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He denounced his psychologist for sexual harassment and threats: 'The worse you get, the more I like you,' he told him on WhatsApp


Agostina Anido brought to court the audios and messages of Noelia Zeoli, therapist from Villa Ballester.

04/14/2021 4:42 PM

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Updated 04/14/2021 4:47 PM

A neighbor of San Isidro

denounced the psychologist

with whom she was taking therapy sessions of having suffered 

sexual harassment




death threats


Agostina Anido

(25), who denounces being harassed and persecuted by

Noelia Zeoli

(35), a neighbor of Villa Ballester (San Martín), made public the ordeal that she has been going through for a few months, when the mental health professional began to show

strange behaviors

that led to his estrangement from his patient.

"She was very

aggressive, invasive and controlling

. She called me at any time and demanded that I tell her where I was and what I was doing. She also

sent me obscene photos and videos

, and

racy audios,

" the young woman told the agency. NA news.

"In one of the Zoom sessions, I saw that he

had 56 photos of me saved on his computer

that he took from my social networks," he added.


Through WhatsApp, the psychologist sent erotic photos and videos to the girls.


I want to fuck you now, I do not give more

. The worse you get, the more you reject me and I like you the more. You can", is heard in one of the voice messages broadcast, which would have been sent by Zeoli.

These circumstances were reason enough for Anido to decide to terminate the sessions after approximately five months, without knowing that

the psychologist's reaction would be even more hostile



We're going to shoot you

, you piece of prostitute. You're a fucking whore who fucks a thousand guys, you trash.

Chorra, you son of a bitch

. Give me back things or

I'll hit you 30,000 shots

and I don't give a damn about everything.

Black shit

, cuckold for your boyfriend, asshole ", is heard in another of the audios.

"She went crazy. We had a phone conversation and she

attacked my mother

and me. I

blocked her

from all the networks and the

threats and extortion began

. She said that if I didn't give her money, she

was going to post intimate photos of me

and with my ex-partner in networks. social.

it appeared several times in my house with a knife

, "said the now former patient.


One of the testimonies of the victims.

Zeoli, who would also be a teacher in a secondary school, has a Facebook profile called '

Lic Psychologist Noelia Lugones Diaz

', the name she uses in the digital sphere.

In its cover photo, it specifies its registration number and announces that it has "offices in Capital and Province."

From that social network, the woman opened fire on her complainant and her lawyer.


Agostina Anido is a murderer who bursts doors of houses

because she works with Saker Omar Abel, a criminal lawyer who is a mafioso. They take drug traffickers out of jail in combination with transient prosecutors. Minister Berni already knows it," he wrote.

"Everything that is happening to me is very sad and regrettable. The last time he called me, he left me messages on the answering machine telling me that he

was going to send a hit man to kill me and leave me in a bag

. When I return from work I come in fear, I look everywhere because I fear that it will appear to me. Every day it is an uncertainty,

I am afraid that it will kill me

. I don't know what else to do, "lamented Agostina, who also specified that her 16-year-old sister was threatened.


The psychologist threatened Agostina, Lucía and Ailén.

Although the case is currently being handled by the

Western Prosecutor's Office of Vicente López

and the

San Isidro Court

, Anido revealed that neither the Olivos Police Station nor the Munro Police Station wanted to take the corresponding complaint from him because it was a "matter of pairs, because she is a woman ", as he told in dialogue with El Nueve.

Finally, in Carapachay he did manage to settle the episode.

"I do not know to what extent it is true that she has a degree in psychology," emphasized the young woman, who met Zeoli when they

were college classmates

, until a while ago, during the career of Tourism at the University of San Martín.

It was at that moment that he decided to start therapy with her, after learning that she was a mental health worker.

With the viralization of the case, which was very relevant through Facebook and Instagram,

two more cases of women threatened

by the alleged professional were also known.

"She thought that because of me and the boy she was dating, Agostina moved away," slipped Aylén, one of the girls who also dared to speak.


The young women shared the messages that the psychologist sent them.

"She threatens all the time and

sends me photos of the alleged hitman who is going to kill us

. The psychologist sent me a request on Facebook and invited me to participate in a radio program, I was not a patient nor do I know her. At first she told me about good way, kind. Then

he began to pose me

as if I were a couple, "added Lucia, another of the girls who was a victim of Zeoli.

"I started to say that

I liked and was excited with my voice

. I sent a

lot of audios and sex tapes

. When rejection, I started to say he had sent me Agostina, and I Agostina do not know.

I he began to insult and say that I was an accessory to a robbery,

"concluded the young woman.

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