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Fifth Ocean Recognized - National Geographic is changing world maps


The "Southern Ocean" impresses with its geographic peculiarities. The National Geographic Society has now recognized it as an ocean in its own right.

The "Southern Ocean" impresses with its geographic peculiarities.

The National Geographic Society has now recognized it as an ocean in its own right.

Washington, DC - The US National Geographic (NGS) has been pursuing the goal of bringing geography closer to society since it was founded in 1888.

She regularly publishes geographic maps.

After decades of debate, there is now a change on these cards.

Not just four, but five oceans will be seen here.

The “Southern Ocean”, also known as the “Southern Ocean”, has been added.

Strictly speaking, it already existed before, but not as a separate ocean.

For decades, geographers debated the status of the body of water.

The “Southern Ocean” was previously simply considered to be the cold, southern extensions of the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.

Because of its special geographical conditions, the NGS has now recognized it as a separate body of water for the first time.


The “Southern Ocean”, also known as the “Southern Ocean”: Here, the glaciers are said to be bluer, the air colder, and the mountains more impressive.

© imago images / Blickwinkel

"Southern Ocean" becomes an independent ocean - after decades of debate:

The NGS map committee had been considering this change for years, explains geographer Alex Tait.

The press and science had increasingly used the names.

It was a "geographic nerd debate".

National Geographic scientists raved about their explanation.

On the company's website, marine scientist Seth Sykora-Bodie explains: “Anyone who has been there before will find it difficult to explain exactly what is so fascinating about it.

But everyone agrees that the glaciers are bluer, the air colder, the mountains more impressive and the landscapes more captivating than anywhere else ”.

National Geographic Society recognizes the Southern Ocean: four oceans become five

So far there have been four official oceans on the NGS maps: the Atlantic Ocean (Atlantic), the Indian Ocean (Indic), the Pacific Ocean (Pacific) and the Arctic Mediterranean. Now the southern ocean is added. It is the only ocean that is not enclosed by land masses and is defined by a current, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC). According to NGS, scientists are currently investigating how human-made climate change is changing the Southern Ocean. Thousands of species only live here.

The perception of this special living space can change through the recognition of the NGS.

“I think one of the biggest impacts is in education,” explains Alex Tait, “Students learn about these specific ocean areas through the named oceans.

If you don't include the Southern Ocean, you don't learn its specifics and you don't experience how important it is. "(Vs)

List of rubric lists: © imago images / blickwinkel

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