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Why is everyone doing a black kitchen all of a sudden? - Walla! Home and design


After years of white color dominating kitchens in Israel, it seems that black kitchens are the hottest trend. Is it practical and what must be known before making a black kitchen at home. All the details in the article

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Why is everyone doing a black kitchen all of a sudden?

After years of white hegemony in Israeli kitchens, it seems that suddenly everyone is strong in the segment of black kitchens - is it practical, or just beautiful and what must be known before making a black kitchen at home.

All the details in the article


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Home and design

Tuesday, 04 May 2021, 07:15 Updated: 07:16

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Breaking records of demand and popularity.

Black kitchen of Ziv Kitchens (Photo: Israel Cohen)

The Israeli design scene has changed beyond recognition in the past decade. One of the welcome changes is the fact that Israelis have stopped fearing dominant, dark and dramatic colors and in fact black has become one of their favorite colors, even when it comes to elements with volume and presence in space, such as the kitchen. A significant space that is only intensifying in the Israeli home over the years.

"At the end of the last decade, black became a particularly sought-after shade, especially in elements that have mass and presence such as flooring and cladding tiles, various surfaces and in kitchens," says Guy Natan, Ziv Kitchens' VP of marketing. The last two years.

We see how black breaks records in the degree of its popularity and demand.

One of the reasons that made many Israelis fear using black was the thought that black significantly reduces space and makes it look cluttered and gloomy.

Now they understand that the opposite is true, and in its power to give many elements an elegant and luxurious look.

"Black is considered special, original and dramatic and can be emphasized in the best way by lighting or combining lighter elements or those in shades of copper that create a contrast and compliment it."

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The dominance of blacks crossed the lines from the fashion world to home design.

Black kitchen, of all kinds Israel (Photo: Abroad)

According to Barbara Berzin, a designer and owner of an interior design school, the refinement that the color black has in homes in recent years marks a move in interior design following the fashion world - where black is the undisputed king.

"A lot has been said about the color black, it conveys coolness, darkness, gloomy style and has been associated with both negative and positive superlatives. But there is something powerful about it that characterizes only it. Recently we are witnessing more and more the black design trend. "At home and makes a quality ascent to the kitchen. One that takes over the house in good taste and elegance."

Although it has become more accessible and less daunting for the general public, it is very important to use dramatic black correctly and accurately in home design, as explains Nirit Frenkel, who owns an office for architecture, planning and home design.

"The design should be balanced and correct. Excessive use of black will not contribute to the house. So it is true that many people shy away from black and have negative connotations, but alongside this disadvantage, there are many advantages. Again, it is most important to create a harmonious space and not overdo it."

The use of black should be balanced and accurate.

Black kitchen designed by Nirit Frenkel (Photo: Itai Banit)

According to Frenkel, the inspiration for the dramatic and dark cuisine comes to us from Europe and European design traditions.

"There is no doubt that black has become a kind of consensus in Israeli cuisine. A trend that came from Italy and was welcomed with open arms among the local audience. Today we understand the importance of the kitchen space and as such want to give it a contemporary and modern touch. "At home. Its power gives power to the central space of the kitchen. The very choice of black makes the kitchen powerful, and when we play materials with black, the power only gains momentum."

Gradually entered the kitchen, until he conquered it.

Marbled black island of Laminam Israel (Photo: Abroad)

The choice of black for the kitchen is not limited to cabinets or flooring, and today even work surfaces complement the dark look in kitchens, as Eyal Shiman, CEO of Minam-Israel, explains: "In general, black has become the white of the past.

Kind of a consensus in the design world.

His entrance into the kitchen was made so gradually that today he occupies the kitchen space, a space that is surely central and dominant in the home space.

Following this worldwide popularity, it has launched a complete collection of kitchen countertops that allows you to choose between different shades of black. "

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