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12 years old or above, make an appointment by appointment, on Monday, the vaccination rate is 70 to 80%, the school is conditional to go to class


The government approves that the age of vaccination for Fubitel is lowered to 12 years old. The government announced that in order to encourage more teachers, students and parents to get injections, it will provide three vaccinations, including opening tomorrow (11th) for teenagers aged 12 to 15 to make appointments

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Written by: Deng Yinglin

2021-06-10 14:45

Last update date: 2021-06-10 16:12

The government approves that the age for vaccination against Forbitux has been lowered to 12 years old. The government announced that in order to encourage more teachers, students and parents to get injections, it will provide three vaccination channels, including opening tomorrow (11th) for teenagers aged 12 to 15 to make an appointment for injections , That is, vaccination will start on the Dragon Boat Festival as soon as next Monday (14th).

In addition, if the number threshold is met, the government will arrange school buses to and from the school and the vaccination center from June 21; as for schools with more than 300 people vaccinated, the government will start to exhibit vaccination services outside the school from June 28.

The Secretary of Education Yang Runxiong said that experts suggest that if schools with a vaccination rate as high as 70% to 80%, they will be able to resume full-day classrooms, and the Education Bureau will consider this direction.

The government announced that from June 10th, teenagers 12 years of age or older can make an appointment for injections, and they can be vaccinated as soon as June 14th.

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The Secretary for the Civil Service, Nie Dequan, the Secretary for Food and Health, Chen Zhaoshi, and the Secretary for Education, Yang Runxiong, met with the media at the government headquarters at 3:15 pm today (10th) to explain the latest arrangements for the new crown vaccination plan.

Nie Dequan said that in order to attract more teachers, students and parents to respond, three vaccinations have been specially arranged, including making appointments on the website, the government providing special appointments and pick-up services for schools, and outreach services to schools.

The government's three tricks for "valley" teachers, students and parents to give injections

In terms of vaccinating appointments on the website, teenagers between the ages of 12 and 15 can go to the government appointment system for vaccination on their own from tomorrow. The vaccination is expected to start as soon as next Monday, but the parental consent form must be brought on the day of vaccination.

Nie Dequan said that choosing the Dragon Boat Festival as the first day of vaccination is to make it easier for parents who are on holiday to bring their children there.

The second is that the government has reserved time for schools. The government will arrange school buses to and from the school and the vaccination center. It is expected to start on June 21 and vaccinate by the end of August at the latest.

Nie explained that there is enough vaccination capacity from Monday to Friday, and resources can also be used wisely.

The third is outreach to school vaccination. If the venue and cleaning arrangements are available, the government will arrange for the current operating vaccine team to come to the school to provide outreach vaccination services. The number of people to be vaccinated is at least 300. Neighboring schools can be combined for calculation.

The government will later send letters explaining the arrangements to all primary and secondary schools, which is expected to start on June 28.

Nie pointed out that the government currently provides outreach vaccination for enterprises, requiring a minimum of 1,500 square feet with an information area, injection area, and observation rest area. At present, there must be a place for medical care to dilute the vaccine, as well as emergency equipment and equipment. .

The government announced that it will accept appointments for vaccination with Fubitai vaccination from 12 to 15 years old from June 11, and will also provide school bus shuttle and injection on June 21, and start to vaccinate at school on June 28.

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Yang Runxiong: Schools with a vaccination rate of 70% may resume full-time classes

Yang Runxiong pointed out that at present, only half-day classes are held because eating is a high-risk activity. Experts suggest that if the vaccination rate is as high as 70% to 80%, schools will be able to resume full-day classes, and the Education Bureau will consider this direction.

He bluntly said that if there is another outbreak in the fifth wave, "with injections and no injections, there will be minor differences in returning to school and teaching." As for the actual arrangement, it will be determined by the development of the epidemic, expert opinions and academic calibration. There is enough time for the school to prepare, and I hope that the school will resume normal interaction as soon as possible. "There are cases where the teacher does not take injections due to certain reasons, and may consider using regular testing instead."

Yang Runxiong revealed that recently he has contacted school running organizations and school organizations to discuss vaccination arrangements. It is generally reported that they can call for vaccination as much as possible. No major comments or difficulties have been seen for the time being. He hopes that teachers will set an example to give injections.

Nie Dequan suggested that schools broadcast videos or arrange medical and nurses to explain to the school to reassure parents and increase their enthusiasm for vaccination. It is hoped that most citizens can get the first injection before the end of August.

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