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Daniel Arroyo assured that this is 'not the time' to re-implement the IFE


The Minister of Social Development responded to the pressure imposed by Andrés 'Cuervo' Larroque, a reference for La Cámpora.

05/04/2021 12:50 AM

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Updated 05/04/2021 12:50 AM

The Minister of Social Development of the Nation, Daniel Arroyo, assured this Monday that this "is not the time" to re-implement the

Emergency Family Income (IFE)


"The IFE had to do with a moment, in April, May and June of last year, in which all activity was closed and poverty was 47%, and

this is not the time

for that situation," said the official during an interview with A24.

In this way, he responded without naming Andrés "Cuervo" Larroque, a

reference for La Cámpora

and Minister of Development of the Buenos Aires Community.

The cabinet member who commands Axel Kicillof earlier had considered "


that a policy such as Emergency Family Income continues."

In any case, Arroyo clarified that the national government is "constantly evaluating" the social and economic situation, and will "take additional measures

as necessary


For that, he pointed out that

five sectors

that are considered critical at this time

are closely followed

: construction, food production, textile activity, care systems and recycling.

Regarding them, to alleviate

the economic disaster

caused by the restrictions due to the pandemic, he said that "there are 3 keys: the price of food, improving the income of families and reducing their debt."

"The main problem we have today, removing the coronavirus, is

the price of food,

" he stressed.

Moreover, when asked about the level of poverty with which he expects 2021 to close, he replied that it will depend "on the price of food, which in the first quarter

has been very critical


Although the return of the IFE is not being considered for the moment, the Government has launched "

a set of social aid

that has been launched since last week."

Among them are "a bonus of 15 thousand pesos for a million families, the Repro (18 thousand pesos apart from private sector workers) and the increase in the minimum wage that went to 24 thousand pesos in May", in addition to "the coverage and expansion of the food card, and the coverage of dining rooms and picnic areas".

Arroyo is aware of the worrying level of poverty in the country, and also of the



"The IFE marked the true level of informality. 9 million families entered, in a country that has 16 million families. It is clear that

informality exceeds 40%,

" he admitted.

For his part, Alberto Fernández had been clear in April: "I have no plans for the IFE to return for now because

the economy is working


Of course, the new restrictions due to the second wave of coronavirus infections, in a country increasingly battered by poverty and destitution, could make the President, once again,

contradict himself by

yielding to pressure.

Andrés "Cuervo" Larroque with Axel Kicillof.

Photo Snow

The official intern and the claims by the IFE

The claims for the return of the IFE, as mentioned above, come from

the toughest wing of Kirchnerism

, the same sector of the ruling coalition that maintains a heated dispute at this time over the situation involving Federico Basualdo, undersecretary of Electric Power .

After Martín Guzmán, Minister of Economy, asked for his resignation, his subordinate not only refused, but was supported in office by La Cámpora and the Instituto Patria.

That is, Cristina Kirchner.

Therefore, the discussion by the IFE could be framed within the

increasingly large disputes

between two increasingly estranged sectors, if it were not for the fact that Kirchnerism is not the only movement that calls for its return.


social movements

that have representatives within the government structure also began to press, alerted by the economic crisis that is hitting their constituents.

In this context, regarding this issue, they are

fully aligned

with what was expressed by Larroque this Monday: "We have to establish a floor of dignity and end, at least, with extreme poverty."


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For now, Cristina Kirchner beats the President and Federico Basualdo remains in office

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