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Surprise in a poll: Horacio Rodríguez Larreta is no longer the most beloved opponent among K voters


This is shown by a study by D'Alessio IROL - Berensztein. It was overcome by two PRO Peronists.

Eduardo Paladini

06/09/2021 10:22 AM

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Updated 06/09/2021 10:22

The difference is minimal, within the margin of error.

But two referents of Together for Change achieved a small statistical triumph: they surpassed the head of Government 

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta

as the

opposition leader with the best image among the voters of the Frente de Todos.

The "privileged" are

Diego Santilli and Emilio Monzó


The Buenos Aires deputy chief and the former head of the Chamber of Deputies have something in common:

Peronist origin and subsequent move to PRO


Now they share another ambition: a 2021 candidacy in the province of Buenos Aires. 


new national survey

that reflects these changes is

D'Alessio IROL - Berensztein

, two consultants that have

been published for more than two years a monitor with the valuation of some 30 leaders.

In May they surveyed 1,279 cases.

From the start, the report presents the

conclusions on the "social and political humor"

of Argentines.

Within the images chapter, it stands out that Larreta remains a leader in the general table and anticipates the number of K voters who see it well: 22%.

He sums it up like this:

- "Negative trends regarding the economic situation and government management. Hopelessness over the economic horizon has reached a quarter of the voters of the Frente Todos."

Patricia Bullrich, at an activity in mid-March.

In a poll, she was second in image.

Photo Federico López Claro.

- "The current government's management reaches the highest peak of criticism since its inception. Even among its own voters, it has lost 22 points since March of last year."

- "Inflation remains as 'the problem' of all. The fear of contagion of Covid-19 affects more among those related to the Government, but they are also concerned about its economic impact."

- "Rodríguez Larreta leads in a positive image even with 22% support from those who voted for the opposition. Along with Martín Guzmán and Diego Santilli they are the only officials with a positive balance. Two politicians also remain on the podium: Patricia Bullrich and María Eugenia Vidal ".

- "The officials who improve their position are: Guzmán and Jorge Macri".

- "President Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner have maintained the same approval of 40% and 35% respectively since January. The vice president would see her support reduced in segments that most favored her (low-medium socioeconomic level and millennials)".

How Ks View Opponents

After showing the general table of positive image, which Larreta leads with 52 points, followed by Bullrich (48), Vidal (47), Guzmán (46) and Santilli (45), the consulting

firms publish the valuation data according to political affinity of the respondent


It divides them into

three large groups, according to the 2019 election

: "Voted for Everyone's Front", "Voted for Together for Change" and "Voted for others".

Based on these results,

Clarín put together two rankings

: that of the image of the opposition leaders among the ruling party voters and vice versa.

They are data of positive weighting and therefore, in a context so marked by the crack, they were low.

With a conclusion: the K referents get lower numbers among the opposition voters than the opposition leaders among the K voters. Or, to put it more simply:

anti-Kirchnerism is stronger than anti-macrism


v 1.5

How the K see the macristas

Image of the leaders of Together for Change among the voters of the Frente de Todos.

Tap to explore the data



D'Alessio IROL - Berensztein



D'Alessio and Berensztein publish the data of

14 opposition leaders


Predictably, due to polarization,

among the worst seen among K voters is Macri


It adds only 11% of positive among the voters of the Front of All.

The same as Elisa Carrió and Alfredo Cornejo.

In the case of Larreta, although he is still at the top, he could be suffering the

onslaught that Kirchnerism began against his figure almost a year ago


This attack began precisely because the Instituto Patria detected that the Buenos Aires head of government was a good match among K voters in the province of Buenos Aires.

And there they went to damage it.

Also, as



, Larreta is feeling the wear and tear of the almost public internal that he is leading against Macri and Bullrich for the opposition leadership and this year's candidacies.


the Buenosairean boss maintains good numbers


Emilio Monzó (along with Diego Santilli) is the opposition leader with the best image among K voters.

The complete table that this newspaper put together based on the numbers from the poll looked like this:


Diego Santilli and Emilio Monzó: 23%

positive image among respondents who voted for Frente de Todos in 2019.


Horacio Rodríguez Larreta: 22%



Rogelio Frigerio, Martín Lousteau and Jorge Macri: 17%.


Patricia Bullrich: 16%



María Eugenia Vidal: 15%



Mario Negri and Luis Juez: 14%



Miguel Pichetto: 13%



Elisa Carrió, Alfredo Cornejo and Mauricio Macri: 11%


Seen from the internal side, within Juntos por el Cambio

the leader with the best image among their own voters is Bullrich

, with 87% positive.

It is followed by Larreta and Vidal with 84%.

How opponents view the K

The ranking of leaders of the ruling party reaches fewer figures (11), but above all

the much lower image numbers stand out


What has been said, which bears repeating: anti-Kirchnerism is clearer than anti-Macrism.

One piece of information summarizes the rejection of the Juntos por el Cambio voter to the K referents:

the president, the vice president and Máximo Kirchner add up to just 1% of weighting in favor within that opposition electorate.

More evidence:

the leader is Guzmán, but with only 16%


And Minister Matías Lammens is second, with 5%.

v 1.5

How the macristas see the K

Image of the leaders of the Frente de Todos among the voters of Together for Change.

Tap to explore the data



D'Alessio IROL - Berensztein



The full table:


Martín Guzmán: 16%

positive image among respondents who voted Juntos por el Cambio in 2019.


Matías Lammens: 5%



Wado de Pedro and Nicolás Trotta: 4%



Santiago Cafiero and Agustín Rossi: 3%



Axel Kicillof and Sergio Massa: 2%



Alberto Fernández, Cristina Kirchner and Máximo Kirchner: 1%


Within the own electorate,

the best viewed are Fernández (75% positive among voters of the Frente de Todos), Kicillof (73%) and Cristina (70%)


Source: clarin

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