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Decision made! Bundestag speaks out in favor of easing corona vaccinations


The German Bundestag decides to relax people vaccinated against corona in Germany. Now only the Federal Council has to give its approval. The news ticker.

The German Bundestag decides to relax people vaccinated against corona in Germany.

Now only the Federal Council has to give its approval.

The news ticker.

  • Coronavirus pandemic in Germany

    : The Bundestag decides to relax those vaccinated against corona *.

  • People who have been vaccinated and who have recovered from Covid-19 * are exempt from contact and exit restrictions.

  • Parliament's decisions on the

    Corona rules *

    for vaccinated people here in the news ticker


Update from May 6, 1:25 p.m

.: The ordinance on relief and relaxation for vaccinated people has passed the German Bundestag.

The approval of the Federal Council is expected on Friday.

This should remove far-reaching restrictions in Germany for citizens vaccinated against corona in the coronavirus pandemic.

We summarize the easing from May 8th in a short overview:

Bundestag decides to relax people vaccinated against corona in Germany - an overview:

  • No more contact and exit restrictions.

  • People vaccinated against corona may meet other people vaccinated without restrictions.

    The curfew does not apply even if the federal emergency brake is still applied in some regions due to an incidence of over 100.

  • In private meetings in which people who have not been vaccinated or who have recovered also take part, immunized persons are “not treated as another person”.

  • Vaccinated persons no longer have to show a negative corona test for hairdressing appointments, other body-friendly services or visits to the zoo.

  • There is no longer an obligation to quarantine after traveling abroad.

  • The restriction that "contactless individual sports" may only be practiced alone, in pairs or with members of the own household no longer applies to those who have been vaccinated or who have recovered.

  • But: The obligation to wear an FFP2 mask in certain areas of public space still applies, for example in public transport in buses and / or subways.

Meanwhile there is also news from some federal states. *

reports on easing in Lower Saxony





the situation in Hamburg looks like


Update from May 6, 1:08 p.m.:

And that is the end of the matter: The German Bundestag has just decided to make things easier for people vaccinated


corona and thus to relax the pandemic


For the easing to take effect, the Federal Council still has to give its approval on Friday.

The consent is considered to be secured.

Bundestag debate on corona vaccinated people in the news ticker: FDP attacks the federal government

Update from May 6th, 1 p.m

.: The Bundestag continues to debate heatedly.

FDP and AfD vehemently criticize the federal government made up of CDU / CSU and SPD for interfering with civil liberties, complaining, among other things, that the easing for vaccinated people comes too late.

The GroKo, on the other hand, constantly refers to the pandemic situation in the country as a justification.

Update from May 6th, 12.40 pm

: The FDP accuses the GroKo of CDU / CSU and SPD of “being quick when restricting fundamental rights” and less quickly when it comes to “returning fundamental rights”.

As early as March, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported the first findings that immunized people were hardly at risk of infection.

An FDP MP criticized, among other things, that "vaccinated people are not allowed to do team sports together", or "a restaurateur should not open his restaurant for vaccinated people".

Bundestag debate on corona vaccinated people in the news ticker: "The last meters of this pandemic"

Update from May 6, 12:33 p.m

.: The deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Thorsten Frei, also sharply criticized Oehme for his contribution.

He also waddles off a question from Beatrix von Storch.

The AfD believes that encroachments on fundamental rights are generally not justified.

Like Lambrecht before that, Frei also referred to the protective function of the state.

"Yesterday, more than a million people were vaccinated, if that is not a vaccination turbo, I don't know either," says the native of Baden and demands "to walk the last few meters in this pandemic".

Bundestag debate in the news ticker: Corona vaccinated people should get their basic rights back

Update from May 6, 12.28 p.m.:

The contribution by AfD MP Ulrich Oehme polarized heavily in parliament.

He goes on to say: “I am reminded of conditions from 1989.

They will feel like this socialist group: Those who come too late are punished by life, ”he says, referring to the“ SED regime ”.

This leads to violent protests.

Oehme comes from Bischofswerda in Saxony, i.e. from the former GDR.

The term “Nazi” can be heard from the plenary, “more than 80,000 dead” is shouted into it.

It's getting really hot.

Update from May 6, 12.25 p.m

.: There are already the first



The Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki of the FDP admonishes the members.

A member of the AfD sharply criticized the curfew and "calls on the federal government: give us back our fundamental rights!"

Bundestag debate in the news ticker: Which easing are corona vaccinated people getting?

Update from May 6, 12.20 p.m.:

The debate on the possible easing for corona-vaccinated people in the German Bundestag begins.

Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht from the SPD was the first to speak.

“Fundamental rights have been restricted for over a year, and in a clear and massive way,” says the 55-year-old from Baden.

The restriction of fundamental rights is legitimate "to protect life and health," she explains, referring to the protective function of the rulers.

Before the vote in parliament, she advises everyone to “read that again carefully”.

But it is just as clear that this restriction of fundamental rights will end at some point.

Relaxation for corona vaccinated people?

Again, the controversial curfew is in focus

Update from May 6th, 12 noon

: The nationwide curfew: It is a hotly debated topic in the corona pandemic in Germany.

According to the ideas of the Bundestag, this nightly exit restriction for vaccinated people should be dropped this weekend.

Parliament will decide on this shortly, and the Federal Council will follow suit on Friday.

We'll keep you up to date, you won't miss a thing!

Relaxation for corona vaccinated persons: Vaccinations in Germany are making progress

Update from May 6, 11.30 a.m.:

Corona vaccinated people in Germany can expect relief from the weekend.

And there are more and more.

According to the

vaccination dashboard of

the Federal


of Health and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 1.092 million more vaccinations against the

corona virus

were added on Wednesday, May 5.

This gives the following picture


Corona vaccinations in Germany:

total vaccination doses administered


vaccination doses administered on May 5th


at least first vaccinated

30.6 percent of the total population

fully vaccinated

8.6 percent of the total population

Relaxation for corona vaccinated people: Will exit restrictions fall away for millions?

Update from May 6, 11

a.m.: Are millions of people in Germany getting their freedoms back today?

From 12.20 p.m., the Bundestag will discuss the planned easing for those vaccinated against corona and those who have recovered from the virus.

These simplifications are proposed for these groups:

  • Contact and exit restrictions are no longer applicable.

  • Equality with those who have been tested, i.e. daily tests for shops or visits to the hairdresser, for example, are no longer applicable.

  • No more quarantine after trips abroad.

  • But: Mask requirements and distance rules remain in place.

Corona vaccination regulation: Thuringia state chief - those who tested negative should also get relaxations

Update from May 6, 9.45 a.m.:

Thuringia's Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) demands that people who have tested negative for Corona should be given more relief in addition to those who have been vaccinated. Fully vaccinated, recovered and tested people should be treated equally, Ramelow demanded on Thursday on the RBB information radio. There must be uniform national improvements here. Ramelow is currently urging that those who have tested negative should also be given the same legal status as those who have been vaccinated, at least on a daily basis. To do this, however, the relevant data would have to be stored centrally and forgery-proof in order to make it easier for the police to check.

Ramelow supported plans to save such data in the Corona warning app.

This should also apply to test results.

This is already planned for proof of vaccinations.

Update from May 6, 6.25 a.m.:

The Bundestag will decide on Thursday on the relief for people who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus or who have recovered from the disease.

The ordinance that is to be voted on provides that the exit and contact restrictions that apply to these people will no longer apply.

In many areas - for example when shopping or visiting the hairdresser - they are also given the same level as those who tested negative.

If the Federal Council agrees on Friday, the new regulation could come into force on Sunday.

The regulation is based on the Infection Protection Act, which provides for a nationwide emergency brake from a seven-day incidence of 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

The federal states have already laid down their own relief for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered.

The Bundestag is also discussing another amendment to the Infection Protection Act on Thursday.

In the future, in addition to doctors, pharmacists should also be able to make additions to the vaccination certificate.

Corona vaccination regulation: Vote in the German Bundestag this Thursday

First report from May 5th, 11 p.m .:

Munich / Berlin - Are millions of Germans getting back many freedoms and basic rights in the coronavirus pandemic *?

On Thursday (May 6) in Berlin from 12.20 p.m., the Bundestag will discuss the relaxation of the corona rules for vaccinated and convalescent people.

Said relaxations should then already come into force this weekend (from May 8th).

But the Federal Council still has to make a decision beforehand.

The contact restrictions of the Corona Federal Emergency Brake * should then no longer apply to those who have been completely vaccinated and recovered.

For example, the curfew should no longer apply, and those affected no longer have to show negative Covid-19 tests when visiting the hairdresser or the zoo.

In addition, vaccinated and convalescent people should be able to meet other Corona * vaccinated people.

In addition, they should not be included in meetings with family or friends when it comes to contact restrictions in general.

But: The ordinance should also contain the fact that vaccinated people must continue to wear FFP2 masks at certain locations and adhere to the distance rules in public spaces.

Corona vaccination regulation in Germany: Relaxation expected for vaccinated and convalescent people

In the run-up to the Bundestag session, it is expected that the easements will be passed.

It can be eagerly awaited, however, whether the debate about freedoms and possible privileges will turn out to be just as heated as the discussions about the federal emergency brake.

It was precisely in this situation that the Federal Constitutional Court rejected urgent motions against the Germany-wide curfew on Wednesday evening (May 5).

Follow all developments on the easing for vaccinated and convalescent people here in the news ticker



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