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“Oh, the demo!”: Weidel delivers a bizarre talk moment at Lanz - the virologist makes do with a beer


Relaxation for vaccinated people equals de facto vaccination requirement? Markus Lanz tries a discussion with AfD parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel.

Relaxation for vaccinated people equals de facto vaccination requirement?

Markus Lanz tries a discussion with AfD parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel.

Hamburg - At “Markus Lanz” there is a lot going on on Tuesday evening: In the studio - and then also in the social networks.

The reason for this was the visit of AfD parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel.

The FDP general secretary Volker Wissing,


journalist Ann-Kathrin Müller and virologist Timo Ulrichs

are also in the studio


For 75 minutes, the group discussed with each other and mixed up - the guests rarely let themselves be talked out and at the end there was the question of how much knowledge this talk had gained.

Corona debate at "Lanz": Infection Protection Act under fire: Which measures really work?

Talkmaster Lanz opens the discussion with Volker Wissing and the question of why the FDP is going to confront the state.

The background is a constitutional complaint by the FDP against the Infection Protection Act in Karlsruhe.

Wissing says that the FDP follows a clear credo: "Laws must be constitutional." Because one does not know which measures are suitable to break chains of infection, the constitutional organs provided for this now have to decide - instead of "some backroom rounds."

For Ulrichs, however, it is clear that the lockdown is working and that the measures provided for in the Infection Protection Act are justified.

He believes "if the trend continues like this, we can look forward to the summer with great hope." SPD expert Karl Lauterbach had recently made a similar statement.

Ulrichs considers uniform federal regulations to be "absolutely sensible".

Wissing contradicts.

The end does not justify the means and it is a matter of balancing the two state tasks of protecting health and guaranteeing civil liberties.

Corona easing for vaccinated people?

Virologist Ulrichs takes on Wissing and the FDP

Ulrichs then makes a suggestion to Wissing and the FDP, not without irony: “The Infection Protection Act also provides for a whole host of other measures, where you as the FDP could perhaps consider again whether this is proportionate. For example, with tuberculosis patients it is like this: If they refuse drug therapy, then they can be locked away. Until they are no longer openly tuberculous. That means, you have to look here: It is the freedom of the individual and the protection against the spread of tuberculosis in Germany. ”Also catches the eye: Virologist Ulrichs not only responds calmly to all challenges - he also deviates the drinking habits of the group. Next to his place is a beer instead of water.

The question of why the FDP opposes compulsory tests in companies is only answered by Wissing after a second re-drilling: “Because in this situation, in which the economy is extremely stressed, we are not concerned with the question of how can I get new ones there Introduce obligations and bureaucratic effort.

If you introduce such an obligation, you also have to introduce a control. ”Weidel would also like to“ rely on personal responsibility ”:“ We consider it completely wrong to put companies under even more pressure with bureaucracy, administration and even more planned economy interventions Path."

“Markus Lanz” (ZDF): Weidel sees “sham correlation” between lockdown and number of cases - the expert intervenes

In general, says Weidel, declining numbers during a lockdown are a “sham correlation”. The falling number of cases cannot be attributed causally to the effect of the exit restrictions. Ulrichs then explains once more how the incidence value is ultimately related to the utilization of intensive care beds. His reproach in the direction of Weidel: “That is a distorted representation. If you want to compare things with each other, you have to use suitable reference values. ”Apart from a strained sigh, the group leader has nothing to say.

Weidel also doesn't want to know that the AfD is the political arm of the lateral thinking movement - which has now been observed in parts by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

“As a party, we have absolutely nothing to do with lateral thinkers,” she says, but cannot help but smile a few times in this context.

Many of her party colleagues had been to the relevant demos, but: “I thought that was good.


Because you have to deal with these opinions. "

Weidel delivers a bizarre scene in "Lanz": "Wasn't at any demo ... oh, they!"


journalist Ann-Kathrin Müller counters this: “Your MPs weren't there to find out more about their mandate, but instead they took part and proudly shared the pictures. They also don't go to left-wing demos to get an idea of ​​what it is like ”. It was already a matter of “appropriating this movement.” Weidel then claimed that left-wing demonstrations such as the May demos were also violent - in contrast to lateral thinking events. Lanz then played scenes of violence from a corona protest in Schmalkalden.

It got bizarre a little later when Müller accused Weidel of a change of heart: In March 2020, Weidel was still calling for tougher corona measures - later, she herself appeared at a lateral thinker demonstration without a mask.

“I wasn't at any demo,” Weidel rebuked the journalist.

And gave in after Müller gave the place and date: "Oh, they!"

"I wasn't on a Corona demo".


"Oh yes" #lanz #Weidel

- Nurder Koch (@NurderK) May 4, 2021

"Markus Lanz" - these were the guests on May 4th, 2021:

  • Alice Weidel - chairwoman of the AfD parliamentary group

  • Volker Wissing - FDP General Secretary and Minister of Economics in Rhineland-Palatinate

  • Ann-Kathrin Müller -



  • Prof. Timo Ulrichs - virologist

The debate about a possible “mandatory vaccination through the back door” is even more heated.

Moderator Lanz emphasizes repeatedly and energetically: "There is no compulsory vaccination in Germany." Weidel replied that it would be "a de facto vaccination requirement" if it were discussed whether vaccinated people would get their basic rights back, while this would be for unvaccinated people does not apply.

Ulrichs finds himself between the opinions.

The expert states: “It's not about a fundamental question, it's about a transitional state.” At the same time, however, he also finds that there is “no longer any reason” for people with complete immune protection why restrictions should be maintained .

“Markus Lanz” - the conclusion of the show

Markus Lanz asks Alice Weidel (AfD) and Volker Wissing (FPD) for an interview and thus earns criticism. Such a stage does not deserve the AfD, it is said even before the start of the broadcast in the social media. Talk host Lanz, too, often fails with his questions. Ulrichs, on the other hand, emphasizes quick-wittedness and expertise. At the end there is a partly confused discussion in which the sentence “Please let me finish” has to be uttered more often than it should be in a civilized debate.

Source: merkur

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