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Shocking burglary in Heng'an Village, police arrested a clerk for suspecting that the door key was placed on the side cabinet to cause the thief to enter the house


A shocking burglary occurred in Heng'an Village, Ma'anshan in the early morning of the day before (23rd). A thief sneaked into a unit in Hengjiang Building and ransacked. Busser


Written by: Ling Yide

2021-04-25 13:02

Last update date: 2021-04-25 20:10

A shocking burglary occurred in Heng'an Village, Ma'anshan in the early morning of the day before (23rd). A thief sneaked into a unit in Hengjiang Building and ransacked. She used cloth to plug her mouth and shook her head to bury the wall, Kwong Nuv struggled desperately, with blood marks on her neck and injuries to her shoulders. The culprits did not take away the valuables and leave.

After investigation, the police arrested a 37-year-old man involved in the case in the same village yesterday (24th).

Detective Inspector Wu Zhiying, the first team of the Shatin Police District Crime Squad, said that after receiving the report last Friday (23rd), the police identified a man involved in the case after in-depth investigation, analysis and a large number of closed-circuit television searches. At 3 pm, the suspect was arrested in a unit in Ma On Shan. The suspected crime was called a crime of entering the house, and the clothing he was wearing at the time of the crime and a mobile phone were found.

The arrested man was 37-year-old with his surname Xiao, and reported to be a clerk. He and the female victim in the case did not know each other. The motive for entering the house is believed to be a burglary. He is currently being detained for investigation.

It is reported that the suspect also lives in Heng'an Village. At that time, he entered the house and was found by the female victim. It is not ruled out that he was evading chase. Before fleeing, he removed locks and anti-theft fish glasses and other items.

The suspect did not step on the line beforehand, and the "X" mark on the door of the unit involved or the old traces, the suspect randomly selected the unit to commit the crime. Since the key of the unit involved was placed on the cabinet next to the door, he cannot be ruled out from obtaining the key to enter the house.

The incident occurred at 1 o'clock in the morning last Friday. A 36-year-old female resident surnamed Kwong, Hengjiang Building, Heng'an Village, Ma'anshan, saw a culprit appearing in her apartment.

The culprit immediately attacked the female resident when he saw that he was smashed and fled.

The police officers arrived at the scene to investigate and initially counted that there was no loss of valuables, except that they lost a lock, a string of keys, an anti-theft fish glasses and two pillow bags.

The victim suffered injuries to her head, neck and hands. She was accompanied by a female friend and rushed to the Prince of Wales Hospital by ambulance for treatment.

The female victim later accepted an interview with "Hong Kong 01" to tell the story of the incident. She said that she went home to work at 9pm on Thursday (22nd) to deal with WhatsApp and Internet customer orders. After that, she fell asleep with extreme fatigue. Seeing a culprit appeared in the apartment: "I thought it was a dream!" The culprit claimed to have robbed and rode on her.

↓The burglar entered the house and left the head of the household with blood stains on the neck and shoulders↓




The iron gate is designed as a hidden worry, Ma On Shan madmen enter the house, burglary, and steal the lock in the neighbourhood to change the concealed gate to ensure safety

Ma On Shan burglar enters the house and the female head of the household has blood stains on her neck and shoulders, and the door is marked with an "X"

The Ma On Shan thief broke into the house and the head of the household strangled her neck, shook her head and buried her wall in danger of suffocation: I'll see a woman if I stay here for my life


Burglary, wounded and robbery 01 Video I am home

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