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Corona: Bavaria's incidence is higher than in the rest of the country - groundbreaking summer decision for Munich is pending


The corona numbers in Bavaria are increasing day by day. A curfew advocated by Health Minister Holetschek could counteract this. The news ticker from the Free State.

The corona numbers in Bavaria are increasing day by day.

A curfew advocated by Health Minister Holetschek could counteract this.

The news ticker from the Free State.

  • The corona numbers are still increasing in the Free State.

    An overview with current data on the districts and cities can be found here *.

  • In a press conference on the chancellor question, Markus Söder also clearly positioned himself with regard to Corona (see update from April 19, 2:46 p.m.).

  • Bavaria has the third highest incidence in Germany (see update from April 19, 8.34 a.m.).

  • This news ticker is updated regularly.

+++++ This news ticker has ended.

You can find the continuation from April 20th here.


Update from April 19, 2:46 p.m.:

A few minutes


Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) stepped in front of the cameras and microphones in Munich.

Before that, he consulted with the CSU leadership on the question: Who will be the CDU / CSU's candidate for chancellor?

In the almost half-hour press conference with the focus on the power struggle in the two sister parties of the Union, there was also a short episode on the current Corona policy.

Söder said, “In addition to the K question, there is also the C question”.

Here the CSU boss once again used the stage to make a name for himself on this question of who the better corona fighter is.

It takes an experienced politician, but also a man with lots of ideas, to cope with the pandemic.

He was such a man himself, he affirmed again, and indirectly gave his competitor Armin Laschet (CDU) a swipe.

He also defended the plan to introduce a nationwide corona emergency brake.

He - and thus also Bavaria - will support and implement the decision that the Bundestag and Council will make this week.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Holetschek supports the curfew

Update from April 19, 10.11 a.m.:

While the Bundestag is voting on the Corona emergency brake in Berlin this week, Bavaria's Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) has commented on a central point from that catalog of rules.

In an interview with the ZDF morning magazine on Monday, he spoke out in favor of a curfew.

It was "proportionate to not be able to go out on the streets for a few weeks in the evening and to participate," said the minister.

Occupancy in the clinics will peak in two to three weeks.

"Now is the time to act."

Corona numbers in Bavaria remain at a high level

Update from April 19, 8:34 a.m.:

Bavaria is now in third place in the Germany-wide incidence comparison. The RKI reported a value of 187.3 for the Free State on Monday

(as of April 19, 3.09 a.m.)

. In contrast, the value for the entire Federal Republic is only 165.3. The RKI also reports 2151 new corona cases in Bavaria. However, the number of new infections reported is lower on Monday than in the middle of the week, as fewer tests are carried out on the weekend.

There are now only two rural districts in the Free State that fall below the incidence limit of 100. At the lower end of the incidence list is the former front runner in Germany, the Tirschenreuth district (68). Then comes the Forchheim district with 94.7. The top runner is the district of Dingolfing-Landau with a value of 349.6 cases in the past seven days. Just behind the district of Kronach with 349.1 cases. The incidence in the state capital Munich has fallen a little again. On Monday it was 161.3 (previous day: 163.9). 13 people have died in connection with Covid-19 disease in the past 24 hours.

Update from April 18, 6:38 p.m.:

The city of Munich can still not give the European Football Union any guarantee that the four European Championship games will be held in front of spectators this summer.

"At this point in time, it is simply not possible to make a statement about whether the infection process in June will allow spectators to enter the stadium or not," said Munich mayor Dieter Reiter of the

world on Sunday.

Corona in Bavaria: Munich continues without a guarantee for EM - "simply not possible"

The UEFA Executive Committee will decide during a meeting this Monday (from 10 a.m.) whether Munich can still co-host the tournament (11 June to 11 July).

According to the current Infection Protection Ordinance, events of this type with spectators are not allowed.

"We hope, however, that the pandemic situation will ease up by June and that we will be able to release at least a certain percentage of the seats in the Allianz Arena for spectators, including additional hygiene measures and possible test strategies, as the UEFA strives for," said Reiter.

Corona in Bavaria: Incidence in Munich is falling slightly

Update from April 18, 2:08 p.m.:

The city of Munich has published the current corona numbers.

On Saturday, April 17th, 264 new infections were added - two people died in connection with an illness.

The R value is now 1.30.

According to the RKI on April 18, the 7-day incidence is 163.9 (previous day: 165.7).

However, this decrease in incidence should not be overinterpreted.

Experience has shown that the numbers drop at the weekend, as less testing is carried out or numbers are only transmitted late.

According to the city, 4,363 people in Munich are currently infected with Corona - 58,741 are considered recovered.

1,148 people died in connection with the coronavirus.

Current # Corona case numbers for # Munich:

New cases (April 17): + 264

new deaths (April 17): + 2

7-day incidence (RKI, April 18): 163.9

percentage of mutations (

April 4

- April 17) ): 89.1% of the cases examined by vPCR

More information:

- City of Munich (@StadtMuenchen) April 18, 2021

Update from April 18, 1:29 p.m.:

The new regulations for opening retail stores in Bavaria do not meet with approval everywhere.

The fact that customers now have to show a negative corona test is preventing many from shopping, fear the retailers.

Therefore, some do not even open their shops despite permission.

Meanwhile, researchers from the University of Regensburg are reporting initial successes in their efforts to develop a drug against Covid-19 disease.

But Professor Gernot Längst, who is helping to advance the research, explains why it is still too early to be euphoric.

Corona incidence in Bavaria far above the national average

Update from April 18, 7:38 a.m.:

The corona numbers continue to rise in Bavaria as well.

With a 7-day incidence of 185.4, the Free State ranks third among all federal states and also above the national average of 162.3.

(Source RKI, as

of April 18

, 3.09 a.m.)

Incidence front runner in Bavaria is now the district of Kronach in Upper Franconia with an incidence of 367.1, followed by the Lower Bavarian district of Dingolfing-Landau with 344.4.

The city of Hof, which has long been the incidence leader in Bavaria, is now “only” in third place (327.3).

The former hotspot district of Tirschenreuth had the lowest incidence value in Bavaria on Sunday.

According to the RKI, the value there is currently only 77.7.

Corona in Bavaria: Numbers continue to rise - Söder orders mourning flags

As part of the central memorial event for the Germany-wide deaths of the corona pandemic in Berlin, Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) ordered the mourning flag of all state service buildings in Bavaria for this day. The municipalities, rural districts and districts as well as the other corporations, institutions and foundations under public law were asked to proceed in the same way. The federal government has made a corresponding regulation for its area.

Update from April 17, 8:59 p.m.:

After the demo ban in Kempten, around 1,000 opponents of the corona policy tried to hold a meeting in the city center of the town in the Allgäu.

According to the police, members of the left-wing scene, whose counter-demonstration had also been banned, were in the city center that afternoon.

The police found a total of almost 180 violations of the right of assembly due to participation in a prohibited gathering.

Fine proceedings were initiated against around 300 people for violating the mask requirement in the city center, around 230 people were sent off.

Four people were therefore temporarily taken into custody.

Corona in Bavaria: Stiko boss makes it clear - vaccinations cannot break the third wave

Update from April 17, 3:15 p.m.:

Bavaria's strategy for corona vaccinations is known: In order to increase the vaccination rate, the prioritization should be lifted. This is also what the general practitioners demand. However, there is now headwind to this decision from the head of the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko), Thomas Mertens.

The doctor urgently warns against this step. “This discussion is really of no use now. We must continue to protect people at high risk of severe Covid-19 disease such as those who have previously been ill with limited vaccine quantities. We use it to protect our intensive care units, ”Mertens told

RP Online

. According to the Stiko boss, the corona vaccinations are not enough to break the third wave. Mertens: “That is also shown by model calculations. That would have meant having a lot more vaccine much earlier. "

Update from April 17, 12.55 p.m.:

In Munich, the seven-day incidence makes another leap again.

According to the city, this value is 165.7 on Saturday.

The day before, the incidence was 158.5.

There were a total of 380 new infections within the last 24 hours - one person died in connection with Corona.

According to the city on Friday, almost 348,000 people in Munich had been vaccinated against the coronavirus by April 15 - including 242,000 first and 105,600 second vaccinations.

First report from April 17th: Munich

- The negative corona development trend in the Free State continues: The numbers are increasing.

According to the RKI, the nationwide incidence on Saturday morning was 182.4.

On Friday only the three districts of Miltenberg, Tirschenreuth, Lindau and the city of Bamberg were below the important limit value of 100. The city of Hof continues to be the unwanted leader in Bavaria with 386.3.

This is not without consequences: The Free State is heading for a tougher lockdown in schools and retail in the next few weeks.

Corona in Bavaria: The majority of students are taking distance lessons again - only for 30 percent face-to-face or alternating lessons

In plain language, this means: If the incidence is more than 100 on Friday, schools have to largely switch to distance teaching in the following week. According to the Ministry of Culture, this will affect 70 percent of the million students in Bavaria in the coming week. As a result, only around 30 percent could stay in classroom and alternate classes, confirmed a ministry spokesman. The only exceptions are the final grades, the fourth grades of primary schools and the 11th grades of grammar school.

The state capital Munich had already announced a corresponding regulation on Friday morning.

Here the incidence rises to 165.7 on Saturday.

Regardless of the ongoing discussion about school openings up to an incidence of 200 at the federal level, the 100 limit currently applies in Bavaria.

From this value, the emergency brake is pulled in schools.

In the affected regions in the Free State, the following rules initially apply from Monday, April 19 to Friday, April 25: Day-care centers, day-care centers and organized play groups only offer emergency care.

Distance learning takes place in all schools.

Corona: Pupils in face-to-face classes have to present a negative test result - only "Click & Collect" allowed for retail trade "

Students who are taught on-site must maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and present a negative PCR or POC antigen test result at the beginning of the school day. As an alternative, the children can take a self-test * at school under supervision. The test obligation * applies at least twice a week. "In order to effectively break the third wave with dominant mutations, the closings of schools and day-care centers are unfortunately essential," explains Munich's third mayor Verena Dietl (SPD) of the 



The retail sector will also have to adjust to the tightening again.

On Friday, a total of 23 districts in the Free State met the retail conditions for a complete closure in the next week, with the exception of the "Click and Collect" procedure.

This applies from a seven-day incidence over 200 for at least three days at a time.

On Friday, three districts - Starnberg, Miltenberg and Tirschenreuth met the conditions for opening the retail trade with an appointment ("Click and Meet").

You can read more stories from Bavaria here.

By the way: The most important stories from the Free State are now also available in our brand new, regular Bayern newsletter.

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