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The attrition rate of HA doctors drops to 3.9%, and OT fees increase to 300 million 100,000 per capita|Special Accounting


The Food and Health Bureau responded to legislators’ written questions on the special meeting of the Finance Committee. The document shows that due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of service users of the Hospital Authority has dropped significantly, such as the number of visits to specialist outpatient clinics.

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Written by: Zheng Cuibi

2021-04-14 07:30

Last update date: 2021-04-14 07:30

The Food and Health Bureau responded to legislators' written questions on the special meeting of the Finance Committee. The document shows that due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of service users of the Hospital Authority has dropped drastically.

The wastage rate of doctors in the Hospital Authority has also dropped from 5.4% in the previous year to 3.9%.

Under the influence of the epidemic, doctors’ overtime allowance expenses have increased, from 260 million yuan in the previous year to 300 million yuan last year. On average, each doctor receives an “OT fee” of 100,000 yuan.

Medical staff in public hospitals.

(Photo/Photo by Ou Jiale)

The average OT fee per nurse is nearly 25,000

According to the document, in 2020/21, more than 3,000 doctors in the HA will receive a total of 300 million yuan in special gratuity plan allowances and overtime compensation, with an average of about 100,000 yuan per person, compared to more than 3,500 in the previous year A doctor only has nearly 260 million yuan in "OT fees", which means that the average person has about 73,000 yuan, which is 37% more.

Last year, more than 8,500 nurses received 210 million yuan; 12,000 nurses received 280 million yuan the year before. Last year, the overtime pay for each nurse also increased by nearly 1,400 yuan to 24,705 yuan.

Medical staff in public hospitals.

(Information Picture / Photo by Gao Zhongming)

237 full-time doctors left the Kowloon Central Network accounted for 22%

In 2019/20, the overall doctor attrition rate was 5.4%, but in 20/21 (temporarily calculated from January 1, 2020 to December 31), it dropped to 3.9%. When the center of the thoracic and lung surgery department did not leave, no one left. Compared with the previous year's 4.9%, it has dropped significantly.

However, 52 doctors left their jobs in the Kowloon Chinese Hospital Cluster, which is the highest among the seven hospital clusters. Among them, 22 have served 21 years or more in the Hospital Authority, and 13 have a service experience ranging from 11 to 16 years. between.

Among the 52 doctors, 9 are from family medicine, 9 are from internal medicine, and 8 are from pediatrics.

According to the Hospital Authority, the attrition rate of doctors is 3.9%, which is equivalent to 237 full-time doctors. The Hospital Authority plans to hire about 480 doctors this year.

As of December 31 last year, there were 588 part-time doctors in the HA, who provided services equivalent to about 215 full-time doctors.

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The number of new cases in specialist outpatient clinics has been reduced by nearly 30%

The number of new cases in the Hospital Authority's specialist outpatient clinics dropped from 770,000 in 19/20 to 550,000 last year, a year-on-year decrease of 28.6%; and the number of visits to old cases dropped from more than 6.8 million to less than 5 million.

The number of psychiatric outpatient visits decreased from 900,000 in 19/20 to 670,000 last year.

The Hospital Authority said that due to the new crown epidemic, the Hospital Authority has strengthened infection control and adjusted its services, so the service volume may decrease.

The epidemic has also affected blood donation activities.

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The medical voucher application was about 20% younger than the previous year

In addition, the epidemic also has an impact on blood donation activities. In 20/21, the total blood collection volume is more than 150,000 packs, compared with more than 220,000 packs in 19/20 and more than 210,000 packs in 18/19, a significant decrease of 7 Wanbao or 30%.

The document mentioned that the decline in blood collection in 2020 was due to the outbreak of the epidemic, which affected the scheduled blood collection activities.

In 2020, the amount of medical vouchers claimed was 2.1 billion, compared with 2.6 billion in 2019 and 2.8 billion in 2018. In other words, the amount of claims has been decreasing in the past 3 years, but it dropped 500 million last year. yuan.

The most significant decrease is in Western medicine services. Last year, only 900 million yuan of medical vouchers were used for Western medicine, which was less than 1.2 billion yuan in the previous year. In addition, for optometrist services, the amount applied for was also more than 400 million yuan in the previous year. Reduced to more than 200 million yuan last year.

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