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The HA’s “Easy Redispense” dispensing in phases to prevent patients from misusing drugs increased to 12 hospitals this year


Many patients in public hospitals take multiple drugs and require regular follow-up consultations. In order to improve drug safety, the Hospital Authority has launched the "Easy Dispensation" program, which serves patients over 60 years of age and taking 5 or more drugs.

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Written by: Zhang Jiamin

2021-05-04 08:00

Last update date: 2021-05-04 08:00

Many patients in public hospitals take multiple drugs and require regular follow-up consultations.

In order to improve drug safety, the Hospital Authority has launched the "Easy Dispensation" program, which serves patients over 60 years of age and taking 5 or more drugs.

They will be dispensed with medicines in stages, and the pharmacist will follow up the situation to prevent patients from storing too much medicine and taking wrong medicine.

The team was awarded the 2021 Outstanding Team Award by the Hospital Authority. "Easy Matching" is currently being implemented in 9 public hospitals, with approximately 37,000 patients using the service. It is expected to expand to 3 hospitals this year.

"Easy Duplication" team: From left to right, from left to right, Wu Guohui, system manager of the Information Technology and Medical Information Department of the Hospital Authority; Huang Jiahua, manager of the Pharmacy Department of the Prince of Wales Hospital; Li Chengzhang, Chief Pharmacist of the Chief Pharmacist Office of the Hospital Authority; and Yan Manshan, a senior pharmacist , Department Manager (Pharmacy) Zhu Liming of Tuen Mun Hospital, Senior pharmacist Fan Sheung-yen of Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, and Ma Hanming, consultant doctor of internal medicine and geriatrics at Shatin Hospital.

(Photo by Zhang Jiamin)

The “Easy Re-dispensing” drug re-dispensing service pilot program was implemented in 2018. The service targets are medical outpatients who are taking a variety of drugs, have a follow-up period of 16 weeks or more, and are 60 years of age or older. Many times between consultations or hospital admissions.

Different from the previous distribution of all prescription days at a time, patients participating in the "Easy-Dispensing" program will dispense drugs in phases; and before re-dispensing drugs, the pharmacist will first confirm the patient's condition, including reviewing the patient's drug prescription Whether it has been changed, and whether the patient has ever visited a doctor or hospitalized during the period

The pharmacist will review the drug records and even follow up via phone calls or meetings to conduct drug evaluations.

The Hospital Authority has set up dedicated counters for taking medicines in hospitals that implement "Easy Dispensing". Patients or people who take medicines only need to scan the code on the medicine bill at the electronic service station. The staff can identify the medicines that have been dispensed through the technological system. Help speed up the process.

37,000 eligible patients used the service

One of the team members, Li Chengzhang, Chief Pharmacist at the Chief Pharmacist Office of the Hospital Authority, pointed out that there are currently about 37,000 eligible patients using the "Easy Replenishment", of which 10% are elderly residents.

He pointed out that after being given new drugs, patients in the past are likely to confuse the drugs and even take the wrong drugs.

At present, the pharmacist can update the patient's medication status before the patient's follow-up visit to get the medication. In addition to informing the patient to change the medication, he can also avoid stockpiling overdose.

Ma Hanming, a consultant physician in the Department of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at Sha Tin Hospital, pointed out that the service not only serves the welfare of patients, but also strengthens communication between pharmacists and doctors, and reduces the workload of doctors at the same time.

He pointed out that in addition to discussing medications for patients, they even met for consultations together, describing it as a "cultural change."

The "Easy Duplicate" team won the 2021 Outstanding Team Award of the Hospital Authority.

(Photo by Zhang Jiamin)

Ngan Man-shan, a senior pharmacist at the Chief Pharmacist’s Office of the Hospital Authority, said that before the launch, he was worried that it would be difficult to change the minds of patients and that they would not be willing to take medicines again. In addition, "Easy Dispensation" requires front-line medical staff and colleagues from the computer technology department. The various departments cooperated and frankly stated that the success of the plan was "not easy to come by."

In response to the epidemic, patients can choose to get their medicines through community pharmacies and other service providers. She described the plan as being forward-looking.

The HA currently implements "Easy Override" in 9 public hospitals, including Tuen Mun Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, Eastern Ud Nethersole Hospital, North District Hospital, Ruttonjee Hospital, Tin Shui Wai Hospital, Pok Oi Hospital and the University. Po Nethersole Hospital.

The HA will expand the plan this year to 3 more public hospitals, namely, United Hospital, Queen Mary Hospital and Caritas Hospital.

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