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Bad news for Dachauer: The indoor pool will be expensive and will be ready later


The new Dachau indoor swimming pool will probably be even more expensive and will be ready later. The reason: The prices of many building materials have risen rapidly, delivery times are getting longer and longer.

The new Dachau indoor swimming pool will probably be even more expensive and will be ready later.

The reason: The prices of many building materials have risen rapidly, delivery times are getting longer and longer.



- CSU City Councilor Florian Schiller is to be thanked that the latest developments in indoor swimming pools became public.

In the city council on Tuesday evening, Schiller asked to find out when the new bathroom would finally be ready and what it would cost?

The citizens, according to Schiller, would be interested, which is why he does not think it is good to always deal with the topic in the non-public part of the works committee meetings.

Lord Mayor Florian Hartmann reluctantly replied - "Well, I am no longer approached by citizens often" - but information nonetheless.

In summary: The bathroom will probably be finished later and will be even more expensive.

Any determination of an opening date or a total amount is currently "speculation".

As a reminder: In the new Dachau indoor swimming pool, which, in contrast to its bulky predecessor, is characterized by a refined architecture, should have been swimming long ago. Eight lanes, a slide, one- and three-meter board as well as non-swimmer pools and a children's area as well as - in the place of the old indoor pool - a chic sauna area should attract visitors from Dachau and the wider area to the large district town since the end of 2019.

But the problems on the construction site began early: the first trade “special foundation engineering / excavation shoring” suffered from a delay due to unexpectedly thick layers of clay in the ground, which then continued in the shell and timber construction - with massive consequences for all subsequent, already commissioned trades. Stadtwerke boss Robert Haimerl, who had described the construction as "difficult" from the start due to its complexity, sees it this way: "A time delay in the middle or at the end of a project naturally does not have serious, especially financial consequences." In the case of the Dachau indoor swimming pool, the early delay therefore meant massive "effects": the originally planned costs of 19.4 million euros climbed to an estimated 25 million euros - and there is no end in sight.

In the currently booming construction industry, building materials such as wood and insulation are in greater demand than ever.

The consequences are months of delivery times and steep price increases.

The price of wood alone, according to Hartmann on Tuesday, has tripled and delivery dates are no longer given!

Haimerl therefore stressed in the city council on Tuesday that “be careful not to name a date that we cannot keep”.

The mayor jumped in on the works director: "If no one can guarantee me whether I will get material, I can not seriously say when it will be finished!" Sure, so Hartmann, it will now be again: "The city is too stupid, to build an indoor swimming pool.

But you also have to acknowledge that we are in a global trade that doesn't always have advantages. ”At the moment, the construction industry is just“ madness ”!

After all, most of the woodwork on the problem site - the curved roof structure - has been completed. Work is currently being carried out on the roof, says Haimerl.

But this is exactly where the shortage of materials could hit the major project: The roofing company had already "hinted" about the corresponding concerns about the insulation. Hartmann also explained to the city council that “we have to see when we can get the insulation material and at what price”. The question of whether the roof will be finished in autumn as planned and the drywall, the tiling, electrical, interior glazing, plumbing and heating work as well as the construction of the slides, the completion of the stainless steel pools and ventilation, the sewage connection, the open spaces, the cash register system, the changing rooms and the kitchen follow punctually, is according to Hartmann "really difficult to answer because of the imponderables".

But it is already clear that the municipal utilities are preparing for a legal aftermath: "Our project is supported from the start by the Heussen law firm, which advises us in particular on the problem of construction delays," says plant director Haimerl.

However, since construction processes are "known to be lengthy and expensive, we always try to reach an out-of-court settlement first".

Most recently, the municipal utilities had success with this tactic: In the dispute over the delayed opening of the outdoor swimming pool last summer, an amicable settlement was reached before the Munich Regional Court.

Source: merkur

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