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Corona in Bavaria: Munich shortly before the decisive summer easing - ministers in the state parliament NOW live


Munich could be close to further openings. The city is reaching an important limit. Health Minister Holetschek issues a government statement. News ticker for Bavaria.

Munich could be close to further openings.

The city is reaching an important limit.

Health Minister Holetschek issues a government statement.

News ticker for Bavaria.

  • Is there slowly some relaxation in terms of the Corona * situation in Bavaria?

  • Corona easing could soon take place in Munich, the incidence has fallen to an important limit

    (see update from May 5, 6:32 a.m.).

  • Health Minister Klaus Holetschek holds a government


    in the Bavarian state parliament

    (see update from May 5, 12.49 p.m.)


  • This news ticker is continuously updated.

Update from May 5, 1:11 p.m.:

Before Health Minister Holetschek goes to the lectern, State Parliament President Ilse Aigner (CSU) took up an important topic.

She went back to the adoption of the federal emergency brake.

Subsequently, there was numerous hostility and death threats against politicians on the Internet.

She strongly condemned this practice.

And called on all people to oppose hate speech and violence on the Internet.

Update from May 5, 12.49 p.m.:

In a few minutes - more precisely at 1 p.m. - Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) will hold a government declaration in the Bavarian state parliament on the situation of the corona pandemic.

You can follow the broadcast of the speech live with us.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Munich has slipped below a decisive incidence value

Update from May 5, 6:32 a.m.: Will

there be corona easing in Munich soon?

According to the RKI, the incidence on Wednesday morning is 99. Thus, the value finally breaks the important limit of 100 again. However, a stable development would still be needed for openings.

The incidence would have to stay below 100 for a total of five days.

Then, however, Munich could look forward to far-reaching easing - above all the elimination of the curfew.

In addition, the students would go back to alternating lessons and testing before the “Click & Meet” shopping would be dispensed with.

The corona numbers in the Free State have also continued to decline.

Compared to the state capital, however, the Free State is still a bit away from the 100 value: According to the RKI, the seven-day incidence on Wednesday is 131. 37.

Corona in Bavaria: Söder announces some easing at a press conference

Update from May 4, 5:52 p.m

.: On Tuesday afternoon, Prime Minister Markus Söder announced some easing at a press conference (see previous updates).

The Munich Caritas has asked the Bavarian state government to relax the Corona regulations for old people's homes as well.

"We call on the state government once again to lift the restrictive requirements for old people's homes and nursing homes and to give the people there back their unrestricted freedom." That said Gabriele Stark-Angermeier from the Diocesan Caritas Board on Tuesday.

"Why should visitors or employees who have been vaccinated twice still have themselves tested or put on an FFP2 mask when they encounter residents who have been vaccinated twice?"

The Bavarian cabinet had previously decided that those who have been fully vaccinated and recovered will be exempted from many corona restrictions from this Thursday.

In the nursing homes in Bavaria, the previous restrictions for the elderly should continue to apply.

Update from May 4, 3:45 p.m.:

Gastronomy, tourism and culture - in these areas there are easing in Bavaria *.

But what about the regulations in kindergartens - has anything changed there?

Even if the incidence value for distance learning for elementary schools was raised from 100 to 165, everything in the daycare centers initially remains the same * - the Ministry of Family Affairs expressed itself.

Söder announces massive easing for vaccinated people from Thursday - breakthrough in beer gardens and holidays

Update from May 4, 2:56 p.m.:

Good news for Bavaria: With the possible openings of outdoor restaurants with an incidence below 100 (see update from May 4, 1:15 p.m.), there is also nothing possible to visit beer gardens in stable regions from next Monday more in the way - apart from maybe the weather *.

The planned easing in Bavaria is creating cautious confidence in the economy.

"We are happy that things are starting again," said Dehoga country manager Thomas Geppert.

It will be difficult to work economically with outdoor catering alone, "but it is a perspective - also for the employees".

The Bavarian brewers described the opening of outdoor catering as a “first step in the right direction”.

However, nobody should believe that everything would be fine again for innkeepers and brewers.

The folk festival cancellations would hit the brewing industry hard.

It will take months before the catering industry is back to pre-crisis level.

The Brewers' Association is currently also warning that the opening of outdoor restaurants must be “manageable and, in the short term, decoupled from the trend in incidence”.

After the decision in Bavaria, other federal states are now faced with the decision - join in or wait?

CDU Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet * is also facing a difficult decision in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Corona in Bavaria: relaxations for once vaccinated?

Söder rejects the Austrian model

Update from May 4, 2:25 p.m.:

According to Markus Söder, Bavaria is "cautiously optimistic" when it comes to Corona.

The Prime Minister announces easing (

see update from May 4, 1:15 p.m.

), including freedoms for people who have been vaccinated twice *.

However, Söder does not want to follow the Austrian model, in which people are already awarded loosening after one of two corona vaccination doses.

"We wouldn't do that now," he said, according to



The practice is associated with high risks, even if the first vaccination already offers increased protection.

The model is currently not being discussed in detail in this country.

In Austria, a corona vaccination will soon be valid as an entry ticket for restaurants, events and hotels.

Söder announces easing for vaccinated and convalescent - rule changes summarized

Update from May 4, 1:15 p.m.:

At the press conference, Markus Söder announced the further Corona timetable for Bavaria (

live ticker, see below

). The most important things to be summarized once again: Some relief comes - “with a clear conscience”, as the Prime Minister says. Starting next Monday (May 10), outdoor restaurants, including beer gardens, should be allowed to open until 10 p.m. in counties and urban districts with a stable seven-day incidence below 100. Theaters, concert and opera houses and cinemas may then also open. At the beginning of the Whitsun holidays on May 21st, tourism should also be possible again in regions with low corona numbers. Hotels, holiday apartments and campsites should then be allowed to reopen if the incidence is below 100.

As early as this Thursday (May 6), people who have been completely vaccinated against Covid-19 * will be put on an equal footing with those who have tested negative in Bavaria.

Among other things, people with a full corona vaccination should be exempted from test obligations and from the nightly exit restrictions.

Fully vaccinated persons are not included in the maximum number of contacts allowed.

Corona in Bavaria: Söder announces relief for vaccinated people - and other rule changes

1:06 p.m.:

The press conference is now over.

1:04 p.m.:

How are daycare centers and small children going?

Would a vaccination offer be possible for parents with young children?

"If we deviate from the prioritization," replies Holetschek.

In the kindergartens, a conscious decision was made to use “environmental tests”.

Tests for children will continue to be rolled out.

“It is a bit annoying to wait for approvals to take place,” notes Söder.

But it doesn't go any faster at the moment.

1:03 p.m.:

What exactly does a “stable incidence” mean, is another question.

This is a "newsreel", according to Holetschek.

Not every small change should be made use of.

The weekly period is the "benchmark".

12:57 p.m.:

Now follow the questions from the journalists.

One question is how exactly must the evidence of genesis look like.

"You need digital solutions as quickly as possible - just like for the vaccination certificate," says Holetschek.

The positive PCR test is one of the means, he says.

Evidence from the health department is also possible.

This will be communicated in more detail.

12.55 p.m.:

Klaus Holetschek speaks.

"Double vaccinated and 15 days - or recovery after six months" - then the new regulations would apply.

When it comes to vaccination, the signs are positive, he says.

12:51 p.m.:

Aiwanger hopes the numbers will continue to decline by May 21.

"All in all, I would want to overwrite today's decision with the heading 'perspective created'," he says.

There are of course further restrictions for the economy, he admits.

Despite the difficult situation, there is a real “auto boom” in Bavaria - as well as a “construction boom”.

It is important that the restaurant and hotel sector can soon regain a foothold.

Corona in Bavaria: press conference with Markus Söder live - innovations for vaccinated people are coming

12.50 p.m.:

Now Hubert Aiwanger speaks.

“It's finally going in the right direction,” he says.

The opening of outdoor restaurants with an incidence of less than 100 from May 10th is a step in the right direction.

Under 100 are also likely to open service companies close to the body.

Dog schools, for example, are also likely to reopen.

12.47 p.m.:

In addition, one hundred ventilators are being made available for India, explains Söder.

Otherwise the coalition had reached a good agreement.

“It's a good concept of caution and optimism.

A relief with a clear conscience. "

12.45 p.m.:

The vaccinations are continuing, Söder explains.

“The trend is upwards.” Almost all of Bavaria is already “in priority 3”.

The vaccination priority could soon be given up.

Intensive vaccination offers are to be made again in old people's and nursing homes.

Around three million vaccination options will be released in May, said the Prime Minister.

Company vaccinations should also be promoted, as well as group vaccinations for schoolchildren.

There are also considerations for vaccinations in socially disadvantaged areas.

“All of this makes us optimistic,” says Söder.

Söder announces massive relief for vaccinated people from Thursday - and other rule changes: NOW live

12.44 p.m.:

How about the Whitsun holidays?

"Where it is over 100, the emergency brake continues to apply." From Friday, May 21, hotels, holiday homes and campsites can open in areas under 100, according to Söder.

12.42 p.m.:

How will the openings continue?

If the incidence is less than 100, regions may request to open.

This applies to outdoor catering from next week until 10 p.m., with tests and a mask "to the place".

Art and culture as well as theater and cinema: This regulation is also possible here, explains Söder.

The same applies to the sports area for children.

12.41 p.m.:

School continues to have priority. Be careful. As announced on Monday, the rules for secondary schools will remain the same. The incidence of 100 applies. It is different for elementary schools. The incidence rule of 165 for distance teaching will apply here in the future. The fifth and sixth grades for special schools are also included. From June 7th, after the Whitsun holidays, the majority will hopefully be “under 100”. Otherwise, one wants to apply the 165 rule alignment for all schools.

12.40 p.m.:

People who have been vaccinated twice and Genesis should no longer have to adhere to contact restrictions and curfews, explains Söder. As early as May 6th - "rather than the federal government" - these rules should apply. Otherwise, the curfew remains as before. From June 7th, the "federal alleviations are to be included."

12.35 p.m.:

The third wave "is now structuring itself more positively than it was a few weeks ago".

That is "cause for cautious optimism".

The safety standard must continue to be kept high - but "slight openings", combined with tests and vaccinations, are possible.

The Federal Government's Emergency Brakes Act continues to apply.

A “compromise” has now been agreed in the cabinet.

The new regulation will apply from next Monday (May 10th) for four weeks.

After that, new perspectives are possible again.

12.30 p.m.:

The press conference begins.

Markus Söder begins.

Corona remains a "constant topic", he says, but there is "illuminating news".

The numbers would fall.

“The trend is clear,” the Prime Minister continued.

12.25 p.m.:

The press conference with Markus Söder, Hubert Aiwanger and Klaus Holetschek should begin in a few minutes.

Bavaria's corona plan: decision leaked from cabinet meeting - Söder press conference live

Update from May 4, 12:10 p.m.:

First information from the cabinet meeting: At the secondary schools in Bavaria, the current stricter limit for distance teaching should remain until the Whitsun holidays, reports the German Press Agency.

Starting next Monday (May 10), elementary schools are allowed to offer up to a seven-day incidence of 165 alternating classes in all classes.

At secondary schools, on the other hand, the current limit of 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants should remain within seven days.

Only after the holidays - from June 7th - the limit value 165 should also apply there, as provided for in the federal emergency brake.

According to dpa information, the coalition partners CSU and Free Voters should have agreed on this.

The final cabinet decision was still pending.

Corona in Bavaria: Press conference with Markus Söder - Here in the live stream and ticker

Update from May 4th, 12 noon:

In about half an hour, Markus Söder will appear in front of the press together with Hubert Aiwanger and Klaus Holetschek.

Which corona easing is the Bavarian cabinet suitable?

You will find out the result of the consultations from 12.30 p.m. here in the live stream and ticker.

Bavaria's Corona Plan: Is Aiwanger Söder pushing for further easing?

Statement after the cabinet meeting here live

First report from May 4, 9:30 a.m .: Munich - easing for elementary schools, outdoor restaurants and cultural institutions: Does the Corona * crisis in Bavaria seem to be slowly going uphill again?

The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder was at least cautiously optimistic on Monday (May 3rd).

Due to the stable and, in some cases, declining corona numbers in the Free State *, he announced opening steps under certain conditions.

You can find an overview of the rules * here.

However, the measures have not yet been finally decided.

The Bavarian cabinet must agree on the details this Tuesday (May 4th).

Corona in Bavaria: What easing is coming?

Press conference with Markus Söder

The deliberations on this in the cabinet will take place from 10 a.m.

At 12.30 p.m. Markus Söder wants to appear in front of the cameras together with Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger * and Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek.

You can follow the press conference here in the live stream and live ticker.

The coalition partners recently did not agree on the corona policy.

One of the points of contention was the subject of school *.

The latest status on this: Söder announced that he wanted to stay at the previous limit of 100 for distance teaching until further notice - except for primary schools.

The free voters, on the other hand, demanded the limit value 165 for all schools, as provided for in the new federal emergency brake.

Corona plan for schools, restaurants and culture: Does Markus Söder have another surprise ready?

What the concrete plan for schools, outdoor restaurants, cultural venues and hotels looks like will only be revealed at the press conference.

It also remains to be seen whether Markus Söder will announce further innovations for Bavaria.

It is not uncommon for the Prime Minister to surprise the cameras with unexpected twists during the Corona crisis.


nema with dpa

) * / bayern and are an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

The decision has already been made on another topic: Oktoberfest 2021 will not take place *.

Markus Söder and Munich's mayor rider explained the reasons.

List of rubric lists: © Peter Kneffel / dpa

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