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“Another step towards normalization”: Bavaria declares the next relief for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered


The incidence in Munich continues to fall. The value for the whole of Bavaria is also on the decline and is below 100 for the first time in almost two months.

The incidence in Munich continues to fall.

The value for the whole of Bavaria is also on the decline and is below 100 for the first time in almost two months.

  • The seven-day incidence * in Bavaria continues to fall and falls below 100 for the first time in a long time (see update from May 14, 6 a.m.).

  • The Corona * situation in Munich continues to relax (see update from May 14, 6 a.m.).

  • 3200 vaccination doses should help a corona hotspot in the fight against the pandemic (see update from May 14, 11:01 a.m.).

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Update from May 14, 12.26 p.m.: Vaccinated

and recovered people will no longer need a negative corona test in old people's and nursing homes in Bavaria in the future. “For residents, relatives and staff, this is a further step towards normalizing life in the facilities.” Health Minister Klaus Holetschek said on Friday. Vaccinated and genesis would now be put on an equal footing with people who tested negative.

For vaccinated people, the relief with a vaccination certificate issued for them applies. For example, visitors whose final vaccination was at least 15 days ago would no longer have to present a negative test certificate when visiting a corresponding facility, Holetschek said.

The exemption from the obligation to provide evidence of a test also applies to those who have recovered.

This includes everyone who tested positive for Corona using PCR testing at least 28 days ago, but no more than six months ago.

Proof is also required here.

People who have received a single vaccination dose are treated as fully vaccinated - provided that their corona infection was more than six months ago.

Corresponding evidence can be provided by submitting a positive PCR test more than six months ago in connection with submission of the vaccination certificate.

Worries about Bavaria's hotspot: a special contingent of over 3000 vaccine doses should help

Update from May 14th, 11:01 a.m.:

While the situation in Munich is visibly easing (see previous update), things are very different in Coburg.

The Upper Franconian city is at the top nationwide with an incidence of 284.3.

According to Mayor Dominik Sauerteig (SPD), the city and district of Coburg are now jointly allocated a special quota of 3200 vaccination doses in order to be able to fight the pandemic more quickly.

Below 100: Incidence in Bavaria is sinking - Munich will be 50 in just a few days

Update from May 14, 6 a.m.:

The seven-day incidence throughout Bavaria continues to fall.

On Friday the RKI reported a value of 95.3 (previous day: 101.0).

For the first time in almost two months it has fallen below 100.

This puts the Free State just below the national average of 96.5.

The situation in the state capital is also becoming more and more relaxed: the incidence in Munich is currently 58.8 (previous day: 64.0) and is slowly but surely approaching the limit of 50. The city of Coburg, on the other hand, remains Germany's Corona hotspot number 1 (284.9), the city of Schweinfurt (260.2) follows in third place.

The city of Memmingen (217.7) ranks eighth, the district of Unterallgäu (217.4) follows in ninth place.

Corona in Bavaria: Numerous investigations in connection with emergency aid

Update from May 13, 4:09 p.m.:

In connection with Corona emergency aid, more than 1,400 investigations into subsidy fraud * have been initiated in Bavaria since the beginning of the pandemic. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Justice said this at the request of

. It is about aid of at least 11.26 million euros. Cases in which the requested aid funds were not paid are not included here. According to the ministry, they add up to a further 10.3 million euros.

"Fraud is not worth it," warned Justice Minister Georg Eisenreich last June.

"In addition to the obligation to repay the Corona emergency aid, there is a risk of high fines and imprisonment of up to five years." The investigators brought charges in 297 cases with a total damage amount of 2.37 million euros.

A further 361 proceedings are still being determined, with aid funds amounting to 4.77 million euros.

A further 804 proceedings have already been dealt with, for example because they have been discontinued.

Corona in Bavaria: tourism companies demand opening - "need a specific date"

Update from May 13, 1:25 p.m.:

Tourism companies in Bavaria are calling for an opening regardless of the seven-day incidence for vaccinated, convalescent and people with a negative corona test. The link to a value below 100 is not realistic, criticized Armin Hollweck from the Hotel and Restaurant Association in Oberallgäu. “We need a specific date as the opening date for our companies, our guests, our employees!” He quoted from a letter to the state government.

FDP parliamentary group leader Martin Hagen (FDP) demanded: "Vaccinated, convalescent and tested people must be allowed to go on vacation everywhere in Bavaria as well!" An opening only if the incidence is stable below 100 means the end of the Whitsun vacation for many Bavarian vacation areas. At the same time, the quarantine requirement for vaccinated, recovered and negative tested travelers returning from countries with an incidence of up to 200 will be lifted. This is a discrimination against the local hospitality industry.

On Monday, the Bavarian cabinet had decided to relax from May 21st.

In regions with stable corona numbers, hotels, guest houses, holiday apartments, campsites and youth hostels are allowed to reopen to tourists.

Hollweck stated, however, that this was not practical.

“How does politics envision it?

Should the numbers rise again after a few days above 100, should we tell the guest at breakfast that he can now eat, but then has to go home again immediately? ”In addition, businesses would need at least a week's lead time to be able to reopen.

In Oberallgäu, the seven-day incidence on Thursday was 138.5, according to the Robert Koch Institute.

Bavaria: Corona rapid tests from now on also in drugstores and hardware stores

Update from May 13, 10:05 a.m

.: In Bavaria, corona rapid tests should now also be possible in facilities such as drugstores and hardware stores. “We are using it to expand the tests more and more. Nobody should have to search long if they need a quick test with evidence in order to be able to go about their everyday business, for example. ”Health Minister Klaus Holetschek said on Thursday in Munich. The rapid antigen tests must be carried out by trained personnel.

According to the notification, interested institutions can register on the ministry's website.

You would then have to get the tests on the open market and settle with the Bavarian Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.

The federal government bears the costs, as Holetschek said.

Citizens have been able to have themselves tested in local test centers as well as by doctors and pharmacies since March.

Munich incidence is already approaching the decisive 50 - but Germany's number 1 hotspot in Bavaria

Update from May 13, 7:27 a.m.:

The seven-day incidence for all of Bavaria continues to decrease significantly. On Thursday, the RKI reported a value of 101.0 (as of 3:10 a.m.). On the day before it was 106.6, on Tuesday it was 116.3. There is also good news from the state capital Munich, where the incidence is 64.0 and is therefore still on the decline. On Wednesday it was 71.9, on Tuesday 78.0.

In the city of Coburg, the value fell from 270.3 to 255.6.

The Upper Franconian city is Germany's number 1 hotspot. Directly behind it is the city of Memmingen (254) in second place.

The city of Schweinfurt - yesterday still in first place - occupies eighth place with an incidence of 234.0 (previous day: 286.4).

The districts of Coburg (225.9) and Unterallgäu (222.9) follow in ninth and tenth place.

Of the ten largest German hotspots, five are in the Free State.

Different rules apply depending on the incidence.

You can find out what needs to be observed on Father's Day today in our overview. *

Lessons instead of free time?

Bavaria wants to make up for corona failure with additional lessons in the summer holidays

Update from May 12, 5:11 p.m.:

Schools and the corona lockdown: A sensitive topic that has already caused many discussions not only in Bavaria.

In the meantime, Minister of Culture Piazolo also frankly admits that some students have lost touch in the pandemic.

In order to catch up on learning delays, additional lessons are to be offered for two weeks - during the summer holidays.

Corona in Bavaria: Piazolo announces two-week summer schools - to catch up on learning backlogs

In addition to the voluntary offer, there should also be more individual support elsewhere, for example through a

differentiation depending on the level of performance in compulsory lessons, divided groups and additional courses in the afternoon. In order to strengthen social skills, activities such as orchestras, choirs or soccer school teams should be restarted as soon as possible.

The concept of summer schools is new for students in the Free State.

“There should be two weeks in the summer vacation, either two weeks at a time, or one week at the beginning of the vacation and one at the end.

That is left to the local schools, ”said Piazolo of the German Press Agency on Wednesday in Munich.

The main aim is to fill gaps in math, German and foreign languages.

If necessary, there could also be offers for professional orientation or learning strategies.

Corona in Bavaria: Additional lessons in the summer holidays - offer voluntary

Piazolo emphasized, however, that the offer is voluntary, after all, some families already have vacation plans.

However, the aim is to ensure that as many of the weaker students as possible attend the summer schools.

The lessons there are to be handled by specially recruited staff, such as retired teachers, trainee teachers or students.

Update from May 12, 1:51 p.m.:

Bavaria is slowly



The outdoor catering is allowed to open again - including in Munich (see first report).

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Markus Söder also announced that outdoor pools may reopen from May 21st * - with tests and appointment slots.

The vaccination prioritization in medical practices is to be lifted.

It was already known that tourism would start again on May 21.

The prerequisite for all of this, as with other opening steps, is that the seven-day incidence in the respective district or in the relevant urban district is stable below 100.

After seven months of corona lockdown: the first youth hostels in Bavaria are opening again

After around seven months in lockdown, the first 34 youth hostels in Bavaria are due to reopen from the weekend of Pentecost.

The corona requirements could be complied with without any problems, according to a message from the regional association of youth hostels in Bavaria on Wednesday.

Extensive hygiene concepts have been developed.

Regular tests of the guests and the staff could also be carried out.

The downside: school and class trips are prohibited until further notice.

"If it is possible to attend school, then class trips can also take place," demanded Winfried Nesensohn, the managing director of the Bavarian State Association.

After a period of long social isolation, these are more important than ever.

Munich incidence is falling inexorably: the city continues to loosen - but Bavaria hotspots are cause for concern

First report from May 12, 9:30 a.m .:

Munich - The seven-day incidence in Bavaria continues to fall.

On Wednesday, according to the Robert Koch Institute * (RKI), it was 106.6 and was thus significantly lower than the previous day (116.3).

Things are also going well in the state capital: In Munich the value is currently 71.9 (previous day 78.0) and has remained below 100 for the 8th day in a row.

Since today (May 12th) the outdoor catering has been allowed to open, but there was confusion at the fitness studios.

You can find an overview of the rules here. *

Germany's top 3 corona hotspots are in Bavaria

But things are not going as smoothly everywhere in Bavaria as in Munich or Passau * (51.1).

In Schweinfurt the incidence is 286.4.

This makes the Lower Franconian city of Germany's Corona * hotspot number 1. The district of Coburg (270.9) is in second place, the city of Coburg (270.3)

in third place with Memmingen (251.7), the next Bavarian city already follows in fifth place.

The district of Unterallgäu (228.4) ranks 10th.

Corona in Bavaria: Rule confusion and Father's Day - this has to be taken into account in the Free State

The Bavarian corona hotspots are still a long way from easing as in Munich. But what is true and under what conditions? The new rules have already caused some confusion - most recently at the weekend in Munich. * But there are also some Corona rules to be observed for Father's Day. “The citizens of Bavaria now have more options thanks to the easing. Nevertheless, we appeal to everyone to adhere to the applicable rules, ”said a spokesman for the Munich police force when asked by *. It is important to pay particular attention to regional differences. What is allowed depends primarily on the respective incidence values ​​of the cities or districts. *

An important decision for many who live on the border with Austria, announced Prime Minister Markus Söder * on Tuesday: Small border traffic will be allowed again from Wednesday (May 12).

This way, friends and relatives could meet again across borders.

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