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Eduardo Duhalde pointed to Alberto Fernández's cabinet: 'It is a government in which the people are very new'


"In a moment of crisis, what corresponds is to choose very experienced people and that is not what has happened," the former president shot.

Marina Devita

05/05/2021 7:00

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Updated 05/05/2021 7:00 AM

Former President

Eduardo Duhalde

pointed to the members of


Alberto Fernández's


, considering that it is made up of "very new" people in politics, and stressed: "We need people who know and they

make us waste a lot of time


"It is a government in which the people are very new. Those in decision-making positions are very new, and while learning ... In a moment of crisis, what corresponds is to choose very experienced people and it is not what It has happened.

We need people who know

and they make us waste a lot of time, "said Duhalde during an interview with



In this context, the former Buenos Aires governor affirmed that Argentina is going through "a

very complicated and complex situation

" marked by the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, and added: "We are going through the most critical moment in the modern history of the country."

"There are times when

none of the solutions you have is good.

When things are so bad, nothing that can be done is good. That is the moment we are living in. You

do what you can

in a very difficult situation." , he emphasized.

Eduardo Duhalde during a meeting with Alberto Fernández in Puerto Madero, in December 2019.

After the crossings he had with the national government, after it was known that he was part of the list of 70 vaccinated at the request of the Ministry of Health, Duhalde said he has a "normal" relationship with the head of state.

"It is a normal relationship in that every time I write to him, he answers me or I speak on the phone.

I am constantly sending him WhatsApp messages

, he (Alberto Fernández) answers me," he graphed.

In addition, he highlighted his link with Vice President

Cristina Kirchner

: "We meet, we have confidence. I have confidence with her, I have told her what I thought about the crack, around there she has a different opinion."

At that point, the former president considered that

"we must try not to fight more

" with the leaders of other political spaces, and specified: "If we Argentines do not agree,

Argentina will continue to fall

and that is dramatic."

"The fight between Argentines makes us worse and worse. The

government and the opposition are in a permanent fight

that begins every time a president wins and blames the other. When people elect their leaders, it is not for what tell the story you know, but to go to what does not exist Do you know what does not exist? The future, "he emphasized.

In this regard, he stated that "the

political leadership is not at all up to the situation

" that the country is going through, and completed: "They live fighting, one blames the other. In

critical situations you cannot try to get the other out. country forward and also fight permanently

with others. This must be absolutely ruled out if we want to get ahead. "


I am not on either side of the rift,

I am in what I have always been, which is to try to unite Argentines.

People are very distressed by the plague,

but also by the situation they are experiencing. If the politicians do not agree at a time when all people are suffering, then they will never agree and we will get worse and worse, "he said.

Duhalde during the inauguration of the monument to Juan Domingo Perón with Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, in October 2015. Photo: Néstor Sieira

The fight for classes

Asked about the


that was generated between the

Nation and the City

after the President established in a Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) to close the schools in the AMBA, he replied: "I disagree with everything that is not to agree and seek consensus. Whoever does it does it. The issue is not who does it, the issue is that we live doing that. "

"We believe that this is how we win for the next election, but the one who loses is the people. I never governed with a crack, and I governed for many years.

They believe that an electoral election is more important than trying to help out,

" he lashed out.

In that sense, he clarified that "

to fight you need two

" parties, and added: "When there are problems you have to look for skilled leaders to solve them, and that doesn't happen.

There is no consensus at all

and we are always in the same story."

Finally, he revealed that he requested "an audience with the President of the Republic (Argentina) as president of the Justicialist Party", and then he will seek to meet with former president Mauricio Macri to try to reach "an agreement to work together on five or six issues that really they afflict society. "

"If we have problems with the presidents because they both

want to save problems of which they are accused

, let's leave an umbrella on those issues, let's leave it for later. Let's dedicate ourselves to solving the problems of the people, not of the presidents or former presidents," sentenced.


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