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The situation in the morning - stomach vibrators from Bavaria


Markus Söder rejects a quick decision in the candidate duel. Russia should save the nuclear deal with Iran. And the trial against right-wing terrorist group S begins in Stuttgart. That is the situation on Tuesday morning.

Söder's rejection

For a moment it sounded as if the Chancellor was already talking.

"My position is clear," said Armin Laschet.

"I want a modern Germany." Then he spoke about

climate change


educational justice

and the

destructive power of the AfD


He would, said Laschet, commit himself with a "European commitment" in the coming weeks.

No candidate spoke, a statesman spoke.

Enlarge image

Markus Söder

Photo: Peter Kneffel / dpa

For a moment it seemed as if Armin Laschet had fought his way out of his personal depression, out of malice, the tearfulness, out of the survey depression.

Before that, the important bodies of his party, the

presidium and the board of directors, had caressed his soul


The majority of them spoke out in favor of him.

Armin Laschet, ennobled him by Wolfgang Schäuble, bring everything with him to face the challenges of a candidate for chancellor.

Laschet announced at his press conference that he will be on the phone with Markus Söder today.

For a moment he actually believed the die had been cast.

A few hours later the transport

from Munich

, wrapped in whispering words.

He appreciates Armin Laschet very much, says Söder at his press conference, in order to give the praised person a stomach-wrench in the same breath.

"It usually is," he said.

"When the party executive makes a decision, there is a euphoric mood at the grassroots level."

In any case, there was no decision with him "in the quick-start process," said Söder, he wanted to look at everything first, and a decision could then be made by the end of the week.

What was that?

One who cannot let go of the claim to power?

It is clear that Markus Söder can hardly win anymore.

It is unimaginable that the CDU should push its newly elected chairman from the throne, it would be the true destruction of the CDU that the YouTuber Rezo had once conjured up.

But it is also clear that Söder has little to lose.

In surveys he is unmatchable, in Bavaria he has a royal aura, nobody there would take it against him if he stayed.

But on the contrary.

Enlarge image

Armin Laschet

Photo: Sean Gallup / POOL / EPA

So Söder can,

in the next few days, give a voice to those who are very concerned about the party, who are facing the loss of the Chancellery and possibly their mandate in the Bundestag, who have their massive doubts about Laschet,

without loss of reputation


Söder can reveal how torn and divided the CDU is.

For him, it would be the satisfaction he needs to finally hand over the candidacy with grandeur to the rival from Düsseldorf.

At the same time, it is a risky maneuver: Söder

jeopardizes the harmony he has just regained with the sister party


This meets with incomprehension even in his camp.

And Armin Laschet?

He would leave the duel as a wounded winner, who would then be faced with the great task of filling up the trenches that Söder has just opened.

After all: the

ability to reconcile

should be one of

Laschet's core competencies


He could then use it right away.

A new round of the duel will take place this afternoon when the Bundestag faction made up of the CDU and CSU meets.

Here the mood should not speak so clearly for Armin Laschet, there are more Söder fans in the CDU than in the party committees.

It could be momentum for the CSU boss, albeit a temporary one.

It was unclear whether Laschet and Söder would appear in the meeting yesterday until late in the evening.

The top of the group was still advising.

  • Chancellor candidate dispute at CDU and CSU: The Söder maneuver

Hope for Russia

It is not often that people in Berlin



Russian foreign policy

with benevolence

, let alone with great expectation.

But when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov travels to Tehran today, then there is Western hope that he can calm the heated mood in Iran a little - and

suggest to

his interlocutors, President

Hassan Rouhani

and Foreign Minister

Javad Zarif

, that

negotiations have

just resumed

to press

ahead with

international nuclear agreements


Enlarge image

Natan's nuclear facility

Photo: Planet Labs Inc./AP / dpa

Finally, it looked for the revitalization of the agreement, after the change of president now also in the

United States

have an interest again, not good: Only on Saturday in the deeply bunkered in a mountain had

nuclear plant Natanz


new centrifuges for uranium enrichment

in operation gone.

It was a deliberate violation of the nuclear deal.

A "problem in the power grid" was reported in the plant on Sunday.

As reported by the Israeli media, it was apparently a cyber attack by the Israeli Mossad.

The situation threatens to escalate, which is why Lavrov, the experienced diplomat's trip, can

actually be a defuse


In Berlin they keep their fingers crossed for Russia.

Rare enough.

  • Uranium enrichment in Natans: Iran's foreign minister now officially accuses Israel of attacking a nuclear facility

Vikings in court


trial against a strange troop begins today in the

high-security wing on the grounds of the

Stuttgart-Stammheim correctional facility


Their presumed leader

Frank H.

was known for the fact that he sometimes

marched through the center of Munich

wearing a Viking helmet and crossed axes


At the same time, the Attorney General accuses him and his eleven alleged perpetrators and supporters of planning nothing less than to undermine the state and social order of the Federal Republic of Germany.

According to the accusation, they wanted to carry out

attacks on asylum seekers, Muslims and politicians

in small


The names of the Green politicians Robert Habeck and Anton Hofreiter were mentioned, with the addition "eliminated immediately!".

Enlarge image

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer

Photo: Carsten Koall / Getty Images

Was it just a fantasy of deluded people or was the

right-wing terrorist group

already involved in the actual planning of the attack?

That is the core question that the

5th criminal division of the Stuttgart Higher Regional Court will


The case is symptomatic of a development in the extremist area: the perpetrators no longer necessarily come from a scene that has grown over the years, but from very different currents that at first glance do not have to have anything to do with neo-Nazis.

With the help of social networks on the Internet, they come together, often spontaneously, and radicalize themselves, often rapidly.

The authorities are finding it increasingly difficult to recognize in good time what is brewing here and there.

Prevention is therefore the magic word, but the

grand coalition

is currently

in the process of putting


important project in the sand that

would promote precisely this prevention.


"Fortified Democracy Act"

, that the

financial support civic engagement against extremism

should increase had, Family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD) and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) negotiated laboriously.

But the Union suddenly announces "fundamental reservations" and refuses to give its consent.

This is not only an affront to party friend Seehofer, who was "immensely disappointed" with his parliamentary group in SPIEGEL, it is also a sign that the much-invoked fight against the right is not being taken too seriously.

From today you can find out what such an attitude leads to in Stammheim.

  • Alleged right-wing terrorists of the "Group S.": "Ready for a massacre"

Loser of the day ...

... is

Sahra Wagenknecht


Actually, she is a winner because she is able to market her own books like no other.

Her latest, entitled »The Self-Righteous«, is not yet officially on the market (unofficially already) and may not be reviewed yet.

But because many theses from it are already in circulation, the political bubble has long been talking about it.

Also because Wagenknecht's theses are

simple, well-known, but provocative

: The left has lost contact with its base and with it its real concerns.

Fridays for Future, apparently at one point, operated climate protection only as an alibi.

Enlarge image

Sahra Wagenknecht

Photo: Marcel Kusch / dpa

These are undifferentiated allegations that ultimately harm the new party leadership in particular.

Wagenknecht knows that and she has apparently priced it in, in favor of personal success.

So far, she has not initiated a constructive discourse with her aggressive work.

That's why she's a loser for me.

  • Trouble in the left: Wagenknecht's disruptive fire

Advice of the day…

How do we want to talk to each other?

We are currently discussing this question with our readers and experts as part of the SPIEGEL project Republic 21. On Tuesday at 8 p.m. my colleague

Melanie Amann

invited the SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach to our television studio in Berlin.

She will talk to him about the increasingly polarized public debate in the corona crisis and how this heated mood makes the search for solutions difficult.

We invited SPIEGEL subscribers to the event by e-mail, who can take part virtually and ask questions.

The tickets have already been taken this time - but if you want to attend events like this in the future and are not yet a subscriber, just give SPIEGEL a try.

The latest news from the night

  • African American killed in Minnesota - US policewoman apparently confused Taser with service pistol:

    According to the police, the renewed death of a black man in a police operation in Minnesota can be traced back to an accidental shot.

    Hundreds of people protested and sporting events were canceled

  • One dead and one injured in gunfire at high school in Tennessee:

    There was an exchange of fire at a school in Tennessee.

    An armed schoolboy was killed and a police officer injured.

    Only last week the state had eased the gun law

  • Ex-child star Macaulay Culkin has become a father:

    he became famous as a child, now Macaulay Culkin has had his first child with his girlfriend Brenda Song.

    And no, they didn't call their son "Kevin"

The SPIEGEL + recommendations for today

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  • Forbidden love at Japan's imperial court: the love drama of Princess Mako

  • Found again in Antarctica after half a century: the wallet out of the ice

  • Interpreter Claudia Franz: How do you explain Corona in sign language

I wish you an eventful Tuesday!

Your Martin Knobbe

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