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What the fight with Hidden City: the health situation and a possible move to cancel the STEP


The agreement that the Government had almost closed with the opposition due to the electoral calendar is at risk. The move to go straight to the general would be a policy failure. As great as the judicialization of the conflict by face-to-face classes.

04/20/2021 10:44 PM

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Updated 04/20/2021 10:44 PM

President Alberto Fernández assured that

"we must continue to take care of ourselves beyond the denial of some



He referred to the second wave of the coronavirus in Argentina that, with or without closures, continues its spread.

He added: "we must continue like this in the face of a reality that infects us and kills us."

It may be thought that the president made that exhortation in a general way.

It is true that there are citizens who face the present challenge without taking minimal precautions.

In many cases, it is difficult to adopt them because of the conditions in which they spend their lives.

It can also be thought that Alberto has slipped the recommendation before with a political sense than a health one.

Perhaps the final port has been the head of the City, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, a

renewed enemy that Kirchnerism builds to distract from the crisis of the pandemic.

Alberto Fernández, upon receiving the first dose of the Sputnik V vaccine.

The President has, in this area, a difficulty.

His word lacks validity for a simple reason.

He contracted coronavirus even after receiving two doses of Sputnik V, the Russian vaccine. It even generated a viral load that surprised experts at the Gamaleya Institute in Moscow.

Wasn't the proper care taken? Or is he also part of the denialist legion that he denounces now?

 Just by reviewing many of his public activities in a pandemic - including the wake of Diego Maradona - one could find an answer to some of those questions.

Rodríguez Larreta also contracted the disease. But there would be three differences from the President. He has not yet been vaccinated. He has not been seen, publicly at least, in conspicuous neglect situations. Also from his place of power he usually makes general recommendations.

Although he strives not to pontificate or become an example to anyone.

It does not imply, however, that political desire does not involve their actions. It is in the nature of men involved in public life and power.

Fernández (Alberto) and Rodríguez Larreta are now the central actors in the pandemic crisis. Only on the political level.

Observed from that glass they help to understand why Argentina has been prostrate for decades.

They do not have the same responsibility because one is the highest authority in the country and the other the reelected head of the second most important district.

They both have their problems.

They are far from being of a similar dimension.

Alberto has not only lost authority in words.

He comes resigning boxes, in addition, at the top of power.

In addition, in the indecipherable framework that the Frente de Todos represents so many times.

His leadership of the pandemic, which pushed him at the beginning (2020) to peaks of popularity,

now leads him to the fall of social confidence and to the corset imposed on him by the hard wing of Kirchnerism.

Its recent turn in the new restrictions to face the second wave was a demonstration of the weight that Buenos Aires represents.

With five names that, under the supervision of Cristina Fernández, carve more every day.

Governor Axel Kicillof;

the deputy Máximo Kirchner, the Minister of Security, Sergio Berni;

those in charge of the Health area, Daniel Gollan and Nicolás Kreplak.

All of them ended up

establishing conditions for Alberto to tighten restrictions.

In particular, the return to face-to-face classes.

The trigger, perhaps the only possible one, of the conflict with the City and with Rodríguez Larreta.


great objective of the vice president

since she discovered in campaign times that "the ferns in Buenos Aires have electricity and water."

The President himself, much later, discovered that the city in which he has resided for six decades is "opulent."

The failure of politics

Perhaps without realizing it, Sergio Massa, the head of the Chamber of Deputies, made an approximation to the truth in the last hours. Or, at least, to an understandable diagnosis. He said that when things are judicialized

"it is because politics failed."

He pointed to the next intervention of the Supreme Court in the open lawsuit with the City for the return to face-to-face classes. After a tangle of judicial resources in various instances. He discovered nothing. But it nevertheless distributed a soothing breeze

in a nation intoxicated by the farces of its ruling class

. Isn't it a failure of politics, too, when someone proclaims prison for the corrupt and ends up allied with those suspected of corruption?

This confrontation has been escalating just at the time that official sectors were struggling to create a climate of harmony to address an issue that worries them, despite the tragedy shown by the pandemic:

the modification of the electoral calendar.

Eduardo De Pedro, the Minister of the Interior, had traveled the opposition spinel quite successfully in the previous weeks.

Máximo Kirchner, Massa, Wado De Pedro, Kicillof, Ritondo and pro-government and opposition mayors in the Casa Rosada on March 30, 2021 when they took the first step to change the electoral schedule.

He found no insurmountable resistance in Together for Change.

Only some conditions (to analyze the single ballot in the future or to nullify Alberto's DNU that limits the vote of residents abroad), which were also replied by the deputies who respond to former minister Roberto Lavagna.

Nothing that could not be discussed.

The weekend collision with face-to-face classes in schools

may have changed conditions.

In fact, Massa himself canceled a meeting scheduled for this Wednesday.

And the Minister of the Interior is aware of the waiting time that was opened in Together for Change.

After a summit in which coincidences predominated.

It remains to be seen if the Supreme Court ruling, in favor of one or the other, restores sanity.

Hard to imagine if the affected party were the Government.

In that case, perhaps, something worse could happen.

May the negotiations never resume.

That the calendar remains as it is.

STEP in August and legislative in October.

Depending on the progress of the vaccination campaign and the dimension of the impact of the second wave,

Kirchnerism would be able to act on its own.

In Deputies, with its satellites, it can border the 130-2 votes.

The calculation is done.

There are no obstacles in the Senate.

So that?

Cancel the PASO for emergency reasons and take the fight directly to the legislative ones.

Even some month after October.

It would be, as Massa said, another failure of politics.

Also a scandal for sure.

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