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Interview ︱ Liu Pingzhang: Stop developing the borders of country parks, the populist criticizes Lam Cheng Fang to stay in place


Liang Zhenying, the vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and former chief executive, has recently made frequent moves to publish a suspected housing "platform", reiterating his proposal to develop land bordering Dalan Country Park during his tenure as chief executive, and build about 20,000 to 30,000 HOS units.

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Written by: Peng Zhuowei, Chen Jialuo

2021-05-17 07:00

Last update date: 2021-05-17 07:00

Liang Zhenying, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and former chief executive, recently made frequent moves to publish a "political platform" of suspected housing, reiterating his proposal to develop land on the border of Tai Lam Country Park during his tenure as chief executive. Thousands of dollars aroused heated discussion.

In an interview with "Hong Kong 01", Liang Zhenying think tank and CPPCC member Liu Bingzhang said that as early as 2015, relevant proposals were made, referring to about 170 hectares in the border area of ​​Tai Lam Country Park, of which 60 hectares can be used for housing construction. The site is convenient for transportation. It is recommended You can refer to the Discovery Bay model to create a "smoke-free city", taking into account the needs of environmental protection.

Liu Pingzhang mentioned that Chief Executive Carrie Lam, after the "Land Debate" in 2018, stopped inviting the Housing Society to investigate the feasibility of building houses on the borders of country parks, or it was caused by populism. He regretted this and criticized the current term. The government is keeping its feet on the supply of private buildings, and the figures are the same as when Leung Chun-ying left office.

Liu Bingzhang asked the government to seriously consider the proposal to build houses on the borders of country parks.

(Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

Refers to 40% of Hong Kong's land as country parks rare in the world

Liu Bingzhang, who is a surveyor himself, said that there is no objective scientific standard for the delimitation of country parks. It refers to the country parks in developed countries such as Singapore and the United States, which account for only 10% of the local area. However, 40% of the land in Hong Kong is country parks. Rare in the world.

He re-designated 2,360 hectares of land as a country park when Chief Executive Donald Tsang was in office. "Since it can be allocated, it must be allocated." He believes that the government should reconsider building public housing on the edge of the park.

As for the site selection, Liu Bingzhang took out the planning plan suggested that year during the interview, and believed that the development of the country park border next to the Tai Lam Tunnel toll booth is the most suitable. It is adjacent to Route 3 and only one kilometer from the Kam Sheung Road West Rail Station. In the future, branch lines can also be built for connection, and the transportation is convenient, and the ecological value of the border area itself is not high.

He also suggested that a "smoke-free city" could be built with reference to the models of Discovery Bay and Ma Wan, and electric vehicles could be used to connect residents to and from the nearby transportation hub. The site is also close to the Kam Tin South New Development Area. There will be schools, shopping and other supporting facilities in the future. , Enough to meet the needs of people's lives.

Advocate that houses in Tai Lam can be sold back within 10 years to the government: there is absolutely no loss

Liu Pingzhang pointed out that the development of country parks in Hong Kong is relatively sensitive, and the government has scruples, but thinks that it cannot cut toes to avoid sandworms. "Sha Tin, Tai Po, Tsuen Wan, Tung Chung, etc., weren’t country parks back then? Hong Kong has always been conservation and development. Parallel.” He said that when studying the construction of houses on the edge of the Tai Lam Country Park, the development cost was about 8 billion yuan. Even if today’s cost is doubled to 16 billion yuan, the estimated cost is about 500,000 yuan per group, which is much lower than about 200 yuan in the Northeast New Territories Development Zone. The cost of a group of ten thousand yuan.

He pointed out that of the 170 hectares in the border area of ​​Tai Lam Country Park, 60 hectares can be used for housing construction. It is estimated that 30,000 public housing units can be built.

He also pointed out that the price of HOS flats is much lower than the market price. Even if the property market drops after the purchase of the property, the public can sell it back to the government at the original price within 10 years. If the property price rises after 10 years, the public will also have asset appreciation. "There is definitely a profit. "No erosion", "I want to live next to a country park. The environment is good. If the transportation is convenient, the government guarantees buy back. I have no downside, only upside."

Liu Bingzhang emphasized that the biggest advantage of developing country park border areas is that it does not involve relocation or compensation. The cost of land development is lower and the time required is shorter. He believes that after adding the construction cost, only RMB 6,000 per square foot is absolutely worthwhile, and the government can recover it. There is no loss to the warehouse for the development of land and construction costs.

The last government invited the Housing Society to study and develop the border areas of country parks. One of the sites selected was the green space west of the toll plaza of the Tai Lam Tunnel.

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It's a pity to stop the Housing Association's research. Liu: It may be caused by populism

The last policy address of Leung Chun-ying proposed to use the land in the border areas for public housing, and in May 2017 invited the Housing Society to conduct research on housing construction in the border areas of Tai Lam Country Park; the current government started in 2018 In the "Land Debate", the land supply task force used a "dim sum paper" method to let the public choose the direction of land development. In the end, the option for the border of the country park was "lost", and the Housing Society's study was also stopped.

Liu Bingzhang said frankly that the decision may have been caused by populism. He felt sorry for this. "At the very least, we should do some research." He also believes that the method of "snack paper" is not scientific and subjective, and citizens choose only according to their personal wishes. , Lack of scientific data support.

He questioned that if someone supports the reclamation of the "Lantau Tomorrow" but opposes the development of country parks, it is unreasonable. "Both have natural ecology. It's just that you don't see the bottom of the sea." He emphasized that the government should no longer take environmental protection considerations into consideration. As an excuse to escape, he admitted that even Lin Chaoying, the director of the Observatory, did not oppose his suggestion, "There are many new towns in Hong Kong, but they were all developed from country parks."

Liu Bingzhang.

(Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

Refers to the first-hand supply of private premises staying in place

Turning to the performance of the current government’s land and housing policy, Liu Bingzhang said that when Liang Zhenying took office in 2012, the supply of first-hand private housing was about 60,000, and it had increased to more than 90,000 units when he stepped down. "But as of today, 2021 In 2009, there were a few 90,000 in the capital, and it seemed to be standing still."

He said that he did not oppose the "Lantau Tomorrow" project, but believed that distant waters would be difficult to put out a nearby fire. The government still has to solve the short- to medium-term housing shortage. In addition, the latest public housing waiting time has risen to 5.8 years. He urges the government to seriously consider the countryside. Suggestions for building houses on the edge of the park.

Leung Chun-ying recently revisited the development of the borders of country parks. The Development Bureau announced on the same day that the Land Resumption Ordinance was used to recover the three groups of land in Yuen Long and Fanling. Liu Pingzhang said with a smile that it may be a coincidence that if the land acquisition involves public interest, it will be used for development of subsidized housing The use is understandable.

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