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Residents in Shenzhen oppose the "Super Funeral City" in Shaling. Villagers welcome: Improve the infrastructure in the area


The Hong Kong government is starting to build a "super funeral city" in Shaling, Henan, Shenzhen. It is expected to be completed in 2022. It is only separated from Shenzhen Luohu by a river, causing criticism from Shenzhen residents.

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Written by: Ouyang Dehao

2021-04-11 21:46

Last update date: 2021-04-11 21:47

The Hong Kong government is starting to build a "super funeral city" in Shaling, Henan, Shenzhen. It is expected to be completed in 2022. It is only separated from Shenzhen Luohu by a river, which has aroused criticism from Shenzhen residents.

The reporter visited the Shaling area today (11th) and found that the site had progressed to the land leveling project. It was visually observed that the site was only a few hundred meters away from the building in Shenzhen.

Although the traditional concept believes that the cemetery is not auspicious, some residents of Shaling Village are in favor of the construction of a "super funeral city", believing that its completion will drive the development of the area, such as transportation facilities and road infrastructure in the village.

However, the villagers said frankly that because the population of the village is not the original inhabitants, "Our village has no political value for use, and there are some appeals that cannot be reflected." There are also citizens who go to Shaling to sweep the graves and agree with the necessity of the funeral city. People also need a place to live in peace. "Those who are born must live, and those who die must live."

Most of the hill on the site has been leveled off

The "Super Funeral City" in Shaling has recently aroused heated discussions among the public, and mainland YouTubers have criticized the Hong Kong government for not considering the feelings of Shenzhen people.

The reporter visited the Shaling area today and found that the Shaling "Super Funeral City" project has been carried out in full swing. The road leading to the site is being excavated and repaired. Most of the hill on which the site is located has been flattened, and the retaining wall has been completed on the slope. There are more dump trucks and excavators parked, and it can be inferred that land leveling works are in progress.

And the bustling city of Luohu District in Shenzhen is only separated by a Shenzhen River, just like Tsim Sha Tsui on the other side of the Central Ring, but the development is worlds apart. It is only about 600 meters away from Luohu Commercial City. Shenzhen residents can look forward to the "Super Funeral City". ".

It is understood that the plan for the "Super Funeral City" in Shaling was proposed in 2012 and is expected to be completed in 2022 to provide Hong Kong people with a "through-train" funeral service.

By then, there will be more than 200,000 columbarium niches, 10 remains incinerators, morgues, funeral homes and cemeteries, which can provide 178,000 cremation services each year.

Resident Mr. Huang supports the construction of a "super funeral city" and believes that the completion of the district will promote the development of the area, such as transportation facilities and road infrastructure in the village.

(Photo by Zheng Zifeng)

Villagers: Traffic schedules are expected to increase

Shaling Village is located at the intersection of the "Super Funeral City." What are the views of the villagers?

Mr. Wong, who has lived for 30 years, holds a positive attitude. He believes that the completion of the "Super Funeral City" will drive the development of the area. For example, the government will build a roundabout and a bus station nearby. It is expected that the traffic frequency will be increased.

He is not worried about traffic congestion on Ching Ming Festival or Double Ninth Festival, but instead criticizes that cross-border container trucks will cause more trouble.

Huang said that the development of Shaling Village has stagnated in the past few decades, and the government has not paid attention to it. For example, the roads in the village have been in disrepair and flooded when there is a heavy rain. I believe that after the government promotes large-scale projects, it will improve the infrastructure in the area.

He revealed that in the past, the environment in the district was not good. "There used to be a septic tank, and it might have to be stirred to separate the feces. The odor was so great that it had a bad smell a few years ago."




At the same time, there have been many cemeteries and mass graves in the Shaling area in the past. Mr. Huang said that he was used to it. The road is currently undergoing renovation works. According to the regulations of the Government Planning Department, the area next to the water pipe cannot be developed. Therefore, I am not worried that the government may reopen the land in the future.

The reporter checked the information and found that the Dongjiang water pipe of the Fanling Golf Course was also hindering the development. If the government relocated the water pipe, it would cost about 300 million yuan in public money.

Although his attitude towards the "Super Funeral City" is positive, Mr. Huang is not without complaints. "Our village has no use value in politics. We are not a representative of the village, and there are no complaints." He took the mailbox as an example. , Refers to many villagers of the older generation who have passed away or moved away, but the newly moved villagers suffer from not having a mailbox available.

Although I contacted the relevant government departments to deal with it, I only got a reply, saying that the mailbox could not be rebuilt because the owner could not be found.

He reluctantly said: "You are careful and don't actively participate in the construction, and you don't know how to get it when you move in. It seems that I applied for all the street lights."

"Super Funeral City" can imitate Pengyingxianguan as a tourist attraction

The owner of a store in the village did not resist the construction of a funeral city, "I am opposed to what is going to be a burial city. When a small bean chicken is born, it is a cemetery. The whole thing is good for everyone! Even if you are old for a hundred years, it is easy to find a place. Hey, Yijia’s line is not in place. What is the impact of your words?” He pointed out that due to the shortage of facilities in Hong Kong to house the remains, the illegal columbarium has an opportunity to take advantage of. He believes that the funeral city can follow the example of Pengyingxianguan and become a tourist attraction.

He even criticized the society for attaching importance to the value of the place today, and criticized the development of Shaling. "If you use it, you will be rubbish, and if you use it, it will be expensive!"

"Those who are born must live, and those who die must live"

Soon after the Ching Ming Festival, there were still filial sons and grandchildren who visited the graveyard in Shaling to sweep the graves. Among them, Ms. Liang also agreed to build a "super funeral city."

She pointed out that the ancestors also needed a place to live. Increasing supply can help lower prices and shorten the waiting time. "The living must live, and the dead must live."

Earlier, members of the Legislative Council criticized the government for misplanning on the radio, saying that the site would be the center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The land should be used to develop the economy. The government urged the government to reduce the scale of the "funeral city" and "break up" the facilities Expand existing facilities or move to uninhabited islands.

[Fleeing Offenders Regulations] The police allege that the cause of death of the remains of the Shaling Cemetery is certified and approved that someone deprives the deceased of dignity

Chen Zhaoshi said that in the future, facilities for placing aborted fetuses will be provided in Cape Collinson, Shimen and Shaling

Over the past three years, more than a thousand people have been buried in the sand ridges as lone souls and kindhearted people to help the helpless elders manage their mourning and hope and enter the land for peace

The livestock industry applies for the construction of a "fresh warehouse" in Shaling, involving 230,000 square feet of green farmland into brown land


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