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Exclusive | Li Xiyan's husband Xie Chengjun's first interview: Spend the rest of his life loving her


In May 2018, he married Li Yanyan, a legendary woman in the city. In mid-December 2020, Li Yanyan was infected with new coronary pneumonia. He tried his best to give her first aid, but he failed to snatch his beloved wife from death. "Brother Cheng Jun" who is also infected

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Written by: Liang Huanmin

2021-04-14 08:00

Last update date: 2021-04-14 08:00

In May 2018, he married Li Yanyan, a legendary woman in the city. In mid-December 2020, Li Yanyan was infected with the new crown pneumonia. He tried his best to give her first aid, but he failed to snatch his beloved wife from death.

"Brother Cheng Jun" Xie Chengjun, who was also infected with the disease, recovered and returned home. When he saw the pink Christmas tree decorated with his wife alone, he felt very heartbroken. "On Christmas Eve, I'm so sad. I'm so sad... I was talking to myself, as if I was talking to him tightly, as if I was silly, people would think it, but I don’t!”

After losing his wife for more than a hundred days, Xie Chengjun, who had lost a lot of money, accepted an interview with "Hong Kong 01". He did not shed tears on the spot. Under the mask, people can see that he is really working hard to learn to forget the pain of leaving his beloved. He has repeatedly expressed that he will cheer up and not Do stupid things and live a positive life.

But the sad memories are always lingering. Every night I dream back at midnight, which is the last struggle of my beloved wife. "He caught my arm, yeah, and my eyes went into a coma. After I called the ambulance, I kept on. Doing extra-heart pressure, I do it all the way, yelling for help all the way, help all the way."

He does not complain about the late vaccine. After the rest, he plans to travel to the UK to walk the unfinished road for his beloved wife. "For the rest of the day, I will spend my whole life loving him."

First disclosure of Li Yanyan's deteriorating condition at home

The founding chairman of the "Justice League" Li Yanyan had a fever in early December last year and was suspected of catching a cold. After seeing a private doctor and handing in a deep throat saliva sample, she rested at home and waited for the test results, but still did not receive notification three or four days later.

On December 16th, she stayed in bed to rest unwell. He was with him. Suddenly, his wife caught his arm, "Yeah" and her eyes went into a coma.

Xie Chengjun, who has a first aid card, provided her with extra-heart pressure first aid until the ambulance arrived and sent her to the hospital.

He said that the medical staff gave her multiple doses of cardiotonic injections to no avail, and he was declared dead about an hour later, without a chance to leave a last word.

This was the 956th day of marriage, and he became a widower in a few hours.

After a hundred days of precipitation, Xie Chengjun was invited to be interviewed and told reporters this scene.

A hundred days after Li Yanyan passed away, as her husband, Li Chengjun is still learning to forget the pain of leaving her beloved.

(Photo by Li Zetong)

Compared with the wedding in 2018, Xie Chengjun has reduced a lot, but he is in good spirits.

Before starting to talk about the past, he told reporters twice:

I want to make it clear to my friends that I will not commit suicide, and that I have gone the same way.

Xie Chengjun

Coming home on Christmas Eve, there is a 6-foot-tall pink Christmas tree in front of you

He recalled that in the first week of losing Li Yanyan, he did not eat or drink every day, only crying and howling with a mask, and he lost more than ten pounds at once.

During that week, he went through quarantine, diagnosed, and went to the Yabo Community Treatment Center for treatment.

I recovered and returned home on Christmas Eve on December 24 and watched the 6-foot-tall pink Christmas tree decorated together by the two of them, recalling the deceased even more, "I love pink, and I tried hard to decorate before I was alive. I said to myself, It’s as if you’re in a tight verse, it’s like an obsessive line, people will think it, but I won’t!”

I yelled because I really lost it, and I couldn’t see him again. For a full month, there was a "pump of water" in the eyes for a long time. It turned out that crying without tears was the most painful.

Xie Chengjun

I also had to deal with the wife’s affairs at the Asia Expo. During the period, I received the report of "negative" test samples submitted before, and felt extremely ironic, "I don’t know how to do it, but I don’t know the arrangement is confusing. I have been receiving the report again. There is no arrangement for quarantine for two or three days. I am so worried that it will affect people."

Share out of grief with fellow travelers

Every day, there will be no miracles if you cry again. He learns to forget the sorrow of losing his wife, shares with friends who have the same experience, and eats well. "I don't absorb protein well at my age, and I will grow old easily." He doesn't want to meet with friends, so he can only learn to meet people slowly, "Actually, I don't want to see friends much, but once I talk about it, I have to go back to my wife again."

To this day, he is still sleeping on the bed that made him wake up from nightmares; there are his wife’s belongings and LED lights for makeup, all of which are kept in the car.

Would you really want to get out one day?

"I dropped a sheet, but of course I still slept on a bed frame. I got up in the car and got up every day for a long time."

Li Yanyan was a political celebrity when she was alive, and she was full of legends when she left. "I don't care about other things. At most, I transported supplies for him, fetched him in and out, and helped him take pictures. I just want to fall in love with him." When he heard his wife's name, every memory was bitter and always smiled.

His whole life is always wave after wave, and I study as a different category.

Xie Chengjun

The first time I met at the hotel was accused of going to the room "Zhongkeng" with Li Yanyan

Xie Chengjun talked about knowing his wife and seeing many "firsts" in life. The biggest change was wearing a pink shirt and taking selfies. He also laughed and said that he only took pictures with a mobile app without "P picture (retouch)".

He repeatedly emphasized that before he met his wife, he did not know how "famous" she was. The reporter said that he did not believe it, and he retorted: "I met him for the first time. I went to a hotel to listen to a song and it was filmed by a magazine. Zhong Yao told him that he brought "Zhongkeng" to the hotel room. When my colleague knew about it, he asked me if I knew it. I knew he was famous." He laughed and said that he minded calling him "Zhongkeng", and pointed out that going to the hotel might not necessarily go to the room.




Receive wife's death certificate: the paper is the same as the marriage certificate

Xie Chengjun once thought about the two of them with gray hair. When they were 80 years old, they would still buy groceries in the market and lead a simple life, but this life cannot come true.

After many months, I just took care of my wife’s belongings, clothes, cosmetics, and daily necessities. Some of them have been discarded and some have been donated to the church. I don’t know how to drop it. I want to smell a scent. I mainly use miracle perfume. I have a few of them. I will bury the wedding ring. But it turns out that there is an indescribable heartache.”

He had received his wife's death certificate earlier, and the moment he received it was another shock. "It turns out that the paper is in the same format as the marriage certificate. I really don't want to receive this paper." Because it means that everything is over.

Will travel to the UK to fulfill Li Yanyan's wish

Li Yanyan left for almost four months, "I promised to travel with the same channel again. I want to travel to the United Kingdom. I know the local area and know how to drive to different places. I haven't visited many places. But I emigrate and don't go to the UK. I will go to the Greater Bay Area... the rest of the day, I will spend my whole life loving him." The next life is to embark on an unfinished journey for my wife and learn to face December 16 this year.


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