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Office workers fear layoffs when encountering physical alarms, and take gastrointestinal endoscopy to reflect normal consultations in psychiatry, reveal the truth


Mr. Zhang is an office worker who works in an office. Because he often has "neck pain", the first thing he does after returning home must be sitting on a massage chair so that his muscles can slowly relax . In the nearest

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Written by: 01 Medical Clinic

2021-04-13 08:00

Last update date: 2021-04-13 08:00

Mr. Zhang is an office worker who works in an office. Because he often has "neck pain", the first thing he does after returning home must be sitting on a massage chair so that his muscles can slowly relax .

In the last three months, the company's business has been quiet, and in the face of the crisis of layoffs, he is also very anxious every day.

He is the backbone of the family's economy. If he loses his job, his family may fall into financial difficulties.

His children's tuition, family expenses, and housing contributions... all kinds of expenses also made him worry about sleep and food.

He still sat on the massage chair after returning home from get off work, but even after sitting for half an hour, an hour, or even longer, he couldn't relax well. Later, he developed gastrointestinal discomfort and breathing difficulties.

Written by: Liu Yucheng, Associate Consultant, School of Mental Health, Castle Peak Hospital

Mr. Zhang thought he was seriously ill, so he went to the family doctor's clinic for a checkup, took blood, got an electrocardiogram, and also underwent colonoscopy and gastroscopy.

The doctor said that his physical function was normal and could not explain his physical discomfort, and suspected that these symptoms were caused by his negative emotions, so he referred him to the psychiatric clinic.

The above situation is very common. Many patients have been unable to find the source of the disease after completing a full-body examination, but later found that it was caused by stress.

In fact, our emotional and physical reactions are closely related. Stress will cause the body to secrete cortisol, which originally helps the body to respond to stress. For example, our blood pressure will increase, our heartbeat will increase, our appetite will decrease, and muscle tone will increase. And so on, the purpose is to help the body enter a state of alert, to overcome challenges or defeat and escape (fight-or-flight response), but this kind of nervous emotion may magnify our daily small problems, such as enhancing the feeling of pain and Upset stomach.

Therefore, if we want to prescribe the right medicine, we must first deal with stress and emotional response. Otherwise, it will often only treat the symptoms but not the root cause.

"Hong Kong 01" "01 Medical Clinic" cooperated with the School of Mental Health of Castle Peak Hospital to publish a column written by medical staff every other Tuesday.

To "clear" is to let the water stand still, let the water settle, and then become clear.

May you calmly savour every little story, see the small knowledge, understand the heart of yourself and others, and see things and emotions more clearly.

See clearly, know how to cherish, I hope this column can soothe your emotional waves and enjoy the peace of the years.

I hope you can share this experience with the people you care about, so that you can have one more partner on the road to a better life.

The details of the story have been modified to protect patient privacy.

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Xin Cheng 01 Medical Clinic Castle Peak Hospital

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