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Weather change to the ice saints: “May monsoon” and nasty prospects for the rest of the month


According to the forecasts, Germany already has the sunniest weekend in May behind it. Temperatures are dropping and floods are falling. The news ticker.

According to the forecasts, Germany already has the sunniest weekend in May behind it.

Temperatures are dropping and floods are falling.

The news ticker.

Update from May 14th, 10.30 a.m.:

The summer had already been seen for the first time, but the cold temperatures and thick rain clouds have a large part of Germany under control. After Father's Day had literally fallen into the water in many places, the search for the coming days doesn't seem to promise any improvement either. Rain jackets and warm clothes in particular should prove to be particularly useful in the coming days.

As the DWD reports, there will be a thick cloud cover especially in the north and east, and initially also in the south-east, on Friday

on. Rain has to be expected in certain areas. Only in the afternoon could there be any loosening up. In the south-western half of Germany it is the other way round: After a partly friendly start, clouds gather in the course of the day, showers and thunderstorms must be expected. The temperatures in Germany are therefore between 13 and 19 degrees on Friday.

In the night of Saturday the rain weakens.

But even if it initially remains mostly dry during the day: According to the weather service, there is a risk of showers across the country around noon, and thunderstorms especially in the northeast half.

The highest values ​​are between 13 and 20 degrees with higher values ​​in the east.

After a rainy night in many places, showers and brief thunderstorms are likely to fall again in many regions of Germany on Sunday.

The temperatures range between 13 and 18 degrees.

Strong gusty winds can come up in the southwest.

Weather in Germany: Low pressure areas make Father's Day uncomfortable

Update from May 13, 12:05 p.m.:

Two low pressure areas in Germany ensure that Father's Day is really uncomfortable in several regions.

The lows Jodocus and Kai pull over the republic with strong winds and rain.

In the west of Bavaria, the German Weather Service (DWD) warns of thunderstorms with heavy rain and gusts of wind up to 60 km / h.

And even after Ascension, cool, wet air determines the weather in southern Germany.

By Friday, five to 15 liters of precipitation per square meter are expected in the eastern low mountain range.

There is little hope for sun until Sunday.

“The general weather situation will not change much in the coming days”, explains DWD expert Jens Bonewitz, “low

air pressure over Western and Central Europe brings us changeable weather with occasional rainfalls or showers as well as regionally individual thunderstorms.” From Schleswig-Holstein to in the southeast it will rain heavily.

Only in the west may good weather flash out for a moment.

But it doesn't get warm that quickly.

"It even looks as if May, which was previously only moderately temperate, and in some cases too cool and wet, could stay with us in the coming week," fears Bonewitz.

Germany: Major weather change in May - and the gloomy prospects remain

Update from May 12, 1:17 p.m

.: The weather has suddenly clouded over and it will stay that way for the time being.

"Low air pressure over Western and Central Europe gives us changeable weather with occasional rainfalls or showers as well as regional individual thunderstorms," ​​reports the

German Weather Service (DWD)

this Wednesday.

"Little will change in the general weather situation in the coming days."

From Schleswig-Holstein to the southeast it rains again and again.

In the far east and northeast, strong thunderstorms with heavy rain are also possible.

In the west, the sun shows up a little longer from time to time.

The maximum values ​​in continuous rain are 12 to 14 degrees, with a little more sun it is 20 degrees.

This will continue until the beginning of next week "with a very high probability," said Jens Bonewitz from the

DWD of




Little changes in temperatures either.

"It even looks as if May, which was previously only moderately temperate, and in some cases too cool and wet, could stay with us in the coming week."


According to the weather forecasts, May will remain rainy from now on.

© Peter Kneffel / dpa

Weather change in Germany - continuous rain on the ice saints

Update from May 11, 9:51 a.m

.: The signs point to rain - and possibly an unpleasant record: That after April, May will also be unusually cool.

This week (11 to 15 May) the "ice saints", for the meteorologist Corinna Borau from the portal

, "continuous rain" are forecast - together with a significant drop in temperature as early as Wednesday (May 12).

Those who live in northeast Germany are particularly affected by the precipitation.  

The southwest, on the other hand, is getting at least some sun.

But the next weekend will by no means be as summery as the previous one: “A maximum of 20 degrees, rain and thunderstorms, this is the end of the week of ice saints, which will at least be good for nature,” said Borau in a press release.

Weather in Germany: Meteorologist predicts rain floods


his newsletter,

meteorologist Dominik Jung from the


weather service also speaks of “cool, dreary weather until the end of May”


He expects heavy rain, squalls and hail from Wednesday: “The wet weather situation is gradually spreading over all of Germany.” In the Alps there should be snow again then and on Thursday.  

The amount of rain to be expected in the next seven days is enormous: “By German standards, it's almost a May monsoon.” However, nature could benefit from this weather situation - if it weren't for so much heavy rain that hardly seeps in because of its force can, but drain into streams and rivers.

As of May 11, May could end “too cold” after April as the second month in a row, Jung believes.

That hadn't happened in Germany for a long time.


Weather scene from Berlin in May 2021: Uncomfortable.

© Wolfgang Kumm / dpa

Our first report from May 10th

: Offenbach - The summer of the second weekend in May remains an interlude!

According to forecasts, it will be rainy in parts of Germany from Monday.

The weather channel


believe a rare phenomenon is possible: rain of blood.

The cause is Saharan dust from the south.

On the one hand, it leads to clouds and thus prevents thunderstorms, especially in the middle of the country.

But the second effect is more exciting: the rain "washes" the reddish dust out of the warm air - the visual result of the colored precipitation is the "blood rain".

But this time you have to be lucky to see him, according to the meteorologists.

You can see a sky with an unusual color due to Sahara sand in this archive image:


The sky over the Karwendel Mountains in Bavaria, clouded by Sahara sand.

© Peter Lehner / dpa

Weather in Germany: From snow and night frost in two days to summer temperatures

Again about the suddenly so warm last weekend: Summer came almost “overnight”, this is how the

German Weather Service (DWD)

in Offenbach


the current weather situation.

The temperatures of up to 30 degrees that were possible this weekend are not unusual.

Rather, it was time for such a heat advance, said a


spokesman on Sunday.

The fact that the change from snow and night frost to summer temperatures takes place within two days is not that common.

German weather service does not rule out storms from Tuesday

At the start of the week, the short summer heat

in the west is already history,

according to the



Then it should be no more than 19 to 24 degrees.

In the east, on the other hand, it is still warm to hot in midsummer with 25 to 30 degrees until Tuesday.

Then colder air flows in from the west, which does not go hand in hand with a thunderstorm.

According to the meteorologists, these can also be stormy.

On Tuesday it will be increasingly thunderstorm - in a strip from the Swabian Alb to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

In the case of heavy precipitation, which is prolonged in some cases, only 14 to 19 degrees are expected.

(frs with material from dpa)

Continuous rain seems to be on the horizon for Hamburg as well.

As reported by *, the “May monsoon” * should be just around the corner.

* is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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