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Coronavirus disease. Latest|Add 10 cases, 8 inputs, 5 cases from the Philippines and one case without source


The new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong has rebounded. There were 8 new confirmed cases yesterday (7th), and 2 local cases were of unknown source of infection. The two lived in Block 3, Ai Fai House, Yau Oi Village, Tuen Mun and King Fu House, Mountain View Village. Another preliminary

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Written by: Ouyang Dehao, Wang Jien, Zhang Jiamin, Zhong Yan, Zhu Haiqi, Zheng Cuibi, Leung Huanmin, gold chess, Zheng Qiuling, Hu Jiaxin, Chen Shuxia, Huang Yong, Yulin, Yingxian, and Chen Jiahui

2021-04-08 08:00

Last update date: 2021-04-08 14:16

The new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong has rebounded. There were 8 new confirmed cases yesterday (7th), and 2 local cases were of unknown source of infection. The two lived in Block 3, Ai Fai House, Yau Oi Village, Tuen Mun and King Fu House, Mountain View Village. Another preliminary confirmed patient is also on the other floor of Block 3 of Aihui Building. The patient rarely goes out and is expected to be diagnosed today.

In the Tuen Mun serial outbreak, Zhang Zhujun, director of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Centre for Health Protection, did not rule out the invisible transmission chain in the area.

[12:00] According to the news, about 10 cases were added today, including one case of unknown origin.

The hunger strike in four industries ends, the industry hopes to resume business and receive compensation, officials say it depends on the trend of the epidemic

[10:30] Four industries, including bars and mahjong halls, have ended their hunger strikes for resumption of business. Some participants expressed that they are happy to be able to meet with government officials. At the meeting, the industry asked the authorities to approve the resumption of business and compensation as soon as possible. Then "one size fits all" ordering the industry to shut down completely.

However, the industry revealed that government officials did not make any promises at the meeting, and only stated that the resumption of business depends on the trend of the epidemic.

AstraZeneca vaccine│increases the risk of cerebral thrombosis Xu Shuchang and Cui Junming suggest the government to purchase Johnson & Johnson

[10:00] The vaccine jointly developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca, which Hong Kong intends to purchase, has been established by the European Medicines Agency to be related to cases of cerebral thrombosis.

Government expert Xu Shuchang and President of the Institute of Pharmacists Cui Junming respectively suggested that the government abandon or reduce the purchase of the AstraZeneca vaccine and switch to the one-dose US Johnson & Johnson vaccine. They also pointed out that the vaccine’s protection rate against the South African variant virus was as high as 50%.

He mentioned that the cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis among vaccinators are concentrated in young European women. It is estimated that local women take contraceptives because the drug itself may cause blood clots.

Cui Junming pointed out that the Hong Kong government has signed an agreement with AstraZeneca earlier that it may be necessary to purchase a certain amount of vaccines. It is recommended that the government significantly reduce the number from 7.5 million doses to halve to avoid waste. "Hong Kong citizens (negative reports) are sensitive to You may not want to be vaccinated with any side effects.” I believe that the government should not only rely on the existing Kexing and Fubitai vaccines. For example, the previous Fubitai vaccine had packaging problems and could only rely on the Kexing vaccine, which is risky to the Hong Kong vaccination plan. .

New crown pneumonia | Xu Shuchang: the Philippines should be banned from arriving, but Hong Kong people have demand for foreign domestic helpers

[09:30] The fourth wave of the epidemic in Hong Kong is stable, and most of the confirmed cases are imported cases.

Government expert Xu Shuchang believes that in terms of epidemic prevention, Philippine flights should be banned from arriving in Hong Kong. However, the government needs to take into account the needs of Hong Kong people for foreign domestic helpers, and believes that the government may also consider allowing Filipino domestic helpers who have been vaccinated against the new crown to enter Hong Kong.

As for whether only vaccinated Filipino domestic helpers should be allowed to arrive in Hong Kong.

Xu Shuchang said that the virus may still infect others after the injection. "The virus is a variant virus that is so tight that it may not be covered by the injection. It is better to be beaten than not to be beaten at all."

He also believes that the Hospital Authority and residential care homes for the elderly can relax visits by vaccinators. Visitors need to undergo a quick test 14 days after the two injections, and they must wear a mask and maintain hand hygiene.

▼April 7th Haw Par Villa Open Day is crowded with visitors▼ 




Interview|Kong Fanyi: Stroke deaths are only highlighted because of the vaccine program. At least 3 million people are expected to receive injections

[08:00] Vaccination competitions are launched all over the world, and the higher the coverage rate, the more attention it will receive.

The new crown vaccination program in Hong Kong has started for nearly a month and a half. More than 510,000 people have received the first dose of the vaccine, accounting for nearly 8% of the target population. During this period, 15 people died and about 10 people suffered from facial paralysis.

Hong Fanyi, a clinical professor in the Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, jumped into Tamar to help promote vaccination from universities and hospitals. He felt that the public had more worries about vaccines than before the vaccination plan, but he was not discouraged and believed that time could prove the safety of vaccines. , I believe that the current vaccination rate is good, and the vaccination rate will increase after the Fubitai vaccination is resumed. It is expected that half of the adults, at least 3 million people will receive the injection in July.

The vaccination rate in Hong Kong is slower than that of Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, which started at the same time.

(Our World in Data website)

Interview|The University of Hong Kong's "Gou Needle" Research Recruits 100 People Today, Kong Fanyi's Antibody High Fubitai 20%

[08:00] The new crown vaccine needs to be injected with two injections of the same type. The "groove needle" study that has attracted attention earlier today (8th) officially began to recruit 100 citizens to participate. They will first be injected with the BioNTech vaccine, 28 Kexing vaccine will be given in the future.

In an interview with "Hong Kong 01", the project leader and clinical professor of the Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, Kong Fanyi estimated that the median antibody level of "Gou Needle" would be 20% higher than that of two doses of Fubitai vaccine, and the side effects would be Low, hope that citizens who are worried about the side effects of the vaccine will no longer be deterred, so as to increase the number of vaccinations. It is expected that the participants will have preliminary data half a year after the injections. After the results are published in authoritative medical journals, ordinary citizens can be advised to "ditch injections."

Confirmed building restaurant | 7 restaurants added to the list in recent months, 3 patients have visited Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui

[23:58] The new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong has rebounded. The Centre for Health Protection announced yesterday (7th) that there were 8 new confirmed cases, 2 of which were at no source. They were located in Block 3, Ai Fai Building, You Oi Village, Tuen Mun. Jingfu Building (High Block), Menshanshan Village.

Today, 7 new restaurants were added to the list, mainly located in Tuen Mun and Central, including Tuen Mun Parklane Plaza Star Golden Court Seafood Restaurant, Aiding Mall HANDS’s classic kitchen, Choi Jing Heen, and Green Restaurant; Central’s Café de Coral , Wannian Building, Grand Happy, Stanley Street 21 Church.

However, when the reporter visited the site this afternoon, it was found that Caijingxuan had closed its business on the 24th of last month.

A middle-aged patient working on the 14th floor of Wheelock House in Central also reported that they went to Toys R Us at Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui on April 3. According to the Center for Health Protection, a total of 3 people had visited Ocean Terminal in recent months, and the other two were separated. It belongs to the famous Chaozhou restaurant and URSUS Fitness group.

▼A list of the whereabouts of a 41-year-old man with an unknown source of infection confirmed on April 7▼




▼A list of the whereabouts of a 71-year-old woman with unknown source of infection confirmed on April 7▼

▼4.7 Fubitai vaccination resumes on the 3rd day, Wan Chai Queen Elizabeth Stadium▼

▼The patient's residence and whereabouts on April 7▼

▼4.6 Trash on Donglong Island on the last day of Easter Holiday▼




▼4.6 Citizens sunbathe in Repulse Bay on the last day of Easter Holiday▼




Yesterday's overview: new coronary pneumonia.

4.7|Two local cases have rebounded and the source of infection is unknown

3 residents of Youai Village, Shanjing Village, Tuen Mun diagnosed or initially diagnosed with Zhang Zhujun: Invisible transmission may exist in the area

Compulsory testing for each one in Youai Village, Mountain View Village

The man who was diagnosed with the Mong Kok Sino Center bought a large number of games on Saturday last Saturday

Tuen Mun Explosion | Two residents of Ai Fai Building were infected with the source of the disease, residents said that some people abandoned mask

Singing and dancing group|Birthday Party of 100 people held by Tsim Sha Tsui Baku Club

Three people went to the wrong venue to beat Kexing in a group of three to change the fight against Bitai. The government announced and apologized after a week

68-year-old woman died at the end of last month, 26 days before her death

New Crown Vaccine | 8 people were sent to hospital after injections, two women need to be hospitalized 38-year-old man fainted after recovering Bitai

Fubitai|Hundreds of people outside the Iraqi pavilion waited for injections and queued for two hours. Citizens: Three questions from staff for injection

Nie Dequan points out that Fubitai has a limited supply of injections. Xu Shuchang explains the painting as soon as possible.

New Coronary Pneumonia | Half of the 6 imported cases involved the variant virus, a total of 178 cases containing the N501Y virus strain

Many cases in the Philippines and India have both variant viruses. He Boliang describes "double high risk" and should be banned from flying

Quarantine fees have long caused local Filipino domestic helpers to bid high prices. Intermediaries worry about the deterioration of the no-fly situation: wages may rise to 8,000

The Philippine Domestic Helper Virus Tests or Problems Existing Association will discuss with the Philippine consul to discuss the helper's fight before arriving in Hong Kong

2000 Vaccination Center to the Tourism Industry Receives Over 4000 Applications in Half a Day: The response exceeds expectations


Coronavirus disease.

4.6|An increase of 7 confirmed cases of unknown origin, a total of 500,000 people have been vaccinated

Coronavirus disease.

4.5│Six confirmed cases were not sent to hospital at home

Coronavirus disease.

4.4|17 confirmed cases of first nosocomial infection in Pok Oi Hospital at least in the past two weeks

Coronavirus disease

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