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The fight between Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner that alarms Wall Street


The vice president referred in the worst way to Minister Martín Guzmán. Axel Kicillof let it be known that he has a candidate for that position.

05/06/2021 11:07 PM

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Updated 05/06/2021 11:07 PM

Alberto Fernández

tries to quell the offensive

against Martín Guzmán, with a political patch: the minister accompanies him - as the main figure - on his imminent tour of Europe.

Federico Basualdo does not leave.

He will remain in his position for a time and then he will be transferred to another destination.

The "gurkas" of La Cámpora want him to stay where he is.

The action does not solve the conflict and

deteriorates everyone in the Front of All


Axel Kicillof

pressures to displace Guzmán and put Augusto Costa

to manage the economy from La Plata.

Both friends from Marxist forays at the UBA are two sides of the same coin.


is the political winner

of the offensive.

He twisted Guzmán's arm and beat Alberto.

But her exaggerated display of power put her to the limit: they say she

would now be willing to devour the very alliance she built

to win the elections.

"She is evil," they

accuse in the Casa Rosada.

And they add maliciously: her "whip" tries to displace all those who dare to disagree with her.

The pathetic act of unity on Wednesday tried to put cold cloths on a deep crisis, which affected the President and, as never before, the governability.

In the "red circle" they insist on a specific question: Alberto was the one who suffered the greatest loss of image due to the obvious public disavowal of his former benefactress.


also have

that opinion

on Wall Street.

Martín Guzmán is not liked by businessmen in Manhattan.

Photo Noel Smart

There were reports for clients and various brokers explained what was happening.

The Manhattan diagnosis

is severe

and - for them - what happened exposed the power struggle in Argentina in the open.

Among others, JP Morgan, UBS, Morgan Stanley and HSBC did papers.

One of these documents concludes: "In Argentina,

Cristina beats Alberto and Kicillof beats Guzmán."

And he adds: "If the Cristina-Kicillof duo consolidates, in economic decisions,

Argentina could crash again


Another bump with dollar-inflation.

The "wolves" always exaggerate and many times they erred in their predictions.

Many reports have long predicted hyper and - luckily - they were never fulfilled.

But they indicate how Argentina is seen in the centers of power.

Guzmán is not wanted in Manhattan


There they say that he made a bad negotiation and now the bonds - which are his assets - are at auction prices.

But they recognize that the minister is


, a quality that does not abound in hard Kirchnerism.

They say that Joseph Stiglitz would have sent him a message to reassure Cristina.

In the UIA, the AEA and the bankers maintain that Cristina's reaction to Basualdo is

a torpedo on the waterline

of the Palacio de Hacienda.

The ceiling - without a doubt - to the increase in rates that Cristina decided alters Guzmán's "master program".

First, it widens the fiscal deficit.

Also because by eliminating the coherence of the fiscal reduction path, it would be impossible to agree - even if it is - a plan with the IMF to reschedule this year's maturities.

Now, the Senate flips another idea of ​​the minister: to use the SDR to pay the IMF and the Paris Club.

Guzmán - in his privacy - affirms that subsidizing rates in an exaggerated and general way

is not "progressive"

, as Máximo and his mother, Cristina insist.

In the Casa Rosada, the minister argued that the best thing was a segmented program where the most affected social sectors are heavily subsidized.

And that the middle, upper class and the rich pay in full.

For this reason, for Economía, Basualdo's criterion is retrograde and not compatible with La Cámpora's story.

Guzmán called him a "bad official" and spread that he

was dismissed as "useless."


Quarrel and reproaches

From there, a series of nonsense occurred that involved the President, Cristina, Máximo, and Guzmán.

A real bummer.

Alberto endorsed the decision and also the change of the undersecretary.

Basualdo is a sociologist, but an energy reference at La Cámpora.

Máximo immediately came out to defend him.

The head of La Cámpora does not speak: he

is afraid of exposure


He sent first -very elementary- his "beasts" to accuse that it was all a media operation.

He was wrong: he confirmed that he was confronting Alberto.

Axel Kicillof presses to displace Minister Martín Guzmán and put Augusto Costa in his place.

The President tried to defuse the bomb.

And he found no better way than to blame Guzmán.

In Olivos they explained that there was a misunderstanding and that Guzmán was irresponsible because it was "horrible" how the official's dismissal "operated".

The issue provoked

a harsh dialogue

- it would have been Friday night or Saturday -

between Alberto and the minister himself.

Alberto reproached him for his way of acting and held him responsible because

he exposed it with Cristina


The President's anger is due to the fact that he had had a dialogue with Cristina.

There were strong reproaches and the vice president referred to the minister in the worst way.

Kicillof wants to take advantage of the situation to strengthen his control over the Economy.

From the first day he has been jealous of Guzmán.

The governor has been trying to "grind" it for a long time.

Now he let it be known that he has a ready candidate: Augusto Costa.

Manager of Vélez and a good soccer player.

Current Buenos Aires minister, had an experience with Cristina.

In his management he obtained a concrete result: as Secretary of Commerce he

failed to contain inflation.

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Source: clarin

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