  • Jorge Feffer (post 1931, cellulose and paper)

  • Rubén Feffer (post 1931, cellulose and paper)

  • Alexandre Grendene Bartelle (since 1931, shoes)

  • Rubens Ometto Silveira Mello (since 1931, sugar and ethanol)

  • Lirio Parisotto (position 2035, investments)

  • Fernando Trajano (position 2035, retailers)

  • Samuel Barata (position 2141, pharmacies)

  • Maurizio Billi (position 2141, generic drugs)

  • Ana Lucia de Mattos Barretto Villela (position 2141, benches)

  • Jayme Garfinkel (position 2141, insurer)

  • Guilherme Peirao Leal (position 2141, cosmetics)

  • Ilson Mateus (booth 2141, supermarkets)

  • Anne Werninghaus (booth 2524, industrial machines)

  • Maria Pinheiro (booth 2674, supermarkets)


(Photo: YURI CORTEZ / AFP via Getty Images)

The richest person in Colombia is businessman Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo, who amasses a fortune of US $ 11,000 million in the construction industry and banks, ranking 200 of the richest in the world.

In the country, he is followed by Carlos Ardila Lülle, with a fortune of US $ 2.3 billion forged in the sugary drinks sector and the media, in position 1362.


Marcos Galperin is the founder and CEO of the MercadoLibre e-commerce platform and, in position 440, he is the richest person in Argentina.

Other Argentine billionaires on the list are:

  • Paolo and Gianfelice Mario Rocca (booth 807, pipe manufacturing)

  • Gregorio Pérez Companc and family (position 1299, oil and gas)

  • Alberto Roemmers (position 1444, pharmacists)

  • Eduardo Eurnekian (position 2263, airports and investments)


: Kim Kardashian West is officially a billionaire, according to Forbes


Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor is the richest person in Peru, with a fortune of US $ 5.3 billion, ranking 529 in the world, according to the Forbes list.

He took the leadership of Banco Internacional del Peru when his father died and has invested his income in other businesses.

Also in Peru are the following billionaires:

  • Vito Rodríguez Rodríguez (position 2141, processed milk)

  • Ana María Brescia Cafferata (position 2263, mining and banks)

  • Eduardo Hochschild (position 2263, mining)

  • Eduardo Belmont Anderson (position 2524, cosmetic)

  • Jorge Rodríguez Rodríguez (position 2674, processed milk)


Alejandro Bulgheroni is the only Uruguayan who is part of the Forbes list of billionaires.

He and his brother, who died in 2016, took command of the Argentine energy company Bridas Corp, founded by his father in 1985.

It has a fortune of US $ 3.3 billion, and is ranked 925 in the world.


(MIGUEL RIOPA / AFP / Getty Images)

Juan Carlos Escotet is the founder of the Caracas-based banking group Banesco.

Ranking 956th in the world, Escotet has a fortune of US $ 3.2 billion.


Source: cnnespanol

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