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Coronavirus disease. 5.5 | Filipino domestic helper variant virus group related exposure, 5 patients all had a party


The new wave of new crown pneumonia caused by the variant virus will become a nightmare for middle class and wealthy people. Today (5th) 6 new cases have been confirmed, of which 3 are local cases and 1 is of unknown origin. 2 confirmed Filipino domestic helpers confirmed to be infected with variant new crown disease

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Written by: Lin Yingxian, Zhang Jiamin, Huang Yongyu, Huang Weilun, Zhu Haiqi, Li Enci, Kong Fanxu, McCain, Ouyang Dehao

2021-05-05 06:00

The last update date: 2021-05-06 01:33

The new wave of new crown pneumonia caused by the variant virus will become a nightmare for middle class and wealthy people. Today (5th) 6 new cases have been confirmed, of which 3 are local cases and 1 is of unknown origin.

Two confirmed Filipino domestic helpers confirmed that they were infected with the variant new crown virus. Block N2 of Taikoo Kornhill and Pokfulam Mansion Haofeng issued a closed area and no foot testing order. Residents must be evacuated to the quarantine center for isolation for 21 days.

In addition, there are about 5 preliminary confirmed cases today.

In addition, starting in the early morning of Friday (7th), the Hong Kong government plans to revoke the ban on flights to the United Kingdom and Ireland. Returning citizens must obtain a negative test certificate 72 hours before boarding, and must be quarantined at a designated hotel for 21 days after arriving in Hong Kong. Afterwards, he will conduct self-monitoring for 7 days and undergo compulsory testing on the 26th day of arrival in Hong Kong.

▼At about midnight on May 5th, residents of Block N2 of Kornhill were evacuated for quarantine▼

[01:25] The government announced the completion of the inspection of Block R in Allway Gardens.

Approximately 460 subjects underwent nasal cavity and throat combined swab sample collection and virus testing, all of which were negative, so the relevant announcement was revoked.

In this operation, the Home Affairs Department (including the Tsuen Wan District Office), the Police Force and the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department mobilized a total of about 240 officers.

Due to the involvement of a Filipino domestic helper suffering from a variant virus, all residents of the building have been sent to the quarantine center for isolation for 21 days after being tested.

According to the authorities, a mandatory test announcement was also issued on May 4. Anyone who has been in the above-mentioned building for more than two hours between April 21 and May 4 will not be in the "restricted area" when the relevant announcement comes into effect. Inside, they must also undergo compulsory testing on or before May 6.

The government will strictly follow up the compliance of the inspected persons with mandatory testing announcements and restrictions and testing announcements.

Any relevant person who fails to comply with the mandatory testing announcement is a crime and is liable to a fixed fine of 5,000 yuan and will receive a mandatory testing order requiring the person to be tested within the specified period.

Vaccine Bubble|New government publication directives to increase flexibility, restaurants can change their operating mode as needed

[00:48] The government gazetted yesterday announcing that it will provide flexibility under the premise of complying with the "vaccine bubble" principle, so that restaurants that have selected an operating mode can change their operating mode as required during the remaining days of this social distancing measure cycle.

The relevant instructions will be effective from midnight today (6th) to May 12th.

According to the latest instructions, restaurants must post a notice showing the new operation mode at the entrance before changing the operation mode before the change will take effect.

(Video clipped by the Information Services Department)

The number of vaccinations exceeded the one million mark yesterday, 9 people were vaccinated and sent to the hospital for urticaria

[23:58] On the 69th day of the launch of the new crown pneumonia vaccination plan, the number of vaccinations exceeded 1 million, accounting for 15% of the eligible population in Hong Kong. The government thanks the citizens for supporting the vaccination plan and urges those who have not yet been vaccinated to get an injection as soon as possible.

The government announced yesterday (4th) that a total of 9 people were hospitalized after being vaccinated, 6 of them were vaccinated with Fubitai, and 3 were treated with Kexing.

A 38-year-old woman developed urticaria after receiving the second dose of Fubitai, and another 59-year-old man received the second dose of Fubitai with back paralysis. The two were in stable condition after treatment and have been discharged.

▼Announcement of mandatory testing on May 5▼

Compulsory inspection and suspension of 13 schools of Kowloon Tong Yiu Middle School

[23:52] The epidemic has been repeated. The government announced today (5th) night that there are three more local confirmed cases involving the N501Y variant virus strain, and places visited by their close contacts, including the two in the Central Landmark. Urban Bakery Works, Oliver's the Delicatessen, and No. 37-39 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po where three Filipino domestic helpers of the confirmed variant virus had gathered are all included in the scope of compulsory testing. People who have been in the past will be tested by Saturday (8th) at the latest.

In addition, 13 more schools are required to undergo compulsory testing due to outbreaks of upper respiratory tract infections, including Yew Chung International School of Maji Road, Kowloon Tong, Po Leung Kuk Chi Ho Primary School in Tuen Mun and Quarry Bay School Kindergarten (Jun Ho Fong) ).

According to an earlier announcement by the Department of Health, all relevant schools must suspend classes for 5 days.

▼Mobile sampling stations that provide services to the public in each district (as of May 6)▼







Don't be alarmed for a virus, it's not a test.

Ms. Chen, a resident of Allway Gardens

Variant Virus|Long queues at the Discovery Park test station, some citizens praised the air-conditioning to avoid the sun and rain

[23:23] The new crown pneumonia epidemic rebounded. Yesterday (4th) and today (5th) a total of 3 foreign domestic helpers were infected with the virus, both of which were involved in a variant virus. One of them lived in Block R of Allway Gardens, Tsuen Wan, except for the residents of the whole building. In addition to isolation and quarantine, citizens who have visited Wellcome, Tianyun Music Store, and Discovery Park in the housing estate must also be subject to mandatory testing.

The government added a mobile testing station in Discovery Park today (5th). The station started to see more and more people at 3 o'clock this afternoon. It took more than an hour to wait for sampling. Some citizens were dissatisfied and criticized the long waiting time. The gathering of people increases the risk of virus transmission. It is recommended that the authorities set up additional mobile testing stations in Allway Gardens.

There were also parents living in the housing estate who visited multiple testing stations and post offices and still failed to obtain stool sample bottles to test their 4-year-old children. They criticized the government’s messy release of information, and bluntly said, “Don’t be alarmed by the virus. Surprised, there is no test."

Filipino domestic helpers from Kornhill and Pokfulam Hao Fung visited Tan Tsai in Central.

(Facebook picture)

Confirmed restaurant | Two Filipino domestic helpers visit Tan Tsai in Central and Sham Shui Po Salia on Sunday

[23:20] The epidemic has been repeated. Today (5th) 6 new confirmed cases were newly confirmed in Hong Kong, of which 3 were imported cases, and the remaining 3 were epidemiologically related to local cases, all infected with variant viruses.

The Centre for Health Protection updated the patient’s whereabouts in the evening. The Filipino domestic helpers living in Block N2 of Kornhill Gardens and Haofeng Pokfulam had visited two restaurants this Sunday (2nd), except for the "Salia Italian Restaurant" in the West Kowloon Centre. On the same day, he went to the "Tan Tsai Yunnan Rice Noodle" at the Central Chinese Chamber of Commerce Building.

Variant virus | 4 patients were quarantined 21 days after community confirmed hotel testing by BGI

[21:30] Recently, four confirmed cases of the variant virus who had traveled abroad have flown into the community in Hong Kong.

The Department of Health confirmed today (5th) that during the 21 days of their hotel quarantine, the contractor Huada Gene was responsible for the nasal and throat swabs collected on the 12th and 19th days.

The 29-year-old Indian man (#11643) was diagnosed about 10 days after completing the quarantine, and the virus load was high at that time; while the 38-year-old Kennedy Terrace Filipino maid (#11730), the 28-year-old Indian pregnant housewife (#11789) in the Meiyuan Building in Tsim Sha Tsui and A 48-year-old Filipino domestic helper (#11791) living in Block R of Allway Gardens was diagnosed with a CT value of over 30.

Zhang Zhujun, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health, said that the patient has a low amount of virus and has repeatedly tested false negatives or has not been exposed to the location of the virus.

The government expert consultant and Professor Yuan Guoyong of the Department of Microbiology of the University of Hong Kong once stated in case #11730 that a sampler was suspected of sloppy work and suggested that the authorities randomly sample negative samples for inspection.

Filipino domestic helper variant virus group 5 patient gathering infected with the virus, two attendees working at restaurants in Central Land Supermarket

[20:48] The connection of the "Filipino domestic helper variant virus group" was exposed. The Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health announced that it further confirmed case 11643 (the first case, an Indian man) and case 11672 (a Filipino girlfriend) itinerary details.

The center pointed out that on April 13th, when cases 11643 and 11672 were discovered, the relatives and friends who had attended case 11672 had a gathering at the home of Fung Hing House, Xinghua (2) Village, Chai Wan. Three of the attendees of the gathering were held in April. On the 18th, at their home at No. 37 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po, with Cases 11773 (Filipino Maid, Block 11, Bayview Villas), 11793 (Filipino Maid, Block N2, Chung Kornhill), and 11797 (Filipino Maid, Pokfulam) Have a party.

It is currently unknown whether two relatives and friends of 11672 have contracted the disease.

In response to the latest information, the Centre for Health Protection has immediately arranged for compulsory quarantine of those attending the two gatherings.

The government will also issue a mandatory test announcement, requiring people who have stayed at 37 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po between April 15 and May 5 to be tested on or before May 7; The sample test issued a mandatory test announcement for Fung Hing Building in Xinghua (II) Village. People who were in the building from April 20 to May 3 must undergo testing on or before May 6.

The center stated that the government will also issue mandatory inspection notices on the workplaces of two people who attended the above gatherings (Urban Bakery Works, No.322 bakery on the third floor of The Landmark Central and Oliver's the Delicatessen, No. 201-2 on the second floor of the Landmark Prince, Central). Those who have been in these two locations between April 15 and May 5 must be tested on or before May 7.

[19:40] A Filipino domestic helper at Block N2, Taikoo Kornhill Gardens, Central Estates, was diagnosed with a variant virus. The government issued an emergency ban on foot testing in the early hours of today (5th). Residents of the entire building required it at 9 am this morning. Accepted compulsory testing, and then entered the quarantine center for 21 days of isolation.

Nearly 11 o'clock this morning, residents dropped off the building one after another for testing, which was completed in the afternoon and must be sent to the quarantine center to be arranged by the authorities.

Many citizens brought their supplies to the households.

They pointed out that the building has mutated and turned into a virus, and it is necessary to isolate residents. They believe that isolation 21 is a reasonable arrangement. "If it is necessary, 31 days will not be long, and it will not provoke people."

Variant virus | Kornhill Garden N2 quarantined relatives and friends to send supplies to support quarantine "Don’t provoke people"

▼On May 5, the inspection and quarantine situation of Block N2 in Kornhill Garden▼




[19:30] A foreign domestic helper in Allway Gardens was diagnosed with a variant virus. The Catholic Kindergarten has also been included in the mandatory testing range. However, currently children under 6 years old are not suitable for testing by taking combined swab samples from the nose and throat.

Some district councilors reported that after receiving parents’ requests for help, they crossed the area to Tsim Sha Tsui to "bottle the bottles" early in the morning. The test bottles in Tsuen Wan had also been emptied. The relevant kindergartens did not receive the bottles until 4 noon. The Department of Health increased distribution and collection points.

A private doctor explained that at this stage, children under the age of 6 are mainly tested for stool. "It's okay for older people to keep saliva."

Testing bottles are in short supply. A kindergarten in Tsuen Wan was checked by the foreign powers and hundreds of parents hesitated to throw bottles across the district

Temporary testing station will be set up in Discovery Park, Tsuen Wan on May 5




[18:30] Nie Dequan, director of the Civil Service Bureau, announced on Facebook that 1 million people have been vaccinated, thanking the citizens for their support, and calling on the public to vaccinate as soon as possible and do not wait any longer.

New Crown Vaccine|Nie Dequan: The number of people vaccinated exceeds 1 million and calls on citizens to get injections

(Nie Dequan Facebook picture)

[18:00] On Wednesday (5th) the Centre for Health Protection confirmed that two more cases of local infection had a variant virus strain. The employers’ residences of the two confirmed foreign domestic helpers were Block N2, Kornhill, Quarry Bay, 2 Pokfulam, all residents must be sent to the quarantine center today (5th).

In other words, there have been 10 cases of variants that have flowed into the community.

According to the Department of Health's investigations over the past few days, it was found that some patients had similarities in their whereabouts, including the first case of an Indian businessman and his Filipino girlfriend who went to Citygate on April 11.

Later, the confirmed maid from Yingwanyuan visited the same day. It was the first case of local infection with a variant virus strain in Hong Kong and infected a female baby of the employer.

Variant Viruses | Community Infection Cases Continue to Increase Map Deconstruct the Whereabouts and Relationships of Patients

Allway Garden's primary five students were forced to quarantine camp to prepare for sub-examination parents: the virus enters the community and the children suffer crimes

[17:04] The mutant virus has repeatedly appeared in the community. The foreign domestic helper living in Block R of Allway Gardens in Tsuen Wan has the mutant virus. The entire building has to be evacuated to the isolation camp on the 21st.

Mrs. Yao's family of six was also affected. She was once required by the company to deduct 14 days of annual leave and 7 days of labor. After a lot of trouble, she was arranged to work remotely and was not affected. The husband who worked as a transporter lost most of her income and attended school. Xiao Wu's son has to prepare for a sub-examination at the quarantine center.

Mrs. Yao angrily shouted, "Your government (improper epidemic prevention) put the virus into the community. For the sake of safety, you can ask the citizens to be registered on the 21st. Why do you want children to accept it?"




The source of Kornhill Filipino domestic helpers is unknown, and 2 others are diagnosed with community variant virus increased to 10 cases

[15:33] The Department of Health stated that the Filipino domestic helper (#11793) who was infected with the mutant virus and lived in Kornhill had received the first dose of BioNTech vaccine.

Variant virus | Kornhill confirmed that the Filipino domestic helper received only one injection, Doctor Fubitai explained the cause

[14:17] The Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health announced that as of 0:00 on May 5, the center is investigating six new confirmed cases of COVID-19. So far, the total number of cases in Hong Kong is 11,797.

Three of the new cases were imported cases, one was a local case of unknown origin, and the other two were epidemiologically related to local cases.

In addition, there are about 5 preliminary confirmed cases today.

The local case of unknown origin involved a 46-year-old female patient (Case No. 11793).

She is a domestic helper and is asymptomatic. She lives in Block N2, Kornhill, Quarry Bay.

She followed the mandatory testing announcement to the community testing center for testing on May 3, and was subsequently diagnosed.

Another confirmed case today involved a 38-year-old female patient (case number: 11797).

She is also a domestic helper and is epidemiologically related to Case 11793.

Live at Pokfulam Lam Hobong.

Both 11793 and 11797 involve the highly infectious N501Y variant virus strain, and the residents of the building where they live are required to be quarantined for 21 days.




The Labour Department received 324 suspected cases of new crown pneumonia at work, the three industries with the largest number of cases

[13:12] The Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Law Chi-kwong, responded to a written question by legislator Chen Pei-yan, a member of the medical profession, today (5th), saying that between October 1 last year and April 21 this year, the Labour Department received 324 suspected causes. Employee compensation cases for workers infected with new coronary pneumonia.

Among them, the public administration, social and personal service industries, including medical staff, are the most affected, involving 140 people; finance and insurance, real estate, professional and business services, and the construction industry each involve more than 50 people.

In 52 cases, employers stated that they were liable for employee compensation. In another 59 cases, employees withdrew their claims or did not continue their claims due to different reasons. In one case, it was confirmed that the employer was not liable for compensation.

He Boliang expects that the United States will extend the vaccination age of Bitex to 12-15 next week. Hong Kong can follow [13:12] The government recently launched a "vaccine bubble" measure to encourage citizens to vaccinate.

According to the current vaccination policy, the age group has been expanded to 16 and above.

The Director of the Infection and Infectious Diseases Center of the University of Hong Kong, Boliang Ho, said on a commercial TV program this morning (5th) that Fubitel Vaccine Pharmaceuticals had announced the vaccination data for people aged 12 to 15 one month ago and submitted it to American Food and Drugs. The Administration expects that the local government will expand the vaccination group to 12 to 15 years old next week.

He said that after the United States expands, Hong Kong can expand afterwards.

He Boliang suggested yesterday that the government should consider inviting singer Jiang Tao to appeal to the public for vaccinations.

He said today that if Jiang has any questions about the vaccine, please feel free to contact him; if you are interested in visiting the vaccination center of the University of Hong Kong, you are welcome.

[12:15] According to news, there are 6 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Hong Kong today, and the Department of Health will not hold an epidemic press conference.

[11:47] Two 46-year-old and 38-year-old Filipino domestic helpers have been diagnosed with a variant of the new crown virus. They are living in their employers' residences in Block N2, Kornhill, Quarry Bay, and Pokfulam.

The 46-year-old female patient has been classified as a local case, and the other patient is an epidemiologically related case.

Further analysis by the Public Health Laboratory Service of the Department of Health last night revealed that both cases involved the highly infectious N501Y variant virus strain.

All floor units (involving about 230 and 30 units respectively) in the building where the patient lives (Block N2, Kornhill, Pokfulam, Quarry Bay) were sent to the quarantine center.

▼Long queue at Tung Chung Testing Station on May 2▼




Variant virus | Penny's Bay quarantine at Block 11 of Yingwan Park for 21 days complaints: No response from the hotline [10:35] At Block 11, Penny's Bay, Tung Chung Yingwan Park, there was a case of new crown pneumonia with a variant virus strain earlier. All residents of the building must be quarantined for 21 days.

Residents who were sent to the Penny's Bay Quarantine Center said on the RTHK program this morning (5th) that they contacted the staff through the hotline and Whatsapp SMS on May 1 to request food and garbage bags, but no one responded all day. , Criticizing the authorities for chaotic arrangements.

Variant Virus | Block R of Allway Gardens evacuated District Councillors this morning: 5 households have not yet arranged for testing

[10:22] The Coronavirus has repeatedly invaded the community. A Filipino domestic helper who arrived in Hong Kong was quarantined in a hotel on the 21st and was diagnosed after 7 virus tests. He was diagnosed with the N501Y variant virus.

The entire building in Block R of Allway Gardens, Tsuen Wan, where the employer is located, was closed for inspection last night, and an evacuation was arranged this morning (5th).

At around 9 o'clock in the morning, about 10 residents were sent to the quarantine center.

When the district councilors estimated that there were at least 500 residents in Block R.

He revealed that five households were not photographed when the area was closed for testing last night, and they have not yet been tested.

The Hospital Authority claims that employees receive two injections to exempt regular virus testing. Medical care: vaccines are not 100% protected

[10:00] The Hospital Authority plans to start next Monday (10th), requiring about 65,000 public hospital employees to take a rapid antigen test for new coronary pneumonia every 7 days, requiring two injections and 14 days or more apart. Only then can you apply for a test exemption.

Ma Zhongyi, the president of the Hong Kong Association of Public Medical Doctors, said on a commercial TV program today (5th) that the bureau did not communicate with employees at all and felt that there was a lack of respect. He also believed that an exemption can be applied for after vaccination. There is no scientific basis because of the current vaccine. The protection is not perfect.

The government plans to shorten the quarantine period after vaccination

[09:41] The government recently introduced a "vaccine bubble" measure to increase the vaccination rate. Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said yesterday (4th) that it would study shortening the quarantine days for people who have completed vaccination.

Respiratory system specialist Liang Zichao said on a program in Hong Kong and Taiwan this morning (5th) that there is no scientific basis for the arrangement of shortening the number of quarantine days. Vaccines cannot shorten the incubation period of the virus. In particular, there is less information about vaccines against variant viruses. The argument of quarantine has a "big question mark," and it has been criticized for facilitating the quarantine. Once there are cases of leakage, more citizens may be subject to 21st quarantine.

In addition, mutant viruses have gradually flowed into the community. He believes that people entering the country should be tested for antibodies, and during the hotel quarantine period, an additional test should be added on the third day to detect patients as soon as possible.




▼List of mandatory inspection schools and premises on May 4▼




▼Mobile sampling stations that provide services to the public in each district (as of May 5)▼




▼Filipino servants in Block N2, Taikoo Kornhill, infected with variant virus▼

▼Haofeng Filipino Maid, 118 Pokfulam Road, infected with a variant virus▼

The fire alarm in designated quarantine hotels rings for residents who dare not escape, parents of foreign students urge the government to provide guidelines

[08:00] Hong Kong residents returning to Hong Kong from other places must undergo quarantine on the 21st at the designated quarantine hotel, during which time they are not allowed to leave the room.

Wong Chuk Hang Quarantine Hotel Hong Kong Aohua Hotel.

The South Bank fire alarm sounded last Saturday (1st) and this Tuesday (4th), which shocked the quarantine residents and did not know whether they should leave the room to escape. Fortunately, it was finally confirmed to be a false alarm, but some residents questioned the government’s quarantine before it The hotel has established guidelines for escape.

Respiratory system specialist Liang Zichao bluntly said that "safety is paramount," if you see heavy smoke, you must leave immediately; if you don't see any signs of fire, you can call the hotel's front desk first.

However, if he believed that he had been in contact with a patient who was later diagnosed with the same hotel during his escape, he might have the opportunity to extend the quarantine period.

The Fire Services Department confirmed that it had received a fire report from the hotel’s automatic fire alarm system at 8:24 am last Saturday, which was classified as a false alarm after investigation.

The Food and Health Bureau replied that the hotel should continue to notify the hotel guests to evacuate and evacuate according to its existing channels, and did not reply whether it has communicated with the industry on escape arrangements.

▼Full list of designated quarantine hotels (May 5th edition)▼

Compulsory testing | Immigration Building, Discovery Park, Metroplaza on the list of variant cases

[02:20] The government gazetted the mandatory testing announcement early this (5th) morning. In response to the confirmed cases announced yesterday and the preliminary confirmed cases recorded, 9 specified places were included in the mandatory testing announcement, including the Immigration Building and Allway Garden, Kwai Fong Metroplaza, Discovery Park and Citygate, etc.

此外,經衞生防護中心進一步調查,早前涉及N501Y變種病毒株的源頭不明本地確診個案(印度裔男子#11643、其菲律賓女友人#11672)曾身處3個指明地方,相關人士亦須接受強制檢測,包括愉景灣 D'Deck 及諾富特東薈城酒店。已完成2019冠狀病毒病疫苗接種的人士無須接受強制檢測。


再有23學校爆上呼吸道感染及流感 師生須強檢 停課5日(附名單)


薄扶林豪峰、康怡花園N2座菲傭確診變種病毒 政府凌晨急封區檢測








染變種病毒男女4.11訪東涌諾富特東薈城酒店 到愉景灣Zak's餐廳

【00:01】衞生署衞生防護中心周一晚(3日)公布,早前確診的印度裔男子#11643、其菲律賓女友人#11672於4月11曾到過東薈城及海堤灣畔 Curry Lounge。中心在昨日晚上(4日)再更新資料,修改指兩人到過東薈城及Curry Lounge日子為4月10日,未知會否影響昨晚公布強制檢測令。

中心增加二人行蹤,原來他們在4月11日也到東涌,曾到訪諾富特東薈城酒店,未知是否入住,同日再到愉景灣食肆D'Deck Zak's ,當局表示會因應最新資料要求相關人士進行強制檢測。



昨日總覽:新冠肺炎.5.4|荃威花園R傭確診變種病毒 康怡花園豪峰菲傭中招

變種病毒│荃威花園R座先封區檢測 再撤離220戶居民檢疫21日

變種病毒|荃威花園R座居民送檢疫21日前 急送寵物親友寄養

荃威花園外傭確診 僱主一家四口送檢疫 住戶驚檢疫先儲糧

康怡花園及薄扶林豪峰菲傭初確診 一人勞動節曾去維園附近小公園

初確診2菲傭周日光顧西九龍中心薩莉亞 經理:三分二客都係菲傭


接種疫苗或列工作簽證條件 剛履新外傭想打針 惟不認同強制措施

政府要求外傭續約打疫苗 事隔5日轉口風 消息:未曾交行會討論

工會指有僱主自行替外傭預約打針 專家倡不適合者定期檢測代替

外傭組織質疑強制接種疫苗屬歧視 平機會:各群組獨立風險評估

吸姜糖打新冠疫苗?何栢良倡政府邀姜濤呼籲打針 可在IG呼籲

新冠疫苗|9宗死亡個案全與打針無關 3宗面癱缺臨床資料有待評估

8人昨打疫苗後送院 3人臉部麻痺 少女出現唇疱疹

增4宗個案 印度返港孕婦檢疫後確診變種病毒 列輸入個案

東涌靈糧堂秀德小學女教師染變種病毒 為映灣園確診菲傭僱主

變種病毒|許樹昌料確診印度婦當地感染 奇怪在3次檢疫採樣陰性




變種病毒|社區屢現患者 圖表解構各人行蹤 東涌最多足跡

印度患者曾到東涌Curry Lounge 鄰舖職員稱商場共用廁所憂感染

變種病毒|何栢良倡翻看東薈城閉路電視 許樹昌指難找三人傳播鏈

本港輸出新加坡確診中年漢料屬復陽 在港居珀麗灣

港府周五凌晨起撤銷對英國、愛爾蘭禁飛令 菲律賓等地禁令維持

變種病毒|專家促設入境人數上限 一輸入個案足以引起新一波疫情

外國返港77歲老翁屢違強制檢疫被控8宗罪 判囚30日

▼5.2大批外傭到維園排隊 強制檢測▼













▼三圖看清 科興、BioNTech(復必泰)疫苗 預約接種及副作用詳情▼





強制檢測大廈|涉變種病毒個案 興華(二)邨、東薈城上榜

42學校爆上呼吸道感染及流感 師生強制檢測 停課5日(附全名單)

周日6人打疫苗後送院 49歲女子心悸及高血壓要留醫

3變種病毒患者現共通點 東涌菲傭、印度男及菲女友4.11到東薈城

上月初抵港印度婦染變種病毒 居尖沙咀美園大廈40戶今晚撤離

港府周五凌晨起撤銷對英國、愛爾蘭禁飛令 菲律賓等地禁令維持

外國返港77歲老翁屢違強制檢疫被控8宗罪 判囚30日

變種病毒│荃威花園R座先封區檢測 再撤離220戶居民檢疫21日

初確診2菲傭周日光顧西九龍中心薩莉亞 經理:三分二客都係菲傭

本港輸出新加坡確診中年漢料屬復陽 在港居珀麗灣



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