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Youth gangs in Fürstenfeldbruck out of control - police see connection with corona pandemic


In the past few days, reports of violence among young people in the district have increased. Police and social workers see a connection with Corona.

In the past few days, reports of violence among young people in the district have increased.

Police and social workers see a connection with Corona.


- The violence among young people in the district is reaching terrifying proportions.

In Puchheim, a 16-year-old was critically injured by a knife.

In Germering, Bruck and Eichenau, too, there were sometimes brutal clashes.

The police and social workers see a connection with the corona crisis.

The reports of violence among young people do not stop.

After the incidents in Puchheim and Germering, young men clashed again on Tuesday.

According to the police, around 20 young people rioted at the vocational school in Bruck and threatened a student.

The background was apparently a previous dispute.

Allegedly, the ringleader is said to have also had a knife with him.

The alarmed police could not find a weapon - but prevented a physical conflict.

The young people were between 16 and 20 years old.

They come from Munich, Fürstenfeldbruck, Germering and various communities in the western district.

Corona / Bavaria: youth gangs out of control: attack at Eichenau train station

In the afternoon, three young people attacked a 19-year-old at the Eichenau train station.

He had seen a group tampering with the money box of a newspaper box.

The 19-year-old went on, but was then attacked by the trio.

One kicked him in the temple.

The young man went down.

Then the attackers kicked him.

When a courageous 49-year-old passer-by intervened, the trio fled.

The alerted police were able to arrest the suspects at the age of 14, 15 and 16 years.

They are already known to the officers due to various offenses.

Corona in Bavaria: youth gangs out of control - 14-year-olds among the thugs

The police have been keeping an eye on youth groups for a long time.

So far, however, the matter has been well under control.

The violence with which the young men recently attacked each other was not expected, according to investigators.

The age of those involved is also astonishing.

14-year-olds are already part of the party.

The young people usually come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

"They are not affluent youth," says an investigator.

Many have a migration background.

The same protagonists are not always involved in the various incidents.

But there seem to be connections between the groups, says an investigator.

Some of the young people who showed up in front of the Fürstenfeldbruck vocational school on Tuesday are also known in Germering.

The police investigation is difficult.

Most of the time you come across a wall of silence.

The victims of attacks would also usually not cooperate with the officials.

The fact that one no longer has access to the young people is a cause for concern.

"I see a social time bomb ticking," said one investigator.

Youth gangs out of control: Corona pandemic as a fire accelerator

The corona pandemic acts like a fire accelerator.

Because social work is as good as no longer possible.

Youth centers and other contact points are closed.

"The young people lack opportunities to prove themselves and build self-confidence," says Martin Rattenberger, head of the Office for Youth, Family, Seniors, Social Affairs and Schools in Germering.

In addition, the employees in the youth centers could recognize emerging conflicts during normal times and take appropriate countermeasures.

That broke away completely.

Puchheim's mayor Norbert Seidl also points out this problem.

“You don't even know where the youngsters are,” says the town hall boss.

Meetings of groups in public are currently taboo.

The social workers have almost no access to the young people.

After youth violence, the mayor calls for the youth center to be reopened

The outbreak of violence in his city surprised Seidl - and horrified.

You have to open the JUZ again as soon as possible in order to get in contact with the young people again.

Because other municipalities also have a problem with violent young people, the mayor of Puchheim can also imagine a round table with other municipalities.

Schools can also be brought on board.

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