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[Positive Practice] AXA BetterMe Body and Mind Support Platform to Replenish Life Energy by Mindfulness


At each stage of life, there will always be different issues. Maintaining a positive will can help us calmly challenge from different tests and move towards success. In fact, optimism, positive energy, etc. are not just slogans, but through daily life

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Written by: Xie Deqin

2021-04-28 06:00

Last update date: 2021-04-28 06:00

At each stage of life, there will always be different issues. Maintaining a positive will can help us calmly challenge from different tests and move towards success.

In fact, optimism and positive energy are not just slogans, but through continuous practice in daily life to achieve a better self.

AXA's comprehensive physical and mental support platform "AXA BetterMe" can be a good helper. The "Spirit Gas Station" provides a number of free resources, such as mindfulness meditation teaching, positive energy articles, bedtime stories and relaxing music, etc. , One machine in hand, maintain the strong physical and mental state anytime, anywhere, and calmly cope with the big and small challenges of life.

Mindfulness practice has become a daily routine to inject positive energy into oneself

The "AXA BetterMe" platform provides a one-stop resource for physical and mental support. Users can download the Emma by AXA mobile app for free and click on the "Spirit Gas Station" interface in the catalog to find "Learn to relax" and "Enhance positive energy" , "Solving problems" and "Building resilience" 4 categories.

In recent years, the mindfulness and meditation practice resources recommended by psychologists can also be found on the "AXA BetterMe" platform.

AXA also invited star yoga instructor Zhong Liqi to voice navigation, so that the public can achieve physical and mental peace and improve the quality of life through persistent meditation practice.

In addition, the resources provided by the "learning to relax" and "enhancing positive energy" on the platform, such as relaxing music, sleep stories, listening to the sound of ocean waves, light rain, and natural environment sounds before going to bed, also help relax and fall asleep.

Volunteers help others and heal the soul at the same time

In addition to providing one-stop physical and mental support resources, AXA also launched a number of projects to promote mental health, such as the launch of an employee mental health plan in 2019 to support the mental health of employees of corporate clients under the employee benefit protection plan.

Last year, "mental health" was adopted as the theme of "AXA Corporate Responsibility Week" ("Responsibility Week") to promote attention to this issue.

Responsibility Week mobilized nearly 300 AXA employees and financial consultants to participate in volunteer services to convey care to grassroots families and people suffering from emotional distress in a remote way, including hand-made paintings that heal the soul, picture books for the soul, and rain drums. Together with anti-epidemic supplies and daily necessities, they were given out as a gift box, benefiting 800 people in need.

In addition, AXA also organized the "Sports Challenge" to encourage employees, financial advisers and their families to raise nearly HK$25,000 in donations in the form of walking or running, all donated to the Mental Health Foundation to support the promotion and prevention of mental health .

Last year, AXA and St. James' Settlement cooperated to launch the online learning platform "AXA Burning Childlike Heart Project", through interesting games and short videos to support the mental health of primary school students.

Activities can not only support those in need, volunteers can also enjoy the physical and mental relief and happiness in the process of helping others. AXA spares no effort in promoting mental health and caring for the mental health needs of all walks of life. Therefore, it was awarded the "01 Corporate Golden Award 2020 "Won the "Outstanding Leadership Thinking Insurance Company" award, commending him for actively promoting the vision of urbanites to pay attention to the health of the mind.

More information: "AXA Brightening Children's Heart Project" online learning platform

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AXA BetterMe delivers positive energy, body, mind, and health feed

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