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Femicide in Los Toldos: 'My sister already rests in peace'


It was said by the brother of Analía Maldonado (40), who was found dead. The bodybuilder Samuel Llanos (40) is on the run.

Natalia Iocco

04/20/2021 17:05

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Updated 04/20/2021 17:05

Analía opened her business in Los Toldos and her hairdresser became a meeting place.

Many of her clients were also her friends.

And it was they who mobilized their search through demonstrations and social networks, until they finally found his body.

Less than a year ago, Analía Maldonado (40) had started a relationship with Samuel Llanos (40), also known in this city of 13,000 inhabitants near Junín.

Llanos is a bodybuilder, has a gym and had worked as a traffic inspector in the Municipality of General Viamonte, but he

was fired after several complaints were made against him for gender violence, theft, sexual abuse and injuries


His file accumulated files in different prosecutors of the Junín Judicial Department and in the Justice of the Peace, but they never advanced or convicted him of the crimes.

Samuel Llanos, accused of femicide.

The violence of Llanos was known

and worried Analía's friends who during 2020 trained in the gym with her partner.

"Everything was very fast," they acknowledged.

A few months after the relationship began, Llanos was already living with Analía and her barely 7-year-old son.

"She lost a lot of weight, trained a lot and said: '

I want to be beautiful for him,

" some of her clients recall.

None suspected that she could be in a violent bond until a few months ago when they began to see her

"worried" and "anguished"

by the instability of Llanos.

She did not denounce him and no court appearances were recorded. 

It is not clear what happened this weekend, but the neighbors of the house they shared, in Mariano Moreno 757, in Los Toldos, declared that they heard

screams during the night of Saturday and until the early hours of Sunday


When the woman stopped answering the phone and no one could communicate with her, her father Juan Carlos Maldonado (66) made the complaint.

Due to the background of Analía's partner, who was also missing, the search was activated immediately.

Los Toldos security cameras captured them, together, for the last time on Saturday at 9:00 pm. The couple's neighbors acknowledged hearing "fights" until 4:00 am.

Llanos used the couple's car to escape.

A white Nissan Tiida, patent ITA 913, which has not yet appeared and in which it is presumed that the defendant could mobilize.

The car in which Samuel Llanos fled (40).

The cameras took him leaving Los Toldos around 10, on the way to 9 de Julio, a neighboring town, and it was the dogs of the firefighters in the area who followed the traces to the point where, this Tuesday morning , they found a body.

Investigators confirmed that it was Analía because they found

her cell phone with the screen exploded

and items from her home.

According to the main hypothesis, Llanos had beaten Analía in the house they shared.

It was all mixed up and there were traces of violence in all areas of the property, except

in the grill area "where everything was clean and tidy



The femicide is a bodybuilder.

Therefore, they presume that the bodybuilder tried to hide the body in that place and took a rural road to the town of San Emilio, 7 kilometers from provincial route 65, towards San Emilio.

The remains were hidden between the grasslands and the victim's cell phone, about 200 meters away.

In addition, in a nearby bag there were shovels, irons and items that they recognized as belonging to the victim.

Now all the operations are destined to find Llanos, who went from being missing to being

accused of femicide


They look for him house by house in Los Toldos and also in his relatives, in the western area of ​​the Conurbano.

Various complaints

The man has seven complaints for gender violence, minor and serious injuries, theft and sexual abuse between 2009 and February 2020.

The first was from a woman on December 10, 2009. The 9th Prosecutor's Office in Junín and the Justice of the Peace in General Viamonte intervened.

The following year, on December 17, 2010, the mother of his daughter denounced him for theft and gender violence, a cause in which the prosecutor's office 4 and the same court of the peace intervened.

He did it again in July 2012, due to mistreatment, but in no case did they prosper.

The violence and complaints continued.

He was also accused by his father and his children, ages 21 and 20, for family violence, injuries and mistreatment.

There were three between May 2016 and February 2020.

The couple.

The most serious, until that moment, was in March 2017, when a woman managed to report him for sexual abuse and gender violence.

Most of these complaints were registered as "infractions of law 12,569".

For that fact, he was not detained either, although his contracts with the Municipality were terminated.

The last complaint had been from his father, in February of last year.

Also for family violence and injuries.

Llanos' strategy to silence women or family members who dared to report it is repeated in other contexts affected by gender violence.

Faced with several of the causes, he presented counter-complaints for other threats.

He would also have accused one of his partners because - according to his testimony - he did not allow him to see his daughter, who is now 9 years old.

Family pain

Walter Maldonado (38), Analía's brother, told


: "The prosecutor told us that the body found belongs to Analía, so

my sister is already resting in peace

. For us the search is over, but we are very grateful for all the work that went into finding her. "

Faced with some requests that went viral on networks calling for demonstrations after the confirmation of Analía's death, Walter asked "to end the day in peace."

"We want to make it clear that the family is detached from all these things.

We want this day to end in peace

, we are in mourning and we are not going to participate in any of them. We are in a pandemic, the medical staff is exhausted and today we believe that the best thing is to wait for the investigators to act. "

Analía Maldonado.

While the Buenos Aires Police suspect that Llanos may have taken National Route 5, on the way to the City of Buenos Aires, the victim's family trusts that they will find him.

"The police are looking for him, they are trying to find him. We are only trying to contain my old men, my old woman, my brothers, who are going through this great misfortune," added the victim's brother.

Gender violence

Since March 20, 2020, there have been 279 femicides, 8 transfemicides and 20 linked femicides of adult males and children, according to data collected by the “Adriana Marisel Zambrano” Observatory of Femicides in Argentina, who directs La Casa del Encuentro.

Of that total, 35 of the femicides had already been reported and had a history of violence.

Another 18 were members of the security forces.

Between January and December 2020, line 144 received 108 thousand communications from people, mostly women, asking for help or advice to report situations of violence.


Source: clarin

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