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Variant Viruses | Community Infection Cases Continue to Increase Map Deconstruct the Whereabouts and Relationships of Patients


A variant of the new crown pneumonia virus has entered Hong Kong. On Wednesday (5th), the Centre for Health Protection confirmed that two more cases of local infection had a variant virus strain. The employers of the two confirmed foreign domestic helpers were living in Quarry Bay Kornhill.

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Author: Zheng Qiuling

2021-05-05 17:24

Last update date: 2021-05-05 17:25

A variant of the new crown pneumonia virus has entered Hong Kong. On Wednesday (5th), the Centre for Health Protection confirmed that two more cases of local infection had the variant virus strain. The employer’s residence of the two confirmed foreign domestic helpers was Kornhill, Quarry Bay. All residents of Block N2 and 2 Pokfulam Haofeng must be sent to the quarantine center today (5th).

In other words, there have been 8 cases of variants that have flowed into the community.

According to the Department of Health's investigations over the past few days, it was found that some of the patients had similarities in their whereabouts, including the first case of an Indian businessman and his Filipino girlfriend who went to Citygate on April 11.

Later, the confirmed maid from Yingwanyuan visited on the same day. It was the first case of local infection with a variant virus strain in Hong Kong and infected a female baby of the employer.

▼Complete record of whereabouts of confirmed variant virus cases (updated on May 5)▼




According to the latest development of the epidemic, a domestic helper at Block N2 of Kornhill Gardens in Quarry Bay and Howard Heights, Pokfulam was diagnosed today (5th) with the highly infectious N501Y variant virus strain. Since they are friends, they did not Outbound travel records are therefore defined as local unattainable cases and related local cases.

Up to now, there have been a total of 8 variant cases that have flowed into the community. Four of them arrived in Hong Kong from other places, completed the entire quarantine period in the hotel, and found the diagnosis after returning to the community.

Among them, the 28-year-old pregnant woman in the Meiyuan Building arrived in Hong Kong from New Delhi on the UK6395 flight of Vistara Airlines on April 4. After 7 tests, the diagnosis was confirmed by the Department of Health.

Three patients visited Citygate, Tung Chung on the same day

Looking back on the first case discovered, a 29-year-old Indian male (#11643) arrived in Hong Kong from Dubai in March, completed quarantine at the Ramada Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui on April 8, and planned to leave Hong Kong on the 16th. He went to Yau Ma Tei for testing on the 17th. Diagnosed daily.

The girlfriend who was living with the Birgarth Building in Jordan was also diagnosed later.

▼On April 16th, the first variant case in the community raided Fengbo Jiashi Building▼




The first case of local infection with the mutant virus was a 39-year-old Filipino domestic helper in Caribbean Coast, Tung Chung. He had no travel history. He started coughing on April 23. He went to the private clinic of the housing estate for medical treatment on the 26th and went to Tung Chung on the 27th. At the North Park Community Testing Center, the sample was positive on the 28th, and the 10-month-old baby girl under her care was also diagnosed with the infection.

▼Long queue at Tung Chung Testing Station on May 2▼




Until May 4, the Centre for Health Protection tracked down and found that the 39-year-old Filipino domestic helper from Caribbean Coast visited Tung Chung Citygate on April 11, but the 29-year-old Indian male and his girlfriend also arrived at the same time. I have visited Citygate, but the two have never mentioned it before.

The authorities currently estimate that the maid is more likely to be infected by the male patient, and the route of infection is still being investigated.

When asked if the patient was concealing his whereabouts, the authorities stated that they understood that it was difficult to recall what happened a month ago, but if any concealment was discovered, they would not rule out applying relevant laws to deal with it.

▼5.2 A large number of foreign domestic helpers line up for mandatory inspection at Victoria Park▼




▼Starting from April 29, the social distancing measures will be relaxed with the vaccine bubble frame▼




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New Coronary Pneumonia Variant Virus

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