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Spahn surprisingly attacked journalists in a press conference: "I don't understand"


Did Germany get through the Easter holidays well on Corona issues? Health Minister Jens Spahn and RKI boss Lothar Wieler respond in a joint press conference.

Did Germany get through the Easter holidays well on Corona issues?

Health Minister Jens Spahn and RKI boss Lothar Wieler respond in a joint press conference.

  • The (RKI) * hesitates in interpreting the corona numbers * for Germany * - the reason is the Easter holidays.

  • RKI boss Lothar Wieler describes the pandemic situation as "very, very serious"

    (see update from April 9th, 10.18am)


  • Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) considers consistent and, if possible, nationwide measures to be necessary

    (see update from April 9th, 10.09 a.m.)


  • This news ticker on the corona pandemic in Germany is updated regularly.

Update from April 9, 10:31 a.m

.: Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) and RKI President Lothar Wieler informed about the Corona situation in Germany in a joint PK this Friday.

The most important points:

  • The RKI expects more reliable corona data again from the middle of next week.

    Tests and reports were delayed over Easter.

  • Wieler emphasized that there was sufficient additional data that would provide information about the actual situation.

  • The institute continues to classify the corona situation as "very, very serious".

  • More and more younger people are being treated in hospitals for severe respiratory infections.

  • According to Wieler, the intensive care units are filling up rapidly.

  • The RKI boss criticized regional easing despite the high number of cases: "In some regions, seven-day incidences are currently being eased by 100".

    At first he did not say which regions his criticism relates to.

Update from April 9, 11:19 a.m

.: What does Spahn mean by nationwide measures?

What exactly is wanted?

His answer to the Corona-PK is a swipe at some country bosses: "It would be a value in itself if the agreed emergency brake were implemented consistently." The "instrument box" of the past MPK would "only have to be used".

So no tightening?

"Shut everything down once for two or three weeks - like Easter 2020, that would have been perfect," replies Spahn.

And then loosen up in retail and outdoor catering.

Spahn comes to speak of critics who would complain that the Corona situation "is like 12 months ago".

He gestures.

"This time we can give a test-based opening perspective, and with the vaccinations we can give it a completely different one."


Health Minister Jens Spahn (r.) And RKI boss Lothar Wieler leave the Federal Press Conference building in Berlin.

© Kay Nietfeld / dpa

Update from April 9, 11.12 a.m

.: Spahn


a journalist not only to look at the number of intensive care beds occupied.

Many Covid 19 patients are not only lying there, but also on the other wards.

“They have to be isolated because they are infectious”.

An additional burden for the clinic employees.

“Training intensive nurses cannot be done in six months,” Spahn continues.

Germany has as many of them as few other countries - but not “infinitely”.

These people shouldn't be worn out.

There should be no mood that Germany "has even more personnel problems after the pandemic".

Corona situation in Germany: Wieler advocates “massive” restrictions on mobility

Update from April 9, 11:03 a.m

.: The topic of changing the Infection Protection Act comes up.

Spahn sounds impatient.

“I think we've been discussing how for days now.

But when is more important! ”A federal regulation cannot be passed in 24 hours.

Legislation takes a few days.

He himself would be for the fastest option because the current Corona situation reminds him of last October.

A change to the Infection Protection Act would be "fundamental", says Spahn.

"But currently an option that needs to be discussed."

Update from April 9, 10:57 a.m

.: Which measures are part of a successful lockdown - and how long would it have to take?

Wieler answers the question.

He finds a “massive” restriction in mobility crucial.

"Most modelers speak of a period of two to five weeks."

Update from April 9, 10:45 a.m

.: How important are corona tests in companies?

“This has a value in terms of the number of unreported cases,” replies Wieler.

However, if the incidence increases, companies will have to close again.

"We cannot test the virus away".

The protective and preventive measures are decisive.

The number of unreported cases is not influenced by rapid tests or self-tests, which are not as reliable as PCR tests.

"They are just one more tool."

Update from April 9, 10:39 a.m

.: A journalist question obviously annoys Spahn.

It's about whether the doctor's practices should receive less vaccine from Biontech and more from Astrazeneca - possibly in favor of the vaccination centers.

Spahn verbally hits the table *: "I said here a week ago that Astrazeneca will go to the doctor's office from mid-April".

Currently it is only the Biontech vaccine.

"I don't get all the fuss," he continued.

There is no “less delivery from mid-April”, but just a different vaccine.

“I would like to point out that there may be changes in terms of deliveries in the coming weeks.

We don't need a ticker entry every time 5000 cans are delivered at the end of the week instead of the beginning of the week.

The specified delivery quantities are only forecasts and not fixed dates, which of course could differ.

Corona vaccine middleman?

Spahn: "Order only from the manufacturers themselves"

Update from April 9, 10:31 a.m

.: A ZDF journalist speaks about evidence that

middlemen sell

corona vaccines at higher prices.

Was that known to Spahn?

The Minister of Health approves such offers.

"This creates a gold rush atmosphere," he says - but emphasizes: "We as a federal government procure exclusively from the manufacturers themselves."

Update from April 9, 10:27 a.m

.: Now the journalists' inquiries come.

Are you planning to financially support self-tests for private individuals?

“Not at the moment,” replies Spahn, referring to the market situation with the providers.


That can be different in two or four weeks. "

RKI boss Wieler at PK with Spahn: "Please also accept a corona vaccination offer!"

Update from April 9, 10:21 a.m

.: Under these conditions, relaxations did not mean that people would be exposed to a lower risk of infection, continues Wieler.

Rather, the responsibility is placed on those working in the health care system.

"If you get a vaccination offer, please accept it too!" Wieler insists.

Update from April 9, 10.18

a.m .: "The third wave triggered B.1.1.7 - nothing has changed in that regard in the past few weeks", Wieler begins his Corona update.

It will take time before the vaccinations show an effect on the population.

"Every infection that we prevent together is a success," he continues to urge people to be disciplined.

"The incidence is not as reliable as we would like it to be".

There were fewer doctor visits and tests over the holidays.


RKI boss Lothar Wieler and Health Minister Jens Spahn (r.)

© Kay Nietfeld / dpa

Corona-PK with Spahn and Wieler: Age of intensive care patients is falling

Of many factors for assessing the situation, the most decisive factor is the situation in the hospitals.

There the development is "unfortunately very, very serious," said Wieler.

More and more people would be admitted with Covid-19 - and they would get younger.

Among the 35 to 49 year olds, the numbers have risen sharply.

The age of intensive care patients is also falling.

This was shown by a data analysis at 70 German hospitals.

Update from April 9th, 10:11 am

: They now want to distribute a million doses of Covid-19 vaccine per week to the doctor's offices, explains Spahn, after he has announced a current vaccination record - but restricts: "It is not every day now set a new record. " 

Update from April 9, 10:09 a.m

.: Spahn advocates uniform nationwide corona measures.

He would actually find an MPK the “right format” for this.

However, referring to recent statements by Berlin Mayor Michael Müller, he criticizes that a “brief consultation” is not enough: “I can only wonder about some of the statements made these days.” The parties should “shut down” their dispute.

Consistent and, if possible, nationwide measures are needed.

Update from April 9th, 10:04 am

: The Corona PK with Spahn and Wieler has started, the journalists present must wear mouth and nose protection.

Spahn begins with the new infections - "there are, to put it very clearly, too many".

In addition, they “most likely” do not reflect the true infection process

(see initial



He currently refers to almost 4,000 intensive care patients in Germany.

"We mustn't wait until the clinics are overloaded".

This is all the more true because of the more contagious mutation B.1.1.7.

RKI reports current figures for Germany - first PK with Spahn after Easter

Berlin - The MPK with Merkel should probably be postponed - but not the regular Corona briefing with Lothar Wieler and Jens Spahn.

Also on this Friday, the RKI boss and the CDU health minister will appear in front of the capital's press.

The appointment is set for 10 a.m.

The debate about the Corona course continues hours beforehand - in which appointment finding now plays a bigger role.

Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller is expecting “at best a short consultation” next Monday.

Extensive federal-state consultations with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) were originally planned for April 12th.

In the Prime Minister's Conference (MPK), whose chairman Müller is currently.

But the SPD politician said on Friday morning in the ZDF “Morgenmagazin” about the reasons for a MPK postponement, among other things: “It is also not yet sufficiently clear what considerations from the Chancellery should really mean, a short, hard lockdown.”

RKI reports current corona numbers for Germany - but does not want to evaluate them for a few days

Meanwhile, the nationwide 7-day incidence in Germany on this Friday is 110.4 (previous day: 105.7).

In addition, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)


25,464 new corona infections and 296 other deaths with or from Covid-19 in

the morning

(as of 4.55 a.m.)


Exactly a week ago, the authority had recorded 21,888 new infections and 232 more deaths within one day.

The 7-day incidence is an essential measure for tightening and loosening restrictions.

In February it had meanwhile fallen below 60, and before Easter it was higher than 130 again. In the past few days, the value had declined - but the RKI pointed out to its interpretation that fewer tests were carried out around the Easter days.

"The values ​​can only be evaluated in a few days," writes the RKI.

(dpa / AFP / frs)

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