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Heatwave: how to protect your pets from the heat?


Dogs, cats, NAC (new pets) ... Pets are more sensitive to temperature changes than humans. How to cool your animals and protect them from the heat? What hours are suitable for walks? Here are a few tips.

We are not the only ones who suffer from the heat, our animals too.

High temperatures can sometimes be very dangerous.

A heat stroke can cause serious health problems for your four-legged friend.

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Keep your pet cool

The first signs of too much exposure to heat are not mistaken: accelerated breathing, wet hair, hanging tongue or even vomiting for some.

You don't have to wait for the onset of these symptoms to refresh your animal.

For your dog: get in the habit of walking your dog at times when it is still cool.

In the morning before 9 a.m., and in the evening after 6 p.m.

Limit the dog's efforts and avoid car transport.

Warning: during periods of high heat, the bitumen becomes very hot and your dog may burn his pads.

For your cat: it tolerates heat better than the dog, and cools instinctively.

However, avoid letting it go out between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.

If you let it out, it should have a spot of shade and water nearby.

For new pets: confine them in the coolest room in the house, it is best to close the shutters during the day and ventilate only at night.

You can also help them cool off during the day with a bottle of frozen water to place in their cage or enclosure and wrap part of the cage with a damp cloth.

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Keep your pet hydrated

In periods of strong heat, it is better to favor moist foods for dogs and cats.

For NACs (herbivores and omnivores), it is recommended to give them fruits and vegetables rich in water, such as melon, watermelon or cucumber.

It is essential to leave water within reach of the animals throughout the day so that they can quench their thirst.

Offer ice cubes directly to your dog and freeze his favorite treats.

Do not hesitate to sprinkle them lightly with water to refresh them:

  • Dog: wet its paws and stomach.

  • Cat: with a wet glove slipped delicately all along the body, insisting on the paws.

  • Rabbit: wet his ears and paws.

  • Birds: refresh the beak and wings.

Be careful, the water must never be too cold, to avoid thermal shocks.

Never leave your pet in a car

A vehicle parked in direct sunlight can, in just 15 minutes, turn out to be a death trap for an animal.

You should know that heat stroke can be overwhelming for this one, even if the vehicle is in the shade and care has been taken to open the windows.

Be aware that the Penal Code (article 20 of the law of January 6, 1999) allows you to have the opening, in the presence of a gendarme or a police officer, of a vehicle parked in direct sunlight when the life of 'an animal seems to you in danger.

In case of intervention on the vehicle, quickly evacuate the dog, place it in the shade and cool it with not too cold water in small quantities.

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How to react in the event of heat stroke?

If your pet is suffering from sunstroke or dehydration, it is important to know the right actions to act quickly:

  • Bring it freshness with a damp cloth.

    You can also cool your pet by placing it in a bathtub with its paws submerged in the water.

  • Try to get him to drink as much as possible.

  • Place it in a cool room, away from direct sunlight.

The heat wave can also impact the daily life of older animals.

Indeed, they are less resistant to heat.

In the heat, senior animals find it difficult to move around, they breathe less well and can suffer from kidney problems.

Remember to monitor their hydration.

If your pet's condition worsens, take him to the vet quickly.

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