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Cyberport Startup Technology X Catering Must Try Automatic Hand-Made Drinks, Smart Indoor Hydroponic Vegetables


Hong Kong people love to eat and drink. There are new restaurants and new menus coming on the market almost every week, but have you tried "innovative" dining that truly combines technology research and development? Two startup companies in Cyberport, MyTea and Farm

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Written by: Wang Yuechen

2021-05-17 06:00

Last update date: 2021-05-17 06:00

Hong Kong people love to eat and drink. There are new restaurants and new menus coming on the market almost every week, but have you tried "innovative" dining that truly combines technology research and development?

Two start-up companies in Cyberport, MyTea and FarmacyHK, have developed hand-made beverage vending machines and smart indoor hydroponic planting devices respectively. This time, the founders of the two start-up companies are invited to share their research and development results with you!

Seeing the concept of smart city, simulating hand-to-spot adjustment

When it comes to the "hand-made drink vending machine", people may not think it is a general vending machine that stores pre-packaged food and drinks, but the "hand-made drink vending machine" developed by the founders of MyTea Solutions Limited Lu Wencong and Wang Zijie "Vending machine" is a vending machine that can simulate the working steps of tea shop employees and prepare drinks for customers in real time. A cup of drink made by this machine is called "Come order tea."

At the beginning, the two founders developed "Let's Order Tea" because they saw the hot trend of desktop hand-made drinks, and the tea shops closed more than 8 or 9 o'clock in the evening. They failed to solve the tea addiction that occurred in the evening. The trigger point is that in recent years, the smart city concept promotes the use of automated machines to replace human hands to improve efficiency. This motivated them to study a viable service model for hand-made drinks around the clock, and the first hand-made drinks vending machine in Hong Kong was born.

The founders of MyTea Solutions Limited Lu Wencong (left) and Wang Zijie (right) said that Cyberport provides a venue for start-ups to showcase innovative technology solutions, allowing them to collect a lot of useful data and experience.

6 kinds of flavors to choose the second generation of "Come Order Tea" preview summer vacation debut

The founders Lu Wencong and Wang Zijie said: "MyTea is an incubation company for Cyberport. Although there were no hand-made drink vending machines in the market when it started, there were problems when applying for a license from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (Food and Environmental Hygiene Department). Fortunately, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department finally set a new licensing standard for "Lai Dian Cha". In addition, it also relies on the support of Cyberport to continuously provide opinions and recommend commercial buildings that can cooperate, so that the first generation of "Lai Dian Cha" will be launched in 2020. It was officially launched at Cyberport in June.

The first-generation model can provide 3 drinks and 1 ingredient, such as white peach oolong tea and plum Jin Xuan tea. After collecting user opinions, the second-generation "Lai Dian Cha" will be launched this summer.

"The second-generation "Lai Dian Tea" hand-made drink vending machine is completely different from the inside to the outside. First, the taste will increase to 6 kinds, and the ingredients will also be added with coconut fruit, fairy grass, etc., to make customers There are more choices; and the upper part of the body design is converted into transparent glass, everyone can clearly see the whole process of preparing the drink, plus the "order tea" price is only $24, and each ingredient only costs an additional $2. The price is more affordable than ordinary tea shops, which is indeed very attractive.

After the launch of the first generation of "Lai Dian Cha", many customers expressed their desire for a healthy choice without sugar. MyTea also listened to everyone's opinions and will launch a sugar-free series.

The second-generation "Let Some Tea" will also use paper cups, paper sealing films and paper drinking straws in its packaging to promote the environmental protection concept of using less glue and fulfill more social responsibilities.

The picture shows the 1st generation "Come Order Tea" vending machine, and the 2nd generation will add a scanning lens to read the data through a QR code, and you can cooperate with different merchants to carry out promotional activities, such as shopping malls. Cooperate with the points-saving plan, and then exchange the QR code for "Order Tea".

Smart indoor hydroponic planter is injected into mobile farm concept

Another Cyberport start-up company, FarmacyHK, which focuses on urban agricultural technology, was established in 2019. The company team is dedicated to bringing the concept of urban indoor farming to Hong Kong, and has developed a "full environmental control intelligent indoor hydroponic planting machine". Growing crops can be brought to different venues at any time, so that customers can pick and eat immediately, and chefs can also pick and cook.

Jiajin Mai, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of FarmacyHK Hydroponics, said: "Thank you Cyberport for providing a valuable corporate consulting and business connection platform, so that start-ups can cooperate with business partners in the park as soon as possible, steadily apply technology, and The popularization of technology to a wider range of commercial applications will help collect more user reviews and accelerate product improvements.” Through Cyberport’s commercial recommendations and contacts, FarmacyHK has now contacted Le Méridien Hong Kong, Cyberport (Le Méridien Hong Kong, Cyberport). ) Reached a cooperation agreement to build a large-scale fully environmentally controlled and intelligent indoor hydroponic planting device for the hotel in the hotel renovation project, so that more people can taste fresh hydroponic vegetables.

The Cyberport also provides some meeting space flexibly, allowing FarmacyHK to set up an indoor farm for research and development.

The principle of hydroponic planter is to grow fresh vegetables, edible flowers and herbs by automatically adjusting temperature, spectrum, relative humidity, pH, conductivity and nutrient solution.

Joining the popular coffee restaurant to become the first restaurant in Hong Kong to install a smart indoor planting room

If you want to taste hydroponic dishes, but don’t want to cook your own, the most direct way is to visit Cyberport, because FarmacyHK and Interval, a popular cafe restaurant, launched a concept restaurant featuring all-day dining in the Cyberport mall and opened it in its store. The 400-square-foot indoor farm has become the first restaurant in Hong Kong with a smart indoor planting room, so that everyone can enjoy the real "Farm to Table" taste.

The Interval concept restaurant uses a fully environmentally controlled intelligent indoor hydroponic planting of 40 to 60 types of herbs, edible flowers, microgreens and leafy vegetables, giving chefs many choices and greater use of cooking dishes.

The restaurant uses a special custom-made charcoal grill in Naples, Italy and a Spanish-style asador grill. It prepares pizza, seafood, meat and other delicacies, with fresh hydroponic dishes. It is unique. Everyone should have a dinner with friends next time. Know where to go!

With the support of Cyberport’s business expansion plan, FarmacyHK was able to open a concept restaurant in the Cyberport Mall with the famous local cafe and catering brand Interval Coffee Bar, advocating a self-sufficient green life.

The 400-foot indoor farm serves 40 to 60 types of herbs and leaf vegetables for the restaurant.

Farm to table’s hydroponic vegetables add an umami flavor to different dishes!

Cyberport: Start-up test platform X smart life application hub

In fact, in addition to the above two start-ups, Cyberport has been cultivating innovation and technology talents for Hong Kong, fostering start-ups, providing real-life scenarios for start-ups, collecting operating data, and showing valuable opportunities to potential customers to attract investors and partners. .

Among them, you have heard recently that Rice Robotics, a startup company that develops disinfection and delivery robots, and Roborn, a startup company that develops ultraviolet disinfection robots and 5G intelligent anti-epidemic robots, are also startups that have received the support of Cyberport.

In addition, as long as you step into the Cyberport Park, you can experience the various types of smart life solutions developed by Cyberport start-ups, such as the "Smart Life Concept Store" that uses a 24-hour unmanned store operation model, the "Smart Restroom" of the shopping mall, The electric vehicle charging device in the parking lot will bring you a brand new life experience.

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