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Coronavirus disease. Latest | 10 more people were sent to hospital after being vaccinated, a total of 630,000 people received the first dose


The epidemic situation in Hong Kong has fallen, but there is a deep surge. The Department of Health announced today (14th) that 5 new cases have been confirmed, bringing a total of 11,613 cases. Of the 5 cases, 4 were imported cases, and 1 local case was related to the previous case. Friends who lived in Tuen Mun

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Written by: Leung Huanmin, Hu Jiaxin, Zhong Yan, Zhu Haiqi, Zheng Qiuling, Li Enci, McKain, Yuan Shu, and Zeng Kaixin

2021-04-14 07:00

Last update date: 2021-04-14 22:21

The epidemic situation in Hong Kong has fallen, but there is a deep surge. The Department of Health announced today (14th) that 5 new cases have been confirmed, bringing a total of 11,613 cases.

Of the 5 cases, 4 were imported cases, and 1 local case was related to the previous case. The patient lived in Ai Fai House, Yau Oi Village, Tuen Mun, but the patient has passed away.

In addition, there are currently fewer than 5 confirmed cases today.

[22:00] The EOC issued a statement today, stating that if employers require all employees to be vaccinated against the new crown, it will constitute indirect discrimination against people who are not suitable for vaccination, such as severe diseases or pregnant women who are disabled or pregnant.

Vaccine Bubble | Equal Opportunities: Employers dismiss employees without injections or involve indirect discrimination

[21:20] An internal notice issued by Yuyan Group, which mainly hosts wedding banquets, circulated today on the Internet, stating that employees must complete the first vaccination before the 26th of this month and submit the certificate to the company's personnel department , Otherwise, work stoppage will be arranged on the 29th.

Some current employees confirmed to "Hong Kong 01" that the contents of the document are true, saying that they understand that the company "complied with the requirements of the Hong Kong government", but as employees feel "a dilemma", they still have time to consider whether they will be vaccinated to "protect their jobs."

Vaccine Bubble|Yuyan issued a notice requiring employees to get injections, otherwise the front line will be in a dilemma

Some current employees have confirmed the contents of the documents, saying that they understand that the company only complies with the requirements of the Hong Kong government, and indeed not many colleagues have been vaccinated.

(Online picture)

[20:40] The Department of Health announced that it received a report from the Hospital Authority (HA) on April 12 of an unusual case of suspected COVID-19 vaccination.

The case involved a 32-year-old woman. According to information from the Hospital Authority, the woman was unable to provide clear pregnancy information.

She had a positive pregnancy test result on April 10. She found lower body bleeding, lower abdominal pain and discharge of the fetus the next day. She went to the Accident and Emergency Department of Queen Mary Hospital on the same day. The fetus was certified dead on the same day.

After assessing the weight, the HA estimates that the gestational age is approximately 23 to 24 weeks.

According to information, the woman had been vaccinated against Fubitel Covid-19 at the Community Vaccination Center of St. Paul's Hospital on April 8.

She stayed in the vaccination center for observation after vaccination and did not have a record of discomfort.

The Department of Health also received another suspected abnormal incident from the Hospital Authority on April 8, involving another 32-year-old woman. She had a positive pregnancy test on March 25 and suffered from lower body bleeding on March 31. Seek medical treatment in the Accident and Emergency Department of Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and was diagnosed with a miscarriage after examination.

According to the information, the woman had been vaccinated against Forbidex Covid-19 at the Community Vaccination Center of Rainbow Road Badminton Center on March 23.

She stayed in the vaccination center for observation after vaccination and had no record of discomfort.

Two 32-year-old pregnant women miscarried after being vaccinated with Fubitai and the fetus was estimated to be about 24 weeks old

[19:45] According to the news, two pregnant women in their 30s had a miscarriage after being vaccinated with Fubital recently. They went to Mary and Queen Elizabeth Hospitals for medical treatment.

Among them, the 32-year-old pregnant woman who sought medical treatment at Queen Mary Hospital, whose aborted fetus weighed about 500 grams, was expected to be 24 weeks old.

It is understood that the pregnant woman received an injection at St. Paul's Hospital on April 8.

▼4.13 Forbidden foot detection in 2 closed areas of Lido Garden in Shenjing▼

[17:40] The Hospital Authority announced that as of 9 am today, a total of 10 confirmed patients have been discharged from the hospital in the past 24 hours. So far, a total of 11,237 confirmed or suspected patients have recovered and discharged.

At present, public hospitals have opened 658 negative pressure wards with a total of 1,214 negative pressure beds. At present, a total of 132 confirmed patients are admitted to 19 public hospitals and the Hong Kong Infection Control Center of North Lantau Hospital. Six of them are in critical condition and two are in critical condition. Serious, the remaining 124 people are in stable condition.

▼4.13 The third quarantine operation for the third evacuation of Block 3, Aihui Building, Youai Village▼







Vaccine Bubble | The Hong Kong Government pushes for injections to relax restrictions on restaurant business to vaccinate citizens: it is difficult to implement

[14:12] The government's vaccination plan continued. Many citizens continued to go to the community vaccination center of Kwun Chung Gymnasium, Jordan today (14th) to receive the Kexing vaccine.

The government announced a few days ago that restaurants can conditionally relax business restrictions, including requiring employees to get injections. In the second phase, a specific area (Clean Zone) can be designated to entertain vaccinated customers.

Some citizens who get the injection think that the arrangement is acceptable, but they question whether the restaurant has always been able to judge whether the diners have the injection. A bunch of chats, don't you just talk about it?"

In addition, some citizens who have been vaccinated believe that the practice will always protect the diners. "Some people may really not get an injection, but if they don't know they have something wrong, it is good to be separated."

Today, 5 more confirmed cases have been diagnosed with the death certificate of the old man at Aihui Building, Youai Village, and less than 5 cases have been initially confirmed

[14:04] The Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health announced that as of 0:00 on April 14, the center is investigating five newly confirmed cases of COVID-19. So far, the total number of cases in Hong Kong is 11 613 (including 11 612 confirmed cases). Case and one suspected case).

Four of the new cases are imported cases; one is epidemiologically related to a local case, #11611 70-year-old male patient, Block 3, Aihui Building, Sumitomo Ai Village.

There are fewer than 5 preliminary confirmed cases today.

[12:27] According to the news, there are 5 new confirmed cases today, no cases of unknown origin, and no news conference on the epidemic.

New crown pneumonia | He Boliang worries that the mutant virus invades communities and bans flights from four places including the Philippines

[12:23] The new crown pneumonia epidemic has not stopped. As of yesterday (13th), a total of 210 cases of the N501Y variant virus have been imported, all of which are imported cases.

He Boliang, director of the Infection and Infectious Diseases Center of the University of Hong Kong, said on a radio program this morning (14) that the government should consider banning flights from the Philippines, India, Indonesia and Pakistan to Hong Kong.

He warned that if the flight is not stopped, he is worried that the mutant virus will invade the local community at any time.

Vaccine Bubble|Huang Jielong: Employers should not pressure employees to maintain the current situation in the industry

[09:34] The government proposed to relax restrictions on restaurant business based on the "vaccine bubble".

Huang Jielong, chairman of the Xufulou Group and president of the Rice Seedling Society, stated on the commercial radio "Starting on a Sunny Day" this morning (14) that requiring all restaurant staff to be vaccinated is just a relaxation of the premise, not a real "incentive." It can only be understood as a "road map", and it can be described as "so far away" to achieve.

He believes that for good labor relations, employers should not require employees to be vaccinated through oppressive methods.

[09:33] Eight sanatoriums will resume "special visit arrangements" next Wednesday.

Leung Ming, Senior Administrative Manager (Nursing) of the Hospital Authority, stated on the Radio Hong Kong program "Millenniums" this morning (14th) that he would contact the patient's family members to explain arrangements and make appointments before next Wednesday (21st).

Liang Ming said that if visitors have received two doses of the new crown vaccine, they need to purchase the reagents from the major supermarkets and registered pharmacies for the rapid antigen test within 24 hours before the visit. There is no designated brand. After completing the test at home, they must Provide photos containing the person’s appearance, negative test results, date and time, and show the package and instructions for the rapid antigen test.

Liang Ming said that he believes that there are antibodies after the vaccination, but rapid antigen testing is still required, which is to provide "additional protection."

How does Li Liye, a medical strategist at Yabo Community Therapy, solve the problem of jumping in the female patient's hall while learning by doing?

[08:00] The Hong Kong epidemic has experienced four waves of ups and downs. In the third and fourth waves of the epidemic, Yabo has transformed into a community treatment facility, receiving approximately 4,000 patients in total.

Li Liye, a "military strategist" and Huang Renshu alumnus who is responsible for instigating and making suggestions, described that community therapy is a new concept of "thinking out of the box". He must listen to opinions and work with frontline logistics staff. Learn by doing and improve the imperfections.

For example, the team tried to solve the patient's material problem, and the switch of the female patient's hall was always "jumping". The investigation found that female patients often brought strong hair dryers into the hall. The team set up a "blowing area" to avoid similar situations. .

People's fears always appear before the incident, and there will be no rush.

Doctor Li Liye

The attrition rate of HA doctors drops to 3.9%, and OT fees increase to 300 million 100,000 per capita|Special Accounting

[07:30] The Food and Health Bureau responded to legislators’ written questions on the special meeting of the Finance Committee. The document shows that due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of service users of the Hospital Authority has dropped drastically, such as the sharp drop in the number of visits to the old specialist outpatient clinics Nearly 2 million.

The wastage rate of doctors in the Hospital Authority has also dropped from 5.4% in the previous year to 3.9%.

Under the influence of the epidemic, doctors’ overtime allowance expenses have increased, from 260 million yuan in the previous year to 300 million yuan last year. On average, each doctor receives an “OT fee” of 100,000 yuan.

[07:00] The government announced that it has completed the compulsory testing of 2 Lido Gardens in Sham Tseng. About 780 residents have been tested and no confirmed cases have been found.

Confirmed building restaurant | 3 patients' whereabouts exposed, women of unknown origin patronize "Spaghetti Mania" in Tuen Mun

[01:00] The new crown pneumonia epidemic continues. On Tuesday (13th) in Hong Kong, 13 new cases were confirmed, 3 of which were local cases and were related to relatives. Among them, a 55-year-old woman became the first to have the disease, and the source is unknown.

According to the home and whereabouts of the confirmed cases announced by the Department of Health, Block 2, Lido Garden, Sham Tseng, Union Building, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Block 2, Kingsford Terrace, Ngau Chi Wan, are on the list, of which Block 2, Lido Garden, Sham Tseng has been enclosed and restricted. In this area, residents need to undergo compulsory testing within tonight.

In terms of the restaurant's whereabouts, the above-mentioned confirmed cases have visited the "Pastaholic Pasta Fanatic" in Times Square in Tuen Mun, the "Most Shao Mei" in Xiyun Shopping Mall in Changsha Bay and the "Rice Theme Restaurant" in Yili Industrial Center in Changsha Bay. Once went to Zeng Tsui Columbarium to worship the mountain.

The flight circuit breaker mechanism is intensified within 7 days, 5 confirmed passengers carrying variant virus strains are banned from flying to ports nationwide

[00:50] The epidemic situation in Hong Kong is gradually under control, and confirmed cases are mainly imported from other places.

The government announced on the evening of Tuesday (13th) that it will further tighten the "fuse mechanism" of flights and "enhance it". For example, any civil airliner arriving in Hong Kong from the same country within 7 days will have a total of 5 or more passengers arriving in Hong Kong. After testing and confirming that it carries the N501Y variant virus strain, the government will prohibit all civil airliners arriving in Hong Kong from the country from landing in Hong Kong for 14 days, not limited to the area where the "epidemic plane" departs.

▼Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor announced on April 12 new anti-epidemic measures▼




The government announced the extension of social distancing measures on the 14th from 4.29 on the basis of the "vaccine bubble" adjustment

[00:47] The government announced the continuation of the social distancing measures under the "Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance" in the early morning of the 13th, stating that employees in premises that have completed the vaccinations against the 2019 coronavirus disease will not be required to undergo regular testing.

A spokesperson for the Food and Health Bureau said that if the epidemic continues to stabilize, starting from April 29, the Chief Executive will adjust the social distancing measures on the basis of the "vaccine bubble" as the new direction of the epidemic announced on the 12th, and it will be announced later. details.

▼“New Way to Fight the Epidemic” Maintain social distancing measures for two weeks▼




Yesterday's overview: new coronary pneumonia.

4.13|3 relatives and friends diagnosed one column of unknown source for testing in the closed area of ​​Lido Garden 2

Add 3 local cases, the earliest onset housewife unknown source of infection has visited Tseung Kwan O, Tuen Mun to worship the mountain

A sample of the death of the old man's home in Aihui Building, Youai Village, was tested and confirmed that residents on the 22nd floor were evacuated for quarantine

New crown pneumonia | 77-year-old Weng diagnosed with the disease in Juxinwuling Village, lost to the disease for nearly 9 months and died today

Raid on closed area | Residents in Block 2 of Lido Garden in Sham Tseng are confirmed to have forbidden foot testing

New Crown Vaccine | The number of vaccinations breaks the 600,000 mark 20-year-old girl recovers from bite paralysis

News: Fire Services Department changed its executive order to require employees to get vaccine prescriptions: No plan to make mandatory vaccination

The government first announced that 24 people were vaccinated without appointment

New Crown Vaccine|Macao and the Central Government Discuss Mutual Recognition Mechanism for Vaccines, Hope Guangdong Province to Trial

Travel with peace of mind | Stop filling papers under the vaccine bubble and hinder tracking?

Zhang Zhujun: Many calls are wrong

Vaccine Bubbles|Forced to travel with peace of mind, restaurants worry about the loss of customers: half of people fill papers

Café de Coral's happy branch is suspended for dine-in food in the evening market for violation of epidemic prevention and control. One store is still unsupervised and enters the store

Travel with peace of mind|How can the elderly and children without smartphones eat in?

Chen Zhaoshi: Scanning with family members

Travel with peace of mind|The first-year development cost totals 5.1 million, and the average cost per download is temporarily $1.3

▼4.13 Restaurant customers can still choose to scan and travel with ease or fill in information▼




▼4.13 The third compulsory inspection of Kwan Yick Building Phase III in Sai Ying Pun▼




▼See the details of the scheduled vaccination and side effects of Kexing and BioNTech in the three pictures▼

New crown pneumonia | Yamashita Tomohisa Goto Maki had a fever the day before, diagnosed today: under isolation treatment

New Coronary Pneumonia|WHO: The number of confirmed cases worldwide is increasing exponentially

New Crown Vaccine | The number of vaccinations breaks the 600,000 mark 20-year-old girl recovers from bite paralysis

New Coronary Pneumonia | People who have been vaccinated and have a negative rapid test result can visit the hospital

Coronavirus disease.

4.13|3 relatives and friends diagnosed one column of unknown source for testing in the closed area of ​​Lido Garden 2


Covid-19 Restriction Order

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