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Weekly Adoption Corner Israel today


| Adoption corner Meet the lovely and warm-hearted friends who are waiting at the animal associations for a loving and embracing home • Here are Uzi, Peter, Pluto and other wonderful and good ones - adopt them! Weekly adoption corner Animal cruelty Ramat Gan and the surrounding area Uzi - kind-hearted, loving and devoted. Wonderful with people and children, overflowing with love and thirst for attention and car

Meet the lovely and warm-hearted friends who are waiting at the animal associations for a loving and embracing home • Here are Uzi, Peter, Pluto and other wonderful and good ones - adopt them!

  • Weekly adoption corner

Animal cruelty Ramat Gan and the surrounding area


- kind-hearted, loving and devoted.

Wonderful with people and children, overflowing with love and thirst for attention and caress.

An energetic and playful dog.

Very strong, curious, and happy from any trip.

I am friendly to dogs but there are males who are a little less.

Does not like cats.

5.5 years old.

Vaccinated, playful and neutered.


- a charming and friendly dog, about two years old.

Energetic and loves hiking and running.

Happy with every caress and devoted.

Great with people and kids.

Gets along with dogs but not with cats.

Vaccinated, playful and neutered.


- wonderful, beautiful, devoted and caressing.

About a year and a half old.

Lying on your back for treats.

Great with people and kids.

Gets along only with male dogs.

Indifferent to cats.

Immunized, playful and sterilized.


- Captivating, embracing and devoted.

Smart and curious.

Energetic and loves running and games.

Wonderful with people and kids.

Gets along with all dogs, but does not like cats.

About a year and a half old.

Vaccinated, playful and neutered.


- an energy bomb and a naughty boy about six months old.

Looking for someone to run with.

Dedicated, cuddled, hugging and loving everyone - people, children and dogs.

Dan will be great in adulthood and eager to join a family that will help him unload his much energy on a daily basis.

Vaccinated, playful and neutered.

SPCA Ramat Gan Area


Chafetz Chaim 4, Tel Aviv.

Phone: 2313 *.

Sunday to Thursday - 17: 30-12: 00, Friday - 15: 00-11: 00, Saturday 16: 00-11: 00


Animal Welfare Association of Israel


- Mixed Labrador puppy, 3 months old.

Naughty and sweet.

Looking for the perfect family who will know how to be patient with him, and who will know how to educate him with love.

It promises endless friendship and dedication.


- A naughty and energetic Milanese puppy, 8 months old.

Looking for the perfect effort that knows and recognizes the special breed.

Choco is kind-hearted, smart and wants to learn more and more.


- Mixed German Shepherd, 2 years old.

Big and sturdy with a huge and good heart.

Pluto is suitable for a family that loves extra large dogs.

He loves long walks, and it is desirable that he reach people who really also like to walk with a dog.


- a mixed Canaanite cub.

A real sweetheart, 3 months old who will grow up to be medium plus.

Plays with puppies in the shelter, loves all visitors and is suitable for a family that knows how to educate puppies and loves big dogs.


- a mixed breed dog that resembles a cute fox.

Two years old.

Very smart and delicate.

Foxy is looking for a family with a big heart for a successful second chapter in her life.

The sweets in the photos were abandoned by the Animal Welfare Association of Israel.

Sad for them in the cage.

They are our best friends and they deserve to come to a warm home and receive great love for a lifetime.

waiting for you.

Animal Welfare Association of Israel.

Herzl 159 Tel Aviv.

Phone: 4553 *.

Sunday to Thursday - 20: 00-08: 00, Friday - 14: 00-08: 00, Saturday - 14: 00-11: 00.


SOS Israel


- age 11. Accustomed to living at home and very comfortable on hikes - but not too long.

Because Snow is older, it is difficult for her in the days of adoption.

Standing on her feet for many hours puts a strain on her pelvis, so she does not usually reach the days of adoption.

Snow needs a house on the ground floor or with an elevator because it is difficult for her to climb the stairs.


- about 4 years old.

A mixed, big, special and good schnauzer.

When you take her for a walk she is so excited and pulling hard on the leash, which is why it will be difficult for children to go on a walk with her alone.

Busquila is very fond of people and children, and gets along less well with other dogs and cats - so needs a home without additional animals.


- about 4.5 years old.

Mixed, big and special.

A sociable dog for people, calm, relaxed and quiet.

At home she is looking for a quiet corner for herself.

Happiness does not like other animals, so needs a home without dogs or cats.

She is a very strong bitch who can pull on a leash, and children will not be able to go for a walk with her without the help of adults.

She needs strong and assertive owners who will continue to work with her with our guidance.


- a young and friendly dog ​​about a year old.

Involved in all good, medium-large.

Loves people and connects with them.

Knows how to walk with a leash and is probably also educated for needs.

The Hachiko is a good and comfortable dog who gets along with other dogs and seeks their closeness.


- an adolescent puppy, about 7 months old.

A sociable dog that gets along with other people and dogs.

Has puppy playfulness, loves to play with bites and learns what is allowed and what is not.

Need a patient family that will invest in further education.









Friday - 14: 00-11: 00 in Ramat Aviv, "SOS Tel Aviv" in Wise - for cats only - puppies and adults.

Saturday - 14: 00-10: 00 in Herzliya, "SOS Herzliya" in Wise - for dogs and cats - puppies and adults.

Let the Animals Live


- a stunning shepherd in his beauty, deaf.

This sweet one breaks the heart.

He needs efforts with experience, that will learn together with him to communicate without words.

7 year old olive.


- a puppy with gorgeous ears and white socks.

Stressed in the first encounter with people, so it is difficult to please in the eyes of efforts.

Possessive for food and toys, and now waiting for experienced efforts.

Macho is 4 years old.


- an eight-year-old dog who has been waiting 6 years for love, and the sadness in his eyes explains the great disappointment that he has not yet been adopted.

Gentle and apprehensive, and passing by his cage he barks and is very stressed, which has so far driven away all efforts.

Tamed and unconscious, and if you give it a chance to open up - it will become the biggest spread there is.

Speedy is 7 years old.


- Caged for 3 years.

Waiting to win a real election.

A lovely dog, but because of what he experiences it takes him time to remove the walls and trust humans.

He thrives on walks and will be happy with dogs if you come to get him out of the cage for an acquaintance walk, which we are sure will lead to falling in love.

Charlie is 6 years old.


- Waiting for efforts with experience and patience, so that he can open up and be a happy dog ​​and leave the terrible past behind.

Pablo is 10 months old.

Let the Animals Live.

Phone: 3703 *, extension 3. The dogs and cats are waiting at our shelter at the entrance to the village of Ruth.

The Herzliya and Netanya associations love animals


- the dog with the most beautiful eyes in the association.

Calm and quiet, prefers to rest in the air conditioner for most of the day, but will also be happy for long walks and pampering walks in nature.

Educated to needs, gets along with most dogs, excellent with children of all ages, sick of food and happy for caresses and pampering.

Anyone who adopts June should know that he needs regular medication of 2 pills a day due to a chronic illness (leishmaniasis), but this of course does not prevent him from being an amazing family dog.

Educated and conquers in a second everyone who meets him.

A mixed Turkish shepherd.

4 years old, big.

Waiting in foster care.


- has been waiting for several years at the association, and we want to find him the love of his life.

In the meantime he is in foster care with a trainer who works with him.

As befits a Labrador, he is a dog who loves man, caresses, is full of love, loves to learn new things, and most of all loves food.

Accustomed to the house completely and gets along great with dogs.

Will fit into a home without children because you need to build trust and a strong bond with the owner.

Labrador mixed.

6 years old, medium.

Waiting in plowing.

Herzliya and Netanya love animals.

Adoption Day in Herzliya: Friday - 16: 00-14: 00, "Herzliya Veterinary Service" in Wise.

Adoption day in Netanya: Friday - 15: 00-13: 00, Saturday - 13: 00-10: 00, 12 Harkav St., "Netanya Veterinary Center" in Wise.

You can create with the association and coordinate an adoption meeting according to procedures.

Send us a message on WhatsApp to: 055-667-5229.

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