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An alleged 'mistake' bought Cristina Kirchner time in the cause of her millionaire pension


The former president's lawyer confused the names of a radical deputy with a macrista lawyer. By mistake, the Justice can not define on his pension of $ 1,600,000.

Lucia Salinas

05/09/2021 17:47

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Updated 05/09/2021 5:47 PM

An alleged error by one of

Cristina Kirchner's


in the cause of her millionaire pension as former president, generated delays and accusations in the file. Today the Social Security Appeals Chamber must decide whether to admit a group of opposition deputies headed by legislator Jimena Hebe Latorre (UCR), as "third volunteers" in the file where they oppose Cristina Kirchner receiving an honorary pension that around 1.6 million pesos. At the same time, there is another request to be amicus curia in the case of a lawyer named Jimena de la Torre, like the deputy of the UCR.

In the midst of the documents presented, the vice president's lawyer, Facundo Fernández Pastor,

made a mistake and confused the radical deputy with her namesake, who is a former lawyer for the macrista AFIP.

The alleged confusion generated a delay in the definition of the judges that ended up benefiting Cristina Kirchner.

The first step was the presentation of a brief where the opposition deputies headed by the radical Latorre asked to be taken as third volunteers in the file that the Chamber has had two months ago, and in which they must decide whether to leave firm the decision of the surrogate judge Ezequiel Pérez Nami to grant Cristina Kirchner the double pension that is equivalent to about 1.6 million pesos, or if, on the contrary, he forces her to choose between one of the two.

The second letter was signed by the lawyer Jimena de la Torre, who was a legal advisor to the AFIP during Mauricio Macri's administration and is currently a member of the Bases Republicanas group that brings together hundreds of lawyers.

With his proposal, he requested to be Amicus Curiae (Friends of the Court) in the same file, opposing that the vice president receive a double honorary pension.

It is still the Social Security Appeals Chamber that must decide whether to accept the deputies as part of the case and the Bases Republicanas association, and in turn, who must determine whether Cristina Kirchner will continue to receive a double pension.

But everything will be delayed a little longer, since the vice president's lawyer, when he refused to have an Amicus Curiae in the file, asking for a prompt resolution of the central issue, mixed the two presentations.

He attributed the request of the radical deputy to Jimena de la Torre, who was presented on behalf of the NGO of lawyers.

Sources in the case indicated to


 that in the face of the confusing situation, they

do not believe in a "simple mistake", and that they only "managed to continue earning more time before a final decision."

It is the Appeals Chamber that must rule on the two issues, but also on the issue of funds, after the ANSES appeal led by Fernanda Raverta: if Cristina Kirchner should continue to receive the double pension for 1.6 million pesos. 

Despite the fact that the judicial resolution is still missing, since April 5 the secretary general of the presidency Julio Vitobello reported in a resolution, published in the Official Gazette, that Cristina Kirchner will receive the double pension by decision of the ANSES, for which she resigned to her salary as president of the Senate.

In the middle, the error of the vice president's lawyer was raised, which became a new letter, "the plaintiff has addressed the undersigned as the" National Deputy Jimena Hebe Latorre ", completely confusing me, since I am neither a National Deputy, nor My name is not “Jimena Hebe Latorre” either, being my full name, María Isabel Jimena DE LA TORRE, "said the lawyer in her claim.

In this confusion, the lawyer pointed out that Latorre sought to have a double participation in the file, as a voluntary third party and as an amicus, "by virtue of what has been clarified, it is rejected and shows that the accusation made by the plaintiff as to what is being sought to participate doubly in the file is manifestly incorrect, there being no identity of subjects or object with the appeals presented by other litigants, "it was said before the Court of Appeals.

Last week, the vice president's lawyer refused to accept other parties in the case and pointed out to the judges that to accept the opposition deputies who claim to be a party "in defense of the interests of the State", that it could have an impact on the cases where issues related to the retirement of magistrates are discussed, because under the same criteria Cristina Kirchner to be a plaintiff in that other case.

The final word that orders this interweaving of writings, while Cristina Kirchner already receives the double honorary pension, will be from the members of the Tribunal made up of Fasciolo, Sebastián Russo and Fernando Strasser.

Source: clarin

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