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Dramatic moments in the Chancellor Showdown: Söder "moved" by CDU support - Laschet "struggles for composure"


Who does it If the CDU has its way, Armin Laschet. The CSU wants its party leader Markus Söder as a candidate for chancellor. A parliamentary group meeting takes a dramatic turn.

Who does it

If the CDU has its way, Armin Laschet.

The CSU wants its party leader Markus Söder as a candidate for chancellor.

A parliamentary group meeting takes a dramatic turn.

  • CSU boss Markus Söder and CDU party boss Armin Laschet *

    squint at Merkel's successor.

  • The CDU presidium is in favor of Laschet as candidate for chancellor (

    update from April 12, 11.43 a.m.


    The CSU presidium still advocates Söder (

    update from April 12, 4:55 p.m.


  • In Berlin, Söder and Laschet meet in the Union parliamentary group - the meeting takes a dramatic course *.

    Armin Laschet struggled for composure

    (see update from 4:55 p.m.

    ), while Markus Söder was “touched” (

    see update from 7:12 p.m.


  • This

    news ticker on the K question in the Union

    is updated regularly.

Update from April 13th, 7:52 p.m.:

Shortly after the debate in the Union


, CSU boss Markus Söder announced a decision with CDU boss Armin Laschet about the Union chancellor candidacy for this week.

“You have to let the result sink in now, for every single one.

Armin and I have agreed that we will also finally discuss how things will go on this week, ”said Söder on Tuesday evening in Berlin.

Armin Laschet also wants a decision on the candidacy for chancellor this week if possible.

It was a "very good discussion," said Laschet.

"I think that gave a very good opinion." There was a message in all of the verbal contributions: "Agree quickly." This is also his goal, emphasized Laschet.

"I want us to come to a good decision very quickly, very soon, this week if possible."

Dramatic moments in the Chancellor Showdown: Söder "moved" by CDU support

Update from April 13th, 7.12 p.m.:

After the debate in the Union parliamentary group on the K question, CSU boss Markus Söder has now announced talks with CDU boss Armin Laschet and promised a joint, good solution.

"It's only possible together, and only if we come to an understanding," said Söder, according to the participants, on Tuesday evening at the end of the debate.

He will "do everything that we can come to a good solution in the end".

One should now find a “common way”.

According to the participants, Söder was “impressed”, touched and moved by the debate.

It is no harm that MPs have a say, he said.

One should let this work now, and then he would talk to Armin Laschet.

Update from April 13, 6.43 p.m.:

The Chancellor debate in the Union

parliamentary group is drawing

to a close.

Markus Söder says in his closing words that he was “touched” by the support.

Laschet speaks of a "breadth" of opinions.

Around a third of the speakers, including most recently Laschet's “tandem” partner Jens Spahn, had spoken out in favor of the CDU chairman.

Update from April 13, 6:37 p.m.:

In the Union faction, the mood is apparently on a candidate for Chancellor Markus Söder.

Ironically, the former Union parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz (CDU) is again - outside the Bundestag - behind a candidate for chancellor by party leader Armin Laschet *.

In an email to his followers on Tuesday, he again warned the CSU against significantly weakening the Union in the election campaign.

"With all due understanding for the CSU and its chairman: Does the CSU realize what it means to dismantle the next CDU party chairman within a few weeks?" Wrote Merz, who was defeated in January against Laschet in the fight for the chairmanship .

“Does the CSU really want to campaign with such a weakened CDU,” Merz asked.

Addressing the CSU, he wrote whether the CDU should “just elect the third chairman within a good two years”.

And: “Is the CSU indifferent to the fate of the CDU-led state government in North Rhine-Westphalia?

I can't really imagine all of that. ”There is some overlap among the supporters of Merz in the party leader's election campaign and Söders in the K question, as it turned out in the past few days - for example in the CDU state association of Baden-Württemberg.

Update from April 13, 6:18 p.m.:

Just under a dozen

requests to speak are pending


The level of anger seems to be high in the CDU after the turmoil of the Chancellor in recent days.

The Rhineland-Palatinate MP Andreas Nick accuses the CDU party leadership of having tricked Laschet and caused a hasty vote in the presidium: “The procedure creates legitimation.

But the legitimation cannot be created through procedural tricks.

I have many letters from my constituency that show that the decision of the CDU presidium does not represent the breadth of opinion in the party. "

Update from April 13th, 5.45 p.m.:

Many CSU MPs hold back in the debate - possibly to give the votes for Söder from the CDU.

Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer speaks out as the only party celebrity of the Christian Socialists.

"We are not a board party," he says.

One must take the mood of the population seriously.

Söder's predecessor as CSU boss, Horst Seehofer, is now in the hall.

It remains to be seen whether he will speak up.

Union is looking for chancellor candidate in turbulent session: MPs are concerned about the party - and sympathy for Laschet

Update from April 13, 5:38 p.m.:

The Union


is also concerned about the consequences of the chancellor's


for the party.

According to participants, several MPs warned that there had to be a swift agreement between Laschet and Söder.

Otherwise it will harm the Union in the election year.

One MP said that the Union had “a luxury choice” between Laschet and Söder.

He combined this statement with the words: "Please fix it in the next few days."

The Baden-Württemberg MP Roderich Kiesewetter was quoted by participants as saying: “Both can do it.

I speak out for Armin Laschet. ”The Saxon MP Marco Wanderwitz stood behind Söder.

Update from April 13, 5:26 p.m.:

In politics it is sometimes said that pity is the harshest form of criticism.

In this case, the Berlin CDU member Frank Steffel expresses sympathy for Laschet.

"The polls for Armin Laschet are extremely unfair," he says.

“Even so, the mood in the CDU is one-sided for Markus Söder.

I am sure that we will achieve a better result with Söder. ”Other MPs refer to the upcoming state elections in Saxony-Anhalt *.

The polls are to take place on June 6th, the CDU is under pressure from the AfD there too.

Laschet or Söder?

Merkel follows the speech duel - and experiences numerous requests to speak for the CSU boss

Update from April 13th, 5:23 p.m.:

The Chancellor also watches the speech duel of the Union MPs.

Angela Merkel followed the very emotional debate in the hall without much emotion, participants report.

She had made it clear beforehand to stay out of the decision.

There is therefore no request to speak from her or from the first row of ministers.

Update from April 13th, 5:15 p.m.:

Participants of the Union parliamentary group meeting report to our editors of more and more - sometimes drastic in terms of content - requests to speak from the CDU for a candidate for Chancellor Markus Söder.

The Freiburg MP Matern von Marschall summarizes the concerns of the Söder supporters in the hall - and partly on the screens, the parliamentary group's meeting is hybrid: "If the candidate for chancellor is not Markus Söder, then I will lead the election campaign largely alone in my constituency have to. ”You need Söder and his“ fighting strength ”now.

A deputy from Hesse added: Söders polled high is "a continuous recording, not a snapshot".

Update from April 13th, 5:10 pm:

The top candidate for the last state election, Elisabeth Motschmann, speaks out from Bremen - also with a plea for Söder: “We mustn't put the polls aside lightly.

And we mustn't neglect the base, ”she says.

"I perceive support for Markus Söder and exit threats from Laschet from all over northern Germany."

Söder before Chancellor coup?

CDU MPs warn of election flop with Laschet - CDU boss "struggles for composure"

Update from April 13th, 5 p.m .:

Söder apparently also has supporters in the north: The CDU MP Christoph de Vries from Hamburg says: “It's about the question of whether we will remain a leading political force or not.

We just have to look in the neighboring countries in Italy and Spain to see what happened there to our sister parties.

There is no enthusiasm for the candidate Laschet.

Markus Söder is the better. ”Another colleague from Baden-Württemberg reads messages from voters from his home country who threaten to leave the party if Laschet becomes a candidate.

Update from April 13, 4:55 p.m.:

Armin Laschet apparently reacts surprised to the many Pro-Söder

requests to speak


"He looks shocked, struggles to maintain his composure," reports a member of the

Munich Merkur


However, there are now half a dozen requests to speak in support of the CDU chief.

You need a candidate who will bring the country back together after the election, says a member of parliament from North Rhine-Westphalia.

Laschet is the right person for this.

Chancellor showdown of the Union: CDU people promote Söder - "The telephones are running hot in the constituency"

Update from April 13th, 4:50 p.m.:

A considerable number of CDU MPs speak out in favor of a candidate for Chancellor Markus Söder at the meeting of the Union parliamentary group.

For example, Norbert Barthle from Baden-Württemberg advertises Söder: “The situation reminds me of '98.

It will be easy for the opposition to create a mood of change.

Let us use the historical opportunity, if the big sister is a bit lost, that we stand in the slipstream of the smaller sister. ”His party friend Karin Maag reports of pressure from the base:“ The phones are hot in my constituency because people want me to support Markus Söder - and that's what I'm doing today. "

Striking: Many CDU people from the south speak up for Söder.

Foreign politician Gunther Kriechbaum: “We are a union.

And I don't care whether there is a D or an S after the C. "He says:" With Markus Söder, that is what motivates Markus Söder, what is forward-looking, the enthusiasm and the joke. "

Chancellor question: Union MPs for Söder - first requests to speak show tendency

Update from April 13, 4:32 p.m.:

The Union MPs apparently have a long debate on the Chancellor question.

Shortly after the requests to speak, 40 mandate holders have already made a note of themselves for a contribution, as

* learned from the meeting.

Group leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) had mocked in a press statement before the speech began that one had to be ready by noon tomorrow.

Then the booked room will be used for another meeting. 

So far, the requests to speak have apparently been largely in favor of Söder.

Also explosive: In the hall, the question is circulating whether you don't want to vote at the end.

It would be a drastic step that Laschet and his people would like to prevent.

Such a vote would formally have no binding force, but it would have enormous political impact.

Söder and Laschet apparently hold chancellor application speeches: First poison arrows fly - "One-Man-Show"

Update from April 13, 4:25 p.m.:

CSU boss Markus Söder is campaigning for the trust of the Union MPs - according to information from

* also with some already known arguments.

"We have to stand on the bright side of power," Söder affirmed a well-known lesson of his own missteps.

In the Bundestag plenum, Söder also warns against overestimating party programs.

“It's people who decide elections.” That is exactly why polls cannot be ignored.

It is crucial not only to convince committees.

You have to "inspire the base and the voters." The Union should "do everything to be as strong as possible, to have as many MPs as possible." Germany: "The basic trust is cracked."

Update from April 13th, 4.15 p.m.:

Armin Laschet also apparently submitted a barely concealed attack on his chancellor opponent Markus Söder in the Union parliamentary group: “We don't need a one-man show,” Laschet said after information from the dpa.

He also attacked Söder aggressively because of his proposal for a climate alliance together with Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens).

This can be done at the state level.

But this is also dangerous.

“In the end, people vote for the Greens,” warned Laschet.

"We have to set our topics."

Söder-Laschet showdown in the Bundestag plenary: "Do we want to win?"

Update from April 13th, 4 p.m.:

The debate in the Union faction is apparently not yet fully inflamed - according to information from the TV station Phoenix, Armin Laschet first gave a speech to the MPs.

In these minutes it is Markus Söder's turn.

According to the station's report, CDU boss Laschet tried to justify negative poll numbers with poor corona management by the federal government.

If this situation improves, the picture among the population could also improve again.

According to information from the portal

Focus Online


Söder expressed himself with

self-confidence: “There is only one serious question: Do we want to win?” He is said to have called out to the MPs.

For this, not the most pleasant, but the best setup is necessary.

The parliamentary group meets in a mixture of presence and video circuit - and, as an exception, in the plenary hall of the Bundestag to ensure the corona-related intervals.

Söder and Laschet in the showdown: majority situation already leaked?

Update from April 13th, 3:10 p.m.:

In these minutes the meeting of the Union parliamentary group began - the Bundestag members of the CDU and CSU and their party leaders Markus Söder and Armin Laschet start directly with the chancellor question (see previous update).

But what is the mood really like?

Apparently there is at least a tendency in favor of Söder in the CDU associations of more than nine federal states.

This is what the


wants to

find out when making inquiries in the CDU groups and has read it from evaluations of the statements made by members of the Bundestag.

The sheet specifically names the associations from Brandenburg, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein as well as Lower Saxony and Bremen where there were more requests to speak or a majority for Söder.

In addition, the CDU from Berlin, Thuringia (see update from 12.55 p.m.) and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, who have already publicly expressed their sympathy for Söder's candidacy, are likely to join.

The CSU should also back Söder.

The NRW CDU von Laschet has unanimously backed the Prime Minister of their country.

It is speculated that several MPs could rely on Söder, who is stronger in the polls, out of concern for their mandates.

However, a different political dynamic could arise within the framework of the parliamentary group meeting than with individual statements via the media.

When he arrived at the Reichstag building in Berlin, Söder said when asked how it would turn out today: “Everything is going well.

Everything will be fine."


Markus Söder enters the Reichstag building on the way to the Union faction.

© Florian Gaertner / /

Update from April 13, 2:35 p.m.:

Shortly before the meeting of the Union parliamentary group, parliamentary group leader Ralph Brinkhaus gives an outlook to the press - Söder and Laschet are there, he confirms.

According to Brinkhaus, the two party leaders will comment internally on the chancellor's question: "It's simply about both having one more opportunity to talk to the entire parliamentary group." One counts on Söder and Laschet to come to an agreement.

CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt speaks of a "normal meeting with debate".

It would have been strange if you hadn't used the opportunity to talk to Söder and Laschet, he says.

You are in a "process" of team building.

Both politicians also refer to the statutory Corona emergency brake as a central topic of the round.

One will "discuss the details intensively", but there are no doubts about the project, explains Dobrindt.

The law should be passed "very quickly".

According to Brinkhaus, the parliamentary group should first debate the question of the chancellor - they want to give the Infection Protection Act a lot of time afterwards.

Update from April 13th, 1:50 p.m.:

CDU boss Armin Laschet called for unity between the Union parties in the power struggle for the candidacy for chancellor with CSU chairman Markus Söder.

"It is important that the CDU and CSU go to the polls together and united as a union," he said on Tuesday before a joint appearance with Söder in the union faction in the Bundestag in the afternoon.

"Disagreements between the CDU and CSU have never helped us." At the same time, the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister emphasized: "Anyone who is a candidate for the Union's chancellor should be clarified quickly."

Actually, the K question shouldn't be the main topic in the parliamentary group meeting: The Union parliamentary group also wants to advise on combating the third wave of the corona pandemic.

There is also likely to be resentment about the formulation aid presented by the federal government for a stricter Infection Protection Act.

CDU support for Söder: Thuringia regional association explains the mood

Update from April 13, 12.55 p.m.:

In the Union faction, there could be more approval for Markus Söder as candidate for chancellor than expected - another CDU regional association has signaled support.

"I have the impression that the majority of the CDU members in Thuringia tend more towards Söder than Armin Laschet," said Thuringia's CDU general secretary Christian Herrgott on Tuesday of the dpa in Erfurt.

There is no formal decision on this.

"Most of the members of our board of directors, with whom I spoke, would have liked Söder," said country manager Christian Hirte of the

Thüringer Allgemeine


The Berlin CDU had already stood behind Söder on Monday.

There were also positive signals for the CSU boss from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The Söder supporter Christian von Stetten also spoke on Tuesday of "significantly stronger" requests to speak for Söder from Baden-Württemberg, Lower Saxony and other CDU associations (see previous update).

Chancellor showdown in the Union parliamentary group?

CDU man sees “new mood” - Merkel expresses herself clearly

Update from April 13th, 12.40 p.m.:

Will the CDU's decision to become a candidate for chancellor really falter again?

The parliamentary group wants to meet in a good two and a half hours - with Söder and Laschet.

CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt has already called for the participation of the MPs in advance (see previous update).

At least it doesn't seem completely unthinkable that something slips in the round.

This was indicated in advance by the CDU politician Christian von Stetten - a Söder supporter.

"According to all that you can hear, there in the regional groups from Schleswig-Holstein to Baden-Württemberg via Brandenburg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Lower Saxony, Thuringia, the requests to speak were much stronger for Markus Söder, for the CSU chairman," said he to Deutschlandfunk on Tuesday.

In this respect, there is the “new mood” that Söder had called for.

However, von Stetten did not want to make the decision dependent on the parliamentary group alone - by Friday there would be a clear picture of the mood, he explained.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) also spoke about the leadership dispute in her parliamentary group at noon.

“I want to and will stay out of it,” she said at the end of her press conference on the controversial Corona Emergency Brakes Act.

So neither Söder nor Laschet can hope for support from the Chancellery.

Söder and Laschet in the Union parliamentary group: Dobrindt stirs up expectations before the meeting

Update from April 13th, 12.15 p.m.:

The head of the CSU MPs in the Bundestag, Alexander Dobrindt, has emphasized the Union faction's right to have a say in the power struggle for the candidacy for chancellor - but does not expect a formal vote.

There is no planning for a vote, he said on Tuesday before a meeting of the Union faction in Berlin in the afternoon.

The style of the discussion about the candidate for chancellor is impeccable.

The debate is being conducted sensibly and wisely, both in content and style.

You will ultimately come to a good decision - this could be done in the course of this week.

Several influential parliamentarians, including the respected Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble, had warned against a formal vote on the K question in the parliamentary group.

Dobrindt said he did not see any of the two candidates being harmed by the debate.

It will come to a team where it is clear who is leading it.

It is about threefold acceptance: in the party, the parliamentary group and with the voters.

Then this question will also be decided.

Recently, further surveys of Söders - compared to Laschet - underlined great popularity among the population, as

* reported.

The Union parliamentary group meets at 3 p.m. for their routine meeting.

The rivals for the candidacy for chancellor, CDU boss Armin Laschet and the CSU chairman Markus Söder, are there.

Söder and Laschet in the Chancellor's clinch: displeasure in the Union faction

Update from April 13th, 10:40 am:

Söder or Laschet?

In the Union faction, criticism of both candidates is now loud.

At an online meeting of the so-called Group 17 in the Union parliamentary group - those members who moved into parliament after the 2017 federal election - on Tuesday morning, displeasure that the presidia of the CDU and CSU had not agreed on a candidate in advance.

This is reported by the dpa, citing participants in the round.

Both sides should have established a suitable procedure in the past few weeks.

The subject should now be discussed intensively in the group.

It remained open whether the parliamentarians should vote against the suitable candidate for chancellor. 

Chancellor question of the Union: Söder meets CDU boss today - MPs “stunned” about Laschet's statement

Update from April 13th, 9.30 a.m.:

On Monday, Armin Laschet and Markus Söder had a remote duel in press conferences - today the two opponents will apparently even meet in physical presence in the struggle for the Union's candidacy for chancellor.

Both parties have agreed to take part in the regular meeting of the 250 or more members of the Bundestag from the CDU and CSU, the dpa has now learned from party circles.

It was expected that Laschet and Söder would travel to Berlin for the meeting.

Laschet warned the Union internally not to allow itself to be divided.

“A good, fair togetherness is key right now.

I wanted solidarity, ”he said after information from the dpa on Monday evening in a meeting of the influential state group of CDU MPs from North Rhine-Westphalia.

According to participants, Laschet received great support for a candidacy there.

Several speakers had expressly welcomed the unanimous vote of the CDU top bodies for Laschet, it said.

Another, growing group of Union MEPs is demanding that the parliamentary group participate in the decision-making process.

The demand made in writing has already been joined by 70 MPs from both parties, as the news portal

The Pioneer


Most of them are likely to favor Laschet's rival Söder.

Apparently, Söder himself did not expect a vote on the K question in the parliamentary group.

And Laschet also believes: "In my opinion, the parliamentary group will not deal with this question tomorrow." But with that, the CDU boss caused displeasure in his own ranks.

One was "stunned by this ignorance", it was said according to the


among MPs.

"I think he did not really take note of the mood in the group," said MEP Astrid Mannes.

K question in the Union: Söder and Laschet meet at a meeting in Berlin

Update from April 13, 8:58 a.m.:

The meeting of the CDU / CDU federal parliamentary group will take place in Berlin today.

CSU boss Markus Söder had already offered to perform there on Monday.

CDU boss Armin Laschet had initially canceled it.

Now the two challengers for the candidacy for chancellor will probably meet at today's meeting.

The reported


The CDU leaders stood almost unanimously behind Laschet's candidacy for chancellor on Monday.

In Munich, on the other hand, the CSU Presidium decided unanimously to support CSU boss Söder.

K question in the Union: CDU and CSU are fighting for candidacy for chancellor - NRW backing for Laschet

Update from April 12, 10:15 p.m.:

Sharp criticism from the North Rhine-Westphalian CDU camp of Markus Söder (CSU).

North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Minister Herbert Reul from the Düsseldorf cabinet Armin Laschet cannot understand why Söder is not withdrawing his candidacy for chancellor after the CDU presidium voted for her party leader.

"It surprised me.

I don't like that.

I also do not know what that is about, "said Reul very clearly in the program" hard but fair "on ARD.

The 68-year-old, on the other hand, spoke out clearly in favor of his Prime Minister Laschet as the Union's candidate for chancellor.

K question in the Union: Surveys speak clearly for Markus Söder - not for Armin Laschet

Update from April 12th, 9:40 pm:

Armin Laschet or Markus Söder - that is the K question.

These days, the two sister parties want to decide and tie down whether the CDU chairman or the CSU boss will lead the Union into the federal election campaign.

The latest polls speak clearly in favor of the Bavarian Prime Minister with Franconian roots.

Nevertheless, the CDU presidium spoke out in favor of Laschet this Monday.

In an interview with,

Söder said

with a view to the CDU vote: "Apparently nobody took the polls too seriously."

A look at the polls shows at least: Markus Söder is apparently miles ahead of Armin Laschet in favor of the voters.

A survey published on Monday by the Yougov Institute on behalf of the Düsseldorfer


showed that only twelve percent of German citizens would like the 60-year-old Laschet to be the Union's candidate for chancellor.

Accordingly, 46 percent of those surveyed decided on 54-year-old Söder.

29 percent of those questioned wanted another candidate, 13 percent did not want to comment.

K question in the Union: Markus Söder or Armin Laschet?

Chancellor candidacy polarized in the Union



, however, writes of a survey by the opinion research institute INSA.

In this, 2171 people were asked: "To what extent do the following politicians represent your interests?"

In first place, Söder was ahead of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).

Laschet only came in twelfth among the top politicians of the various parties.

For example, behind the two possible candidates for Chancellor of the Greens, Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck.


Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia: Armin Laschet from the CDU.

© IMAGO / Political-Moments

Chancellor candidacy of the Union: CSU leader Markus Söder does not want to drop his ambitions

Update from April 12, 5.10 p.m.:

Markus Söder does not want to give up his chancellor ambitions for the time being - the CSU boss has now made this clear in person at a press conference in Munich.

Söder referred to survey values ​​in the population and the need to listen to the mood "across the board" of the Union parties.

In view of a difficult phase for the Union, one must also give oneself the time to weigh up the content.

The struggle for the Union's candidacy for chancellor is therefore not over yet - contrary to what was suspected at noon.

For the time being, a few questions remain unanswered.

CSU General Secretary Markus Blume pointed out that "bilateral talks" between Söder and Laschet were not enough to make the decision.

The Christian Socials are apparently thinking of a candidate election by the end of the week.

A concrete procedure does not seem to have been established.

Söder also rejected a member survey, referring to the dwindling time.

At 7 p.m., Bavaria’s Prime Minister speaks again on Bavarian Broadcasting.

In view of Söder's newly declared course, some attention could be drawn to statements and demands of the CDU base in the next few days.

On Monday, despite the decision of the CDU presidium, it continued to occasionally raise the mood for Söder (see update from 3:45 p.m.).

Further faults seem possible.

“Söder continues to trick.

He wants to incite the CDU regional associations! ”, Judged the long-time ARD journalist Ulrich Deppendorf in a tweet early on Monday evening.

Update from April 12, 4:55 p.m.:

According to CSU General Secretary Markus Blume, the party

presidium of the Christian Socials

unanimously voted in favor of Markus Söder as the Union's candidate for chancellor.

He is the best candidate.

There is now a recommendation from the CDU top for Armin Laschet, a recommendation from the CSU for Söder - and there is a "clear majority opinion" in the German population, said Blume on Monday after a switch from the CSU presidium in Munich.

However, it is not about a quick decision, said Blume.

One is now at the beginning of the deliberations, which are to be conducted "openly".

A member survey, as demanded by the state parliamentary group leader Thomas Kreuzer, was “not the position of the CSU presidium”.

Union continues in the midst of difficult Chancellor question: Laschet's pressure angered CSU - "it doesn't work that way"

Update from April 12, 4:27 p.m.:

The CDU's desire for a quick Chancellor decision meets with resistance from the CSU - and apparently also with displeasure.

He did not want a "rush-hour procedure", said Söder after information from

Münchner Merkur in

the afternoon in the presidium meeting of the Christian Socials.

Party vice Dorothee Bär apparently also criticized the sister party.

"The CDU presidium says 'Hugh, I spoke' - it doesn't work that way," she was quoted by participants as saying.

At 4.30 p.m., the party wanted to go public with information about its decisions at a press conference - but without Söder.

General Secretary Markus Blume should first inform - Söder only expresses himself in a special broadcast on Bavarian radio in the evening.

We accompany the PK in a live ticker.

However, the date seems to be delayed.

Chaos in the Chancellor's fight: Söder torpedoed Laschet's wish

Update from April 12th, 3:50 p.m .:

“The facts are on the table,” said Armin Laschet, newly confirmed by the CSU Presidium, at noon - a decision on a candidate for a chancellor must now be made quickly in view of the Corona crisis.

But competitor Markus Söder apparently sees it differently: He doesn't want to make a decision until the end of the week.

It is not yet the day of the decision, rather one will sit down at the end of the week, said Söder on Monday according to participants in a switch of the CDU presidium.

In addition, he will ask that not only two people sit down, but that other representatives of both parties are present.

With this, too, the CSU boss tended to contradict Laschet, who had repeatedly emphasized in his press conference at noon that he would discuss the decision with Söder.

Meanwhile, the CSU Presidium rejected a decision on an even broader basis, according to information from the



The CSU parliamentary group had called for a member survey.

However, the management committee “cleared” this request.

Chancellor fight over already?

Söder makes a meaningful decision

Update from April 12, 3:45 p.m.:

Actually, everything indicates that the Union's decision to become a candidate for Chancellor was in favor of Armin Laschet - but the designated Merkel heir must continue to live with ricochets from their own ranks.

On Monday, after the Berlin CDU, the state association of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania also spoke up with a vote for Markus Söder.

“For us, the main question is who is most likely to win the Bundestag election.

This is the one who has the greatest support from the electorate.

And according to surveys, this is currently Markus Söder, ”said CDU State Secretary General Wolfgang Waldmüller on Monday in Schwerin.

The fact that the CDU presidium voted in favor of Laschet as the Union's candidate for chancellor in the morning and thus backed the party leader was not unusual.

Now it is up to Laschet and CSU boss Söder to come to an agreement as quickly as possible.

The CSU also continued to drum for Söder.

"Markus Söder has what it takes to be Chancellor and enjoys a lot of trust in the population," said party vice Manfred Weber of the

Augsburger Allgemeine


Söder himself caused a surprise on Monday afternoon: Unlike Laschet after the CDU meetings, Söder does not want to participate in the press conference himself after the - already ongoing - CSU switch, as a CSU spokesman announced.

This will be done by General Secretary Markus Blume.

On the other hand, Söder would appear in a broadcast on Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) in the evening, it said.

The BR has added a half-hour special for 7 p.m. to its program.

Söder's ambitions for chancellor before the end?

The preliminary decision has probably been made - Laschet is now putting the pressure on the CSU

Update from April 12th, 2.40 p.m.:

The press conference with Armin Laschet is over.

The audience witnessed a cautious but clear political staging: Laschet avoided calling out to the candidate with the positive CDU vote in his back or demanding a clear time horizon for the Chancellor's decision on the federal election in 2021.

However, the CDU boss immediately spread his election agenda in a comparatively emotional speech - and, with reference to the sensitive corona situation, put pressure in the direction of a quick candidate freestyle.

Laschet demonstratively left the position of the CSU on the K question to the sister party in Munich, and at the same time ruled out a decision in the Union parliamentary group.

In view of Söder's declaration that he only wants to go into the Bundestag election campaign with the support of the CDU as a candidate for chancellor, the CSU boss has little room for maneuver in the afternoon - but it will still be up to Söder to personally clear the way for Laschet.

In view of the pressure also from the opposition to politically dedicate itself to the fight against corona, a decision on Monday or Tuesday seems quite possible.

Chancellor question: Laschet puts pressure - but shies away from making clear demands on Söder

Update from April 12, 2:32 p.m.:

Once again, Laschet is faced with an urgent question about the candidacy for chancellor.

When asked whether he now expects Söder to clear the way for the candidate Laschet in view of the clear vote of the CDU, the CDU chief does not want to lean out the window: “I am not expecting anything.

We have done our job, we have found our positions, ”he explains.

When asked, Laschet also explains that he does not expect a decision this Monday.

“It doesn't have to be today, we shouldn't speculate about time periods,” he says.

"It should just be very soon." 

Update from April 12, 2:25 p.m.:

When asked what would happen if the CSU Presidium spoke out in favor of Markus Söder as candidate for chancellor, Laschet remained vague: Markus Söder had already expressed his expectations for the course of the meetings on Sunday.

"Everything else will be decided by the CSU Presidium on its own."

The Union parliamentary group and the federal cabinet on Tuesday had "very important questions to discuss," explains Laschet with a view to the Corona reform of the Infection Protection Act - he will not be involved.

It resonates: The Chancellor's decision should not be made by the parliamentary group.

Laschet explains Chancellor action of the Union - and comments on survey flops: "decision of principle"

Update from April 12th, 2:20 pm:

"That was not a preliminary decision today, it was a

picture of the

opinion," emphasized Laschet

when asked


The next steps will be discussed with Markus Söder and the CSU.

Of course, survey results were also discussed in the CDU's debates on the candidate for chancellor, admits Laschet.

But it is about a "fundamental decision by the CDU and CSU".

Survey values ​​could change quickly, everyone agreed on that.

"You have to make politics from a basic understanding that does not look at surveys," emphasizes the CDU boss.

Laschet-PK: CDU boss wants to talk to Söder “very soon” today - decision at the beginning of this week?

Update from April 12, 2:18 p.m.:

As discussed with CSU boss Markus Söder, an opinion was obtained from the CDU presidium.

Laschet says he will be looking for a conversation with Söder “very soon” today.

“One thing was evident in our committees today: Everyone wants a quick decision.

All the facts are on the table. ”The decisions to be made this week are so big that one can no longer deal with internal party issues, explains Laschet.

The CDU boss wants a quick candidate selection - possibly within the next hours or days.

Update from April 12th, 2:16 pm:

"My understanding of my candidacy is a European one," emphasizes Laschet.

All of Europe is looking at how Germany is positioning itself.

Anyone who wants to leave the EU - like the AfD - is damaging German interests.

"This European commitment is what I want to get involved with in the coming weeks."

Union and the chancellor question: Laschet is “happy” about CDU support - and starts election campaign speech

Update from April 12th, 2:14 pm:

"I was very happy about the great support in the presidium and in the federal board," says Laschet.

In a remarkable way, the CDU leader goes straight to his election campaign topics: What is important to him is a “modern Germany”, but also bring together climate protection and the needs of Germany as an industrial location.

Another concern for him is a colorful Germany - Laschet speaks of an “immigration society” and a “social Germany”.

The advancement through education remains the great promise of prosperity.

Update from April 12, 2:12 p.m.:

Laschet begins his remarks, however, with reference to the planned Corona Emergency Brakes Act - it must now be acted quickly.

The CDU leader appeals to the SPD to allow approval in the Federal Council.

In the morning, the opposition, but also the SPD, reprimanded the Union's preoccupation with the chancellor's question in the midst of the worsening corona crisis.

CDU-PK with Laschet starts - Ziemiak: "broad support for Laschet as candidate for chancellor"

Update from April 12, 2:08 p.m.:

The CDU press conference with Armin Laschet now starts more than half an hour late.

"We have two applicants for the candidacy for Chancellor with Armin Laschet and with Markus Söder", General Secretary Paul Ziemiak introduces the group - he speaks of a "good day for the Union".

The relationship between the sister parties has not been as good "as it is today" for a long time.

There were more than 40 requests to speak in the committees, reports Ziemiak.

The vote was clear: "There is broad support for Armin Laschet as candidate for chancellor from the CDU and CSU." The CDU general refers to Laschet's qualities in a rather subtle way: What is needed is a clear set of values ​​and the ability to bring positions together.

There are “many good arguments for campaigning with Armin Laschet”.

A final vote has not yet been given.

Ziemiak speaks of an opinion that Laschet should use to talk to Söder.

Union: Are you lazy on the way to the candidacy for chancellor?

Voices leaked from the CDU executive committee - Merkel reacts

Update from April 12, 1.30 p.m.:

After the CDU presidium, there was also broad support in the larger party executive for a candidate for chancellor from party leader Armin Laschet.

That emerged from the requests to speak in the discussion, reported the dpa, citing participants in the round.

Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble, for example, has attested to Laschet that he has everything with him to face the challenges of being a candidate for chancellor.

The Lower Saxony CDU boss Bernd Althusmann also spoke out in favor of Laschet after this information.

Laschet has a clear stance and a solid set of values ​​- this is now important.

Apparently, the party executive also asked Chancellor Merkel to assess the situation.

Merkel said she had "taken the mood with her," the picture claims to have learned from the group.

In these minutes Laschet actually wanted to appear in front of the press in Berlin.

The eagerly awaited press conference has not yet started.

Chancellor's favorite lags?

Green is tough with Söder in court - "But that was a short candidacy for chancellor"

Update from April 12th, 1 p.m.:

The CDU Presidium has stood behind Armin Laschet on the Chancellor question.

A final vote was not yet associated with this opinion - but the Greens in particular take the tendency as an occasion for bitter criticism of Markus Söder and the CSU.

“Then yesterday that was just a profiling number from Markus Söder at the expense of the entire store.

What kind of people! ”Tweeted the member of the Bundestag Konstantin von Notz at noon.

"That was probably the number that #CSU and # Söder are extremely important," agreed former Federal Minister Renate Künast in a reply to the post: "Totally crazy for a nationwide 5% party." ne short candidacy for chancellor from Master Söder, ”scoffed the Bavarian Green Party Member Dieter Janecek in the short message service.

According to polls for the 2021 federal election, the Greens are the Union's main competitor for the Chancellery.

The CSU meanwhile rallied further demonstratively behind Söder.

“He would be an excellent candidate for #chancellor.

With him, the Union would have the best chances to remain the strongest force in Germany & to provide the next Chancellor, ”tweeted the President of the State Parliament and CSU Upper Bavaria District Chairman Ilse Aigner - albeit in the subjunctive.

More "cool calculation" than a courageous and risky reach for the chancellorship had already



Munich Merkur

* in a comment behind Söder's willingness to run for office *.

Laschet or Söder?

CDU size Bosbach gives his prognosis: "Anything else would be dismantling"

Update from April 12, 12.35 p.m.:

After this Monday morning, what are the chances of Armin Laschet and Markus Söder of the Union candidate for chancellor?

The long-standing CDU leader Wolfgang Bosbach sees this question in an interview with

* not yet finally clarified.

However, he locates the advantages on Laschet's side: "If Laschet wants to be a candidate for chancellor, then he will be," emphasized Bosbach.

The former parliamentary deputy did not expect any surprises this Monday: “Laschet will receive broad support for his application both in the presidium and in the federal executive committee of the CDU.

Anything else would be dismantling its own chairman, who was only elected a few months ago. ”At the same time, the CSU will not want a trial of strength with the CDU.

Bosbach now expects an agreement between the two union heads: "I don't believe in a decision in the joint parliamentary group, in the end Laschet and Söder will make it up among themselves."

Update from April 12th, 12 noon:

Armin Laschet has taken a first hurdle on the way to the candidacy for chancellor: The CDU presidium has supported its party leader "without exception", said Hesse's head of state Volker Bouffier after the meeting.

However, there is still a certain scope for interpretation.

There was no official vote for Laschet in the Chancellor's wrestling with CSU leader Markus Söder in the morning.

Apparently, the Berlin CDU politician Monika Grütters also stood behind Laschet - although her regional association had previously spoken out in favor of Söder (see update from 10 a.m.).

The idea of ​​the CDU top is to come up with a joint solution with the CSU within a week, explained Bouffier.

The Presidium made it clear that Laschet thought it was exceptionally suitable "and asked him to now discuss the further way in which we can do it with Markus Söder".

However, the committee marathon of the Union parties does not end there.

The - somewhat larger - CDU executive committee still meets at lunchtime, followed by the CSU presidium in the afternoon.

Both Laschet and Söder want to appear in front of the press on Monday.

Laschet at 1.30 p.m., Söder at 4.30 p.m.

Söder or Laschet?

CDU Presidium has spoken

Update from April 12, 11:43 a.m.:

The CDU presidium has apparently spoken - and a large majority supported a candidate for chancellor by party leader Armin Laschet.

This was confirmed by the Hessian Prime Minister Volker Bouffier on Monday after the meeting of the Presidium in Berlin.

But no decision was made - this was also not planned.

Laschet collects the next tip - of all things NRW local association speaks out in favor of Chancellor candidate Söder

Update from April 12, 11.40 a.m.:

As the first CDU local association in North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf-Lierenfeld has publicly spoken out in favor of Markus Söder (CSU) as the Union's candidate for chancellor.

"Söder has charisma," said the local association chairman Christian Rütz of the dpa in Düsseldorf.

“The population trusts him to cope with the crisis,” said the lawyer, who is also a CDU councilor in the state capital.

Therefore, the vote of the board in the small 30-member CDU local association in the Düsseldorf working-class district Lierenfeld was unanimous for the Bavarian Prime Minister.

"As a local association at the grassroots in North Rhine-Westphalia, we want a top candidate who enjoys good approval ratings from the population through stringent action and who gives the Union a strong starting position in the federal elections," says a press release from the small party cell.

“That is why the Presidium should propose Markus Söder as a joint candidate for chancellor of the CDU and CSU for Germany.” But that is not a vote of no confidence in the CDU party leader Armin Laschet, who is also applying for the candidacy for chancellor.

Söder or Laschet: meeting before CDU meeting and chancellor candidate question leaked - top politicians cautious

Update from April 12, 10.30 a.m.:

Söder or Laschet?

This question will move the Union on Monday.

In Berlin they have been meeting non-stop for around 24 hours: Apparently, Armin Laschet summoned several CDU top politicians to a meeting of the inner circle that night - according to information from Bild, health minister and “tandem” partner Jens were among them Spahn and the Prime Ministers Michael Kretschmer, Reiner Haseloff and Daniel Günther.

In the morning, the CDU presidium met in attendance for its meeting - submitting daily negative corona tests, as the party said.

In a


talk on Sunday evening, Laschet was very confident: he had "not yet heard" that someone in the CDU presidium favored Söder, said the party leader.

In fact, in the morning with a vote by the Berlin CDU for Söder, the news came of a first setback - the capital city CDU is represented on the Presidium with Minister of State for Culture Monika Grütters.

Initially, the CDU made rather cautious statements.

“Both candidates have my trust,” said Union parliamentary group leader Ralph Brinkhaus in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”.

It is now important "that we find a solution that can be supported by large parts of the Union," said Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier (CDU) on the n-tv channel.

Söder or Laschet?

Chancellor bang in the morning - First CDU regional association for Söder

Update from April 12th, 10:00 a.m .:

The CDU Presidium is already meeting on the Chancellor question - Armin Laschet will have to accept at least one damper: The Berlin CDU is behind CSU leader Markus Söder as the Union's candidate for chancellor.

The presidium of the capital city CDU unanimously voted for a candidacy for the Bavarian Prime Minister, said the CDU state chairman Kai Wegner on Monday.

"Markus Söder is the hands-on, successful crisis manager who can lead Germany out of the pandemic and make the country fit for the future," explained Wegner.

With Armin Laschet and Söder, the Union has two strong Prime Ministers as chairmen of the CDU and CSU, who both have what it takes to be Federal Chancellor, Wegner said, but also said: “We are convinced that people even more trust Markus Söder to do Germany well to lead."

Union: K question - Söder and Laschet reach for the Chancellery, decision on Monday?


Armin Laschet and Markus Söder (right) after the Union parliamentary meeting on Sunday.

© via

First report from April 12th:

Berlin - The pressure has recently been increasing.

Is Armin Laschet reaching out to the Chancellery as the head of the CDU - and thus an obvious candidate for the Union?

Or is it the chairman of the smaller sister party, Markus Söder, who recently duped everyone in polls *?

Both want, that has been clear since the Union summit in Berlin on Sunday.

For the first time, the CSU boss publicly announced that he was throwing his hat into the ring.

And his place might not be in Bavaria forever after all.

And Laschet?

Despite bad poll numbers, he wants to go to Berlin.

Listening to the preferences of both parties has already started.

The first tendencies can be seen. 

After the closed meeting of the parliamentary leaders of the Union, Söder and Laschet declared that they would apply to succeed Merkel.

Both are suitable, both are ready, said Söder at the subsequent press conference.

It is the starting shot of an open competition between CDU boss Laschet and CSU boss Söder.

That would only be the third CSU candidate for chancellor who would dare to rule outside of Bavaria.

Neither Franz Josef Strauss nor Edmund Stoiber made the jump.

Chancellor candidate of the Union: ready to run as chancellor candidate - support also from CDU

The scales on the K question had recently tilted towards Markus Söder.

The call by more than 60 CDU MPs that the decision on the candidate for chancellor should be “discussed in a parliamentary group meeting and, if in doubt, also decided there” is seen as an attempted contribution to strengthening the CSU candidate.

On Monday, April 12, the presidia of the CDU and CSU * will be discussed separately from one another.

The CDU from 9 a.m. in the morning - followed by a board meeting - the CSU in the evening.

It should be about the competing chancellery claims of their respective chairmen.

Laschet already said that he wanted to advertise trust in his candidacy in front of the closest leadership circle of the CDU *.

He left it open whether he would like to have this trust expressed in the form of a resolution.

Merkel's successor: Presidia of the CDU and CSU deliberate separately on the K-issue of the Union

CDU Federal Vice-President Thomas Strobl assumes that the bodies of his party will actually come to a vote on the Union's candidacy for chancellor on Monday.

"The Presidium and the National Board are now the right place to discuss and decide the position of the CDU on the candidacy for chancellor," he told

Stuttgarter Zeitung


Stuttgarter Nachrichten


Söder, in turn, pointed out on Sunday evening that he had “actually” agreed in a conversation with Laschet that “there will be no decision-making now”.

Despite the pandemic, the meeting of the CDU Presidium takes place in attendance.

Laschet justified this with the fact that the party was currently in a "decisive phase" because of the course set in the candidate question.

(aka / AFP) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Showdown in the Union: Markus Söder will have a possible waiver of the candidacy for chancellor buy off dearly, comments Christian Deutschländer *.

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