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Amandine, tried for wanting to have her ex killed: "She told me that her son would be her alibi"


In this second week of his trial before the assizes of Seine-Saint-Denis, for having put a contract on the head of his ex-spouse pr

Amandine S. matured her criminal project "for a year".

Before the assizes of Seine-Saint-Denis this Wednesday morning, the young woman, tried for having ordered the assassination of her ex-spouse presented as violent, explained the genesis of his criminal project which left his victim in a wheelchair after an ambush in the forest of Bondy.

"When I told Jimmy that it was over, he threatened me", justified the young woman of 34 years behind the glass of her box.

“I lived in fear.

Taking his life away was the easiest solution.


The president asks her why she does not appeal to "associations" or "justice".

"It's very hard to come to terms with and say to yourself that you are a battered woman," Amandine replies, crying.

“I think it was because I was ashamed.

[…] I was lost.

The president ticks: "But yet, you spent your time complaining about Jimmy's violence to those around you ..."

Little by little, Amandine is opening up to those close to him about her inclinations to put an end to him for good.

But no one would have taken her seriously.

“People did not see, did not believe that I would be capable of it,” says Amandine.

However, she had set aside 5,000 euros, officially to redo her bathroom.

In reality, she was saving in order to put a contract on the head of her son's father.

"He told me he was a former policeman"

The project would have materialized in mid-July 2017 - a month and a half before the events - during a barbecue at Jérémie S., Amandine's brother.

Among the guests, Julien M., whom Amandine meets for the first time.

“I told him openly about my desire to kill Jimmy.

I was at the end of the line.

It was like a cry of distress.

Julien replies that he "has someone to impress him".

“A few days” later, Amandine and Jonathan R. meet.

"I tell him that there are three solutions: lodge a complaint, hit him or harm his life", launches Jonathan R. bluntly in the box.


The intriguing profile of the intermediary, Jonathan R.

The young man knows a man ready to do the job.

He offers a contract at 15,000 euros, which will drop to 10,000 euros after "a flirtation" with Amandine.

That evening, the mother finds him "very reassuring".

“He had the right words.

He told me that he was a former policeman… "" How did his quality as a policeman reassure you?

», Asks the president.

"On the fact that if I took action, nothing would happen to me," Amandine replies without batting an eyelid.

"Maybe I was naive"

On the sequel, the version of the two protagonists diverges.

Amandine assures us that she did not feel "capable of taking action", but that she would have been pushed to do so by Jonathan.

“He called me back several times telling me the shooter needed the money.

I felt blocked.


Jonathan, he considers to have been "instrumentalized" by Amandine, determined to eliminate his ex.

“Each time, she described very violent situations to me, she was in tears, she was short of breath.

[…] It was the repetition of seeing her in these impossible states that pushed me.

For me, she was in real danger of death […] Maybe I was naive.



"In his stroller, my son cried: Daddy!"

: account of a Machiavellian assassination project in Bondy forest

At the end of July, Jonathan meets Amandine in the parking lot of a supermarket.

“He took me to the scene.

He described to me everything that was to happen on the evening of August 26 [the evening of the events], ”Amandine recounts in a calm voice.

Then she collapses in her cubicle: “Jonathan told me that if my son was there, it would be the best scenario.


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The president asks her why she took her son to witness his father's assassination.

“I was lost.

I am unforgivable, ”replies the accused.

Jonathan, for his part, claims to have advised him otherwise.

“I told her not to take her.

But she explained to me that her son was her strength.

She said to me:

What mother would be stupid enough to take her son to see his father get shot?

Basically, she told me he would be her alibi.


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