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Martín Guzmán, with the chopped ticket, for now he will not leave


The minister resists the offensive of Christianity to expel him. For the government, this has more cost than benefits.

05/07/2021 8:49 PM

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Updated 05/07/2021 8:50 PM

All wrong.

Alberto Fernández arrived in Ensenada at noon on Wednesday, where it is always several degrees lower than in the City, with a light suit

that is finding it increasingly difficult to fasten the buttons


Annoyed by the cold, to make matters worse he had to speak in the open, in the middle of a landscape of unfinished houses and with Cristina next to him, rigid and without taking her eyes off her,

as if she were taking an exam and let it show


And he spoke imitating Cristina: angry and shouting and making efforts to show who the president is.

Efforts that are very noticeable


Cristina makes efforts to show that she is not president, although it is difficult for her to hide that

she would like to be and she is so many times


Fernández shouted for them to take the photo of that group that surrounded him because it was the photo of the unit.

If there were unity there would be no need for photos

and if it were for a matter of photos, the world would be full of unity.

There were six of them and he, the only Albertist, trying to digest that he

was five to one down


Cristina, with whom he is going through one of the worst moments;

Massa, who can be many things but is above all Massista and he is betting that Fernández's fight with Cristina will

be even worse and he will rise to power


Kicillof, who is the voice of Cristina;

Minister Ferraresi, who is more Christian than Cristina, and Mayor Secco, who we now know is an admirer of Galtieri.

Cristina Kirchner, wearing a chinstrap, at the Ensenada event where she did not speak.

Fernández had just had a horrible time with Cristina and it showed. The vice had exploded because he had tried to run to Basualdo, the undersecretary of Energy of La Cámpora and hers. And from that Friday he dedicated himself to bombarding Martín Guzmán, who

is the minister of both, although Cristina considers him only Fernández

. More than that: now she has made him her enemy. He even said that Guzmán had prevented Eduardo Zuain, the ambassador in Moscow, from participating in meetings with the economy minister and the president of the Central Bank of Russia. Zuain was vice chancellor with Cristina and had

a key role in the Pact with Iran


At the beginning, Guzmán had been accepted by Kirchnerism.

It came with the Stiglitz badge, a K idol

. His shares fell with the stumbles in the negotiation of private debt and

Kicillof dedicated himself to wearing it out and operating it

. Guzmán made an effort to get closer to Cristina two months ago and they say he traveled to El Calafate to meet her.

The management did not end badly but it brought him a relief that lasted just a week


More than the rate policy, which caused the unusual circumstance of a president who cannot displace an undersecretary because

the undersecretary has the vice president's endorsement

, Guzmán is reproached for the fiscal adjustment and not putting more money in the pocket of the people to win the elections.

Guzmán fears that with the 4% monthly inflation,

that will end in an overflow

that will turn the boat around.

Although he resists and

can fight and has



that Christianity cannot refute, Guzmán already has the ticket down.

But they will not or cannot remove him until after the elections.

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