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Armin Laschet, the Rocky Balboa of German politics?


Does Armin Laschet have his recipe for success from Rocky Balboa or Dieter Hallervorden? Will Austria manage to test itself out of the pandemic? And what kind of a dinosaur is the Arackar licanantay? That is the situation on Tuesday evening.


Rocky or Didi?

“It ain't about how hard you hit.

It's about how hard you can get hit. «So

Sylvester Stallone

boxed and tortured himself

as Rocky» the Italian stallion «Balboa

through eight films of very different quality (and even if the» Simpsons «claim otherwise: no one was called» Adrian's revenge «) .

Rocky never had the hardest blow, but he could take it: his eyes swollen shut, his lip bloody, the bets against himself - he kept fighting.

Less martial, but from a similar school of thought, comes the life motto of the comedian, actor and theater operator Dieter Hallervorden: "Always get up more than you fall."

Photo: Guido Kirchner / DPA

My colleagues from our capital city office

already described


CDU boss Armin Laschet

as the "Rocky Balboa of German politics"

even before he

secured the Union's

candidacy for chancellor


. Laschet did not let the bad poll results, the attacks of the Söderians and all the violent comments get him down and finally forced the decision in the rematch of the CDU board meeting last night.


threw in the towel at lunchtime

to use a well-worn box phrase, but did not go down - on the contrary: My colleague Stefan Kuzmany sees Bavaria as the "true winner of the candidate duel". “By apparently magnanimously resigning the candidacy, Söder gave Armin Laschet one last push. The candidate from North Rhine-Westphalia is now the front man by Söders grace, «comments Stefan.

Söder said today, when he declared his resignation: “The die has been cast.” And then Laschet missed another low blow by thanking many in the CDU: “The young, the modern, those who look to the future were out ”, with“ many brave MPs ”.

Laschet, in turn, later thanked Söder for the "fair treatment".

Nonstop nonsense in the Union, hopefully the last season.

  • Read the whole comment here: By the grace of Soder

  • And here more about the Chancellor candidate Laschet: man made of rubber

  • And here Söders retreats in the video: "He just likes to be number one"


Test case Austria

"Freedom is within your grasp", promised

Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP)

at the end of last week, now it is more concrete.

While Germany is wrestling with a national emergency brake, the neighbors are already planning broad steps to open it for May.

In fact, the number of reported

infections in Austria

has been gradually falling since the beginning of April - without a national lockdown.

Shops are open in many places, as are day-care centers, schools run alternately.

The »Bild« wrote about the »Ösi-Wunder«.

Briefly justifies the success with extensive tests.

Enlarge image

Shoppers in Eisenstadt (Austria): Not all shops in Austria are open

Photo: Robert Jaeger / dpa

So can you also test yourself out of the pandemic?

No, reports my colleague Julia Köppe from our science department.

"In Austria, too, there were very severe restrictions in some areas, just not in the whole country," she says.

"And now it is also clear: Although tests may shed light on the number of unreported cases, they cannot protect school children from infection."

This can also be seen in the figures: Most recently, the seven-day incidence among six to 14-year-olds in Austria was 274. Only in the next higher age group of 15 to 24-year-olds was it even higher at 277 - this one too Many age groups still go to school.

The fact remains: the


way out of the

pandemic is vaccination


This also seems to be going faster in the meantime, the European Medicines Agency Ema today recommended the unrestricted use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which can lead to blood clots in very rare cases.

The benefits outweigh the risks.

  • Read more here: This is really behind the »Ösi miracle«


Giant lizards, little experts


is one of the first disciplines in which children outperform their parents

: five-year-olds already know that the ankylosaurus could swing a tail club and pronounce the name of the pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus more clearly than the name of its own sibling.

Enlarge image

Atacama Desert: If you want to survive here, you have to get by with little water

Photo: Jiann Ho / iStockphoto / Getty Images

Now there is a new name to learn: Scientists have found the

remains of a dinosaur

belonging to a previously unknown species

in the

Atacama Desert

in Chile


Today the region is considered the driest desert in the world, but millions of years ago there must have been lush vegetation.

Because the now discovered dinosaur fed on plants.

The researchers named the dinosaur Arackar licanantay, which in the language of the indigenous people of the Lickan Antai means something like bones of the Atacama.

  • More here: New dinosaur species discovered in the world's driest desert

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What else is important today

  • A large majority of the Greens supporters found the decision in favor of Baerbock right:

    Robert Habeck is


    back, Annalena Baerbock will take on the first Green candidate for chancellor: eight out of ten supporters of the Greens think that is correct.

    It looks completely different with Union voters.

  • Navalny receives infusions:

    Kremlin critic Navalny has been on hunger strike for three weeks - now, according to his lawyers, the situation is serious.

    After a visit to the military hospital, they sharply criticize the lax treatment methods.

  • Bodyguards under suspicion of racism:

    Several BKA officials are said to have made racist and sexist comments and shared beheading videos in a chat group.

    Now they face consequences.

  • How Telekom and Vodafone let their customers pay endlessly:

    a new mobile phone contract, plus a stylish new smartphone?

    What sounds like a good deal often turns out to be a cost trap for consumers, a study by the comparison portal Verivox shows.

  • Willi Herren is dead:

    The Cologne actor and Ballermann star Willi Herren has died.

    The actor, who became famous through the ARD “Lindenstrasse”, was only 45 years old.

What we recommend today at SPIEGEL +

  • What Merkel and Scholz must fear:

    The political reappraisal of the Wirecard disaster has reached its climax: Parliamentarians question the Chancellor and several ministers.

    What part does the government really have in the financial scandal?

  • "I think the Swedish way is wrong":

    From Chinese toughness to Swedish looseness: the US historian Peter Baldwin analyzes the different strategies in the fight against the corona pandemic.

    His conclusion should be sobering for many.

  • But now out, Leipzig:

    The Leipzig area is constantly changing - fortunately!

    Always new excursions, tours and routes, whether on land or on water.

    Here are the best tips.

Which is not so important today

Photo: Isabel Infantes / dpa

  • Ranking records

    : US pop star

    Taylor Swift

    , 31, broke another chart record: her album "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" reached number one on the US album charts and is thus (after "Folklore" and "Evermore") the third Swift album at the top of the chart in less than a year.

    No musician has succeeded before her, as reported by the US magazine Billboard, which publishes the charts.

    The previous record was held by disco queen Donna Summer with three number one albums in just under 14 months.

Typo of the day

, now corrected: "Committee of Inquiry into Wirecared"

Cartoon of the day:

dog's tail

Photo: Klaus Stuttmann

And tonight?

Enlarge image

Actor couple Williams, Rockwell in "Fosse / Verdon": Scenes from a showbiz marriage

Photo: Pari Dukovic / FX Network / Disney +

Could you follow a recommendation from my colleague Wolfgang Höbel, always a good idea, and watch the award-winning

series "Fosse / Verdon"

with Michelle Williams as a celebrated musical dancer.

The series can now be seen on Disney + and tells the largely historical story of a glamorous couple who are not necessarily familiar to German audiences.

In eight episodes full of wild leaps in time, the series maker Steven Levenson brings a golden age on Broadway to life.

(Here is the detailed discussion.)

A lovely evening.


yours, Oliver Trenkamp

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