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Coronavirus disease. News | News: About 6 cases of confirmed vaccination will be reduced to 16 years old


The epidemic situation in Hong Kong has fallen, but there is a dark surge. The Department of Health announced on Wednesday (14th) that 5 new cases have been confirmed, bringing a total of 11,613 cases. Of the 5 cases, 4 were imported cases, and 1 local case was related to the previous case. Friends who lived in Tuen Mun

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Written by: Zheng Cuibi, Li Enci, Lin Yingxian, Ouyang Dehao, Liang Huanmin, Zhong Yan, Hu Jiaxin, and Chen Shuxia

2021-04-15 08:00

Last update date: 2021-04-15 14:48

The epidemic situation in Hong Kong has fallen, but there is a dark surge. The Department of Health announced on Wednesday (14th) that 5 new cases have been confirmed, bringing a total of 11,613 cases.

Of the 5 cases, 4 were imported cases, and 1 local case was related to the previous case. The patient lived in Ai Fai House, Yau Oi Village, Tuen Mun, but the patient has passed away.

The number of initial confirmed cases is currently less than 5.

According to the news, about 6 new cases were confirmed today (15th).

The Secretary for the Civil Service, Nie Dequan, and the Secretary for Food and Health, Chen Zhaoshi, will meet with the media on the new crown vaccination plan at 3:15 this afternoon.

It is understood that the government will announce at a press conference that the vaccination group will be relaxed, and the age for Fubitai vaccination will be relaxed to 16 years or older; as for Kexing vaccine, the age will be relaxed to 18 years or older.

"Hong Kong 01" will broadcast the press conference live.

▼Update the patient's residence and whereabouts on April 14▼

▼4.13 Forbidden foot detection in 2 closed areas of Lido Garden in Shenjing▼

▼4.13 The third quarantine operation for the third evacuation of Block 3, Aihui Building, Youai Village▼







▼Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor announced on April 12 new anti-epidemic measures▼




[14:46] According to the news, there are about 6 more confirmed cases today

[13:13] Nie Dequan, Director of the Civil Service Bureau, and Chen Zhaoshi, Director of the Food and Health Bureau, will meet with the media on the new crown vaccination plan at 3:15 this afternoon.

It is understood that the government will announce at a press conference that it will relax the vaccination group to citizens aged 16 or above.

[13:03] "Hong Kong 01" discovered in the middle of last month that a private doctor vaccinated unqualified two-way pass holders with Kexing vaccination, exposing that the Department of Health did not provide clear guidelines to doctors and there were loopholes in the government system.

The doctor involved said at the time that the government agreed to complete the second injection for the person concerned based on humanitarian reasons.

However, a Canadian citizen who has received the first dose of the vaccine and does not have a Hong Kong ID card complained that the Department of Health recently (12th) refused a private clinic to complete the second dose for him, which is different from the previous statement.

He said that he plans to apply for a Chinese visa based on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Office in Hong Kong. He is currently unable to receive a second shot and is worried about health problems.

In response, the Department of Health only emphasized the identity of qualified persons under the vaccination plan, but did not directly respond to whether a second injection can be given.

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[12:38] The AstraZeneca vaccine was originally scheduled to arrive in Australia in mid-year.

According to Macau media reports, the Director of the Macau Health Bureau, Luo Yilong, said today (15th) that the Australian government has proposed to the AstraZeneca vaccine manufacturer to suspend supply to Australia, and the other party responded with consent.

Luo pointed out that the Australian government will review more international reports and studies on vaccine safety, as well as policy recommendations in different places, before considering the next step.

Luo Yilong continued that the World Health Organization has not made a precise statement on whether to continue to use the AstraZeneca vaccine. According to the latest recommendations, it still believes that vaccination benefits outweigh the risks.

However, there are enough vaccines in Macau, and there is no urgent need to introduce AstraZeneca vaccine.

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▼“New Way to Fight the Epidemic” Maintain social distancing measures for two weeks▼




[10:56] Under the epidemic, Hong Kong's tourism industry has not been able to restart.

Yao Boliang, the convener of the Hong Kong Travel Agency's Great Alliance for Relief, pointed out in the Hong Kong and Taiwan program "Millennium" today (15) that the industry very much hopes to restart local tours and cruises soon.

As for the government's point, only citizens who have been vaccinated can participate in high seas cruises.

Yao Boliang believes that it would be more reasonable for passengers to take a virus test before boarding and board the ship after receiving a negative result.

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▼Update the patient's residence and whereabouts on April 14▼

[00:40] The government announced late at night on Wednesday (14th) that it will adjust the quarantine arrangements for people entering Hong Kong based on the "vaccine bubble". Those arriving from high-risk to low-risk areas can reduce the quarantine period by 7 days as long as they complete the vaccination period. Those who are at very high risk, including those from the Philippines and Indonesia, will maintain the 21-day quarantine period.

Vaccine Bubbles | The quarantine period for those arriving in Hong Kong from high, medium and low-risk areas can be reduced by 7 days




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Today, 5 more confirmed cases have been diagnosed with the death certificate of the old man at Aihui Building, Youai Village, and less than 5 cases have been initially confirmed

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Confirmed building restaurant | 3 patients' whereabouts exposed, women of unknown origin patronize "Spaghetti Mania" in Tuen Mun

The flight circuit breaker mechanism is intensified within 7 days, 5 confirmed passengers with variant virus strains are banned from flying to ports nationwide for 14 days

The government announced the extension of social distancing measures on the 14th, starting from 4.29 on the "vaccine bubble" as the basis for adjustment

▼4.13 Restaurant customers can still choose to scan and travel with ease or fill in information▼




▼4.13 The third compulsory inspection of Kwan Yick Building Phase III, Sai Ying Pun▼




▼See the details of the scheduled vaccination and side effects of Kexing and BioNTech in the three pictures▼


New crown pneumonia 01 Video I am home to the new crown vaccine vaccination of the Food and Health Bureau, Center for Health Protection, Department of Health

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