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The people of Homs: Our voice is loyalty to the sacrifices of the martyrs and the stability and security of Syria


Homs-SANA Although there is only one hour left for polling to end in the presidential elections, the people of the governorate have continued


Although there is only one hour left for the polls to end in the presidential elections, the people of Homs Governorate and its countryside, in all their segments, continued to flock to polling stations to cast their votes in fulfillment of the homeland and the sacrifices of the martyrs.

Anis Trabelsi, head of the electoral center in the Homs Chamber of Commerce, confirmed that the Syrians say yes to those who go to Syria to progress and prosperity, while Afaf al-Hassan, head of the Businesswomen’s Committee in the Homs Chamber of Commerce, believed that the Syrians gave their votes for the most appropriate to proceed with the construction process and support for Syria and its unity, while the merchant Tawfiq al-Dahbeish confirmed that he made the statement. Syrians, with their votes, come in support of the national constants, stability and security of Syria.

In front of the archaeological Al-Rawda cafe in the center of Homs, the Al-Hasana clan, the Anza tribe, gathered in support of the unity of the Syrian decision, as the sheikh of the clan, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Melhem, pointed out that the citizens' casting their votes is a message to the world and the culmination of the victory of Syria and the preservation of its unity, while Abd al-Salam al-Melhem believed that the right to vote is to preserve national sovereignty.

In Martyr Saad Al-Aqil School in the Wadi Al-Dhahab neighborhood, the wounded Malak Kakhi indicated that she had cast her vote as an expression of national unity, while Adnan Saada, head of the Martyr Saad Al-Aqil Electoral Center, pointed out that the high turnout at the ballot boxes is a message that the Syrian people are one united family.

In Al-Zahraa neighborhood and in front of the center of Al-Sayeda Ruqaya school, the wounded Suha Takla explained that every sound is a bullet in the enemy's chest, which was confirmed by Ferial Idris, Hoda Ahmed and Sabah Hammoud, who are among the families of the martyrs, indicating that their duty is to elect those who achieve victory over terrorism and its supporters.

From the Deir Baalbah neighborhood, liberated from terrorism, Muhammad Alloush indicated that participation in the elections is a right for every Syrian citizen and a victory for the will of the Syrian people, while Abdul Rahman Saleh said that participation in the elections is a message to the world that we are the decision-makers in the battle to defend the homeland and sovereignty.

In Martyr Basil Al-Assad University City in Homs, a number of students from Al-Baath University met expressing their love for Syria and their brave army. Ammar Kaadi, a member of the Executive Office of the National Union of Syrian Students, confirmed that the students gathered to prove to the world that the youth of Syria are its future and hope, while Ali Hammadi, head of the university's Student Union branch Until participation in the elections is a confirmation that the Syrian people have a choice and decision.

Student Jihad Melhem mentioned the continuation of the building and reconstruction process with the candidate who expresses students ’issues. As for the student Samira Ezzo, she mentioned the importance of participating in the elections, while Ghada Qassem, head of Khirbet al-Tin town council, indicated that the people today prove their belonging to the homeland and their adherence to their constitution, while farmer Ramadan Alloush indicated that the entitlement Presidential milestone in the history of Syria.

And in the Hula region in the countryside of Homs, the people of the region said their speech in the presidential elections after years of terrorism, as Qassem Al-Touma, head of the Agricultural Association in the western village of Taybeh, confirmed that voting is evidence of the need to choose to make their homeland enjoys peace and in the village of Tal Dhahab, the people participated in the elections, proving that they are a people committed to victory Made by the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army.

As for the two towns of Kafrlaha and Taldo, they were on a better date with the elections, as the polling centers turned into a popular rally, as Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Fares, head of the electoral center in Kafrlaha, confirmed that participation in the elections is an expression that Syria will choose the person who will safely lead its ship.

In the Jabal Al-Helou region in the western countryside of Homs, the heads of the polling stations in the villages of Al-Mahfoura, Al-Mutadarad, Shan Ali Yunus, Nabih Abu Dallah, Ibrahim Asaad, Mahmoud and Nous expressed their pride in the wide participation of the people of their villages in the presidential elections. In the town of Al-Qabu, Najah Shabib and Rawiyah Mansour and the two wounded heroic Mazen expressed their pride. Issa and Alaa Musa expressed their pride in the participation, which is a victory that adds to the victories of the Syrian Arab Army.

Source: sena

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